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Music of the Spheres - Is there an analytical framework to enable us to predict daily stock spikes of 10% or more? In the Dow history, there are 7 daily spikes in excess of 10%, four of which are engendered by Music of the Spheres. This ebook explains the 4 phenomenal rises in the past, and provides the tools to forecast future daily spikes. The technique employed is simple, but no one has disclosed the secret before. To read this article, click Smashwords.

Black Hole in Stock Market Forecast - Black Hole is an astronomical concept borrowed by the author to better express his long term observations on stock market movements. There are Black Hole occurrences repeating every 2 years and 3 months, creating plunging stock markets and (should specific conditions be satisfied) followed by soaring phases. Copious examples in the past are clarified, together with predictions to 2018. To read this article, click Smashwords.

Forecasting Economic Crises discusses the most bearish medium term situations causing convulsions in stock market. Several examples are given. The October Crash of 1987 is analyzed in detail. Technique in TRUE forecasting is made known at Smashwords.

Forecasting the Great Depression expounds the root cause of the Great Depression of 1930s. The October Crash of 1929 (collapse of 48% in 2 months and 10 days) is easily predictable by applying our new paradigm. To read this article, click Smashwords.

Forecasting the Financial Meltdown unravels the mystery that exposes the short comings of conventional economic models. Similar situations will occur. I won’t tell you when. But I’ll tell you how – How to forecast months in advance the advent of financial crisis. Here at Smashwords.

Forecasting the Flash Crash and Sovereign Debt Crisis of the PIGS demonstrates the forecasting prowess of our analytical framework. The exact date of the Flash Crash (6 May 2010) is pin-pointed by application of our forecast system. So can we predict the single day sharp rally of 10 May 2010. Here at Smashwords.

Forecasting Stock Market Rallies tells you how to predict medium term (2-4 months) bullish scenarios which occur frequently. Forecasting secrets are fully disclosed to readers at Smashwords.


The imminent Global Great Depression lasts more than 5 years. It will inflict much more harm than the Great Depression of 1930s. The inevitable result of Quantitative Easing is economic Depression. The questions are: When will it happen? What are the root causes? How serious is it? What is its duration? This book gives you all the answers – all the impossible answers.

Sir Isaac Newton lost £20,000 during the South Sea Bubble of 1720. He exclaimed “I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people." Do you know why he lost the fortune? It was because he had been bewitched by 2 beautiful women. This ebook tells you the story and explains the root cause of the mania stock cycle. Readers won’t fall into the same trap in future.

Chance confluence of several ordinary events creates a Crisis. The October Crash of 1987 is easy to predict if we anatomize it in the way presented to readers in this article. The approach is to study a simple bearish situation, establish corollaries, support them with more evidence, and enlarge the situation to the status of a Crash. There are no black swans in financial markets.

Traders refer to the Flash Crash of 23 Apr 2013 as a Black Swan. It’s a convenient excuse to exonerate one’s ignorance. To be fair, this writer was not able to anticipate its occurrence (because the writer discovered the mystery only recently). It is useful to understand the root cause of it for the benefit of future trading. Ceres (a large asteroid) was the culprit for the sudden and abrupt fall.

This ebook explains to readers the mystery of the JFK assassination in Nov 1963 – why it happens, and the exact date and time of its occurrence. The immediate reactions of investors are to sell down stocks. But stocks rally the next trading day. Why? The market movements can be foreseen by applying our prediction methodology.