Ephemeris 2017

For analysis, we mainly use Heliocentric aspects (positions of planets as viewed from the Sun). But we are on Earth. Geocentric aspects (positions of planets as viewed on the Earth) are necessary. It is difficult to visualize their positions by studying ephemeris books, I therefore plot graphs to help locate them.

There are 6 graphs. The first one is Mars-centered Graph. Mars (a bullish planet) is placed at the middle of the graph throughout year 2017, other planets are plotted on either side of Mars.

EXAMPLE:   Visually [Uranus Conjunction Mars] is in end Feb 2017.
                     Exact aspect = 27 Feb 2017 @GMT 00:21 [Uranus Conjunction Mars].
                     The exact aspect is taken from The New American Ephemeris 2007-2020.

The 2nd Graph has Jupiter at the center. Jupiter is a bearish (negative) planet.
The 3rd Graph has Saturn at the center. Saturn is a bullish (positive) planet.
The 4th Graph has Neptune at the center. Neptune is NEUTRAL.
The 5th Graph has Pluto at the center. Pluto is slightly bullish (positive).
The 6th Graph has North Node at the center. N Node is NEUTRAL.