I have written couplets for forecasting U. S. Stocks.  Here are some of them. I will add more couplets in due course. 
兩句三年得  一吟雙淚流  知音如不賞  歸臥故山秋 (賈島).

01    Introduction 天道有言  不平則鳴
                The Paradigm New I below unfold --
                Never before has anyone heard it told.

02    The Solar System  浮沉主宰  懸斡九星
                The Solar System’s planets often “collide”.
                Heaven sends out omens to investors guide.

03    Bear & Bull  跌市木鳴  升市灶冥 (火星土星冥王)
                A bear market, Jupiter and Trojans dictate.
                Mars, Saturn, and Pluto a rising trend create.

04    Triggers 地安天平  趨激爻動
                The sky is comparable to a lake serene,
                But Trigger action stirs up a chaotic scene.

05    Planetary aspects 方合沖會  辨迎追送
                Square or Opposition or Conjunction,
                Its strength we assess on each occasion.

06    Responsiveness  振之奮之  重遜於輕
                Crashing, battering, active or passive,
                The lighter planet is more responsive.

07    Supplementary angles  塤箎自合  補角認清
                Tweedledum & Tweedledee, must you
                Supplementary angles review.

08    AUSPACE 日地座標  囊括其中
                A. U. Space is a composite co-ordinate,
                Apply it to Triangles where appropriate.

09    Lunar phases 太陰圓缺  引伸致用
                Whether an aspect is weak or strong,
                Let lunar phases guide you along.

10    Venus  太白逆行  叩缶擊甕
                Venus moves backwards from the Earth we see,
                Oft-times music is heard by you and me.

11    Mercury  伯牙鼓琴  人間可聽
                So does Mercury, emitting notes of harmony.
                But with Jupiter it chants, we hear cacophony.

12    Sun and Moon  曦照月臨  谷底嶺頂
                A valley or a crest stocks attain,    
                When Sun and Moon sing in the same strain.

13    Mars 1: Savior  勇哉戰神  濟弱扶傾
                Hail to you, the God of War, for your valor!
                To the frail and the fallen, you’re Savior.

14    Mars 2: Black Hole  中流砥柱  慎墮黑洞
                Vanquisher of Market Bear --
                Take heed, a Black Hole is there!

15    Mars 3: Inertia (& Emancipation) 衝出惰氣  九五飛龍
                Once Inertia is cast out,
                You fly again, without doubt.

16    Jupiter 1: Negative influence  眾主歲星  逢吉化凶
                Of the gods, Jupiter is the King.
                To all things you touch, bad luck you bring.

17    Jupiter 2: Sensitive angles  寒日來復  衛隨木動 (寒=17,千字文)
                In seventeen days, Earth moves to your next sensitive angle.
                The Trojans who are your siblings sway in sync as you wiggle.

18    Jupiter 3: Fast motion  疾木趨激  若響霜鐘
                Jupiter in geocentric fast motion
                Engenders reliable trigger action.

19    Jupiter Trojans 1: Recession  衛前後動  斷翅孤鴻
                Jupiter Trojans Fore and Trojans Aft
                Are ruthlessly damaging by their craft.

20    Jupiter Trojans 2: Gravitational Wall 眾星夾拱  牆見須驚
                Hit by a Gravitational Wall,
                The market suffers a severe fall. 

21    Jupiter Trojans 3: Saturn-Uranus Rifle 土侵劍指  累卵危傾
                Shot by a USA Rifle,
                In fear, stocks abruptly tumble.

22   Ceres is bearish    谷神急挫  曦娥逞凶  (Added in Jan 2015)
                Ceres plunges suddenly into a quagmire,
                Sun, Moon and North Node with evil power conspire.