Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review for 2017 July

DJIA rises significantly from end June to end July 2017.

Bearish (Negative) planetary aspects in 2017 July

Exact in July 2017 there are 2 extremely bearish heliocentric aspects:

        Bear (1) [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] exact 09 July 2017.
        Bear (2) [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] exact 11 July 2017.

Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are tiny recessionary asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter.

Bear (1) and Bear (2) are marked on Solar Chart 2017-07-11. The same 2 Bears are also marked on the heliocentric Jupiter-centered Ephemeris. These are 2 different ways to view the same planetary patterns.

Either aspect - Bear (1) alone or Bear (2) alone – can disrupt the market, engendering steep declines. As they both occur in July 2017, the concerted negative force is tremendous, which most likely creates a stock market collapse.

Mars Combustion
As viewed from the Earth, Mars and Sun meet on the same longitudinal degree on 27 July 2017. This is “Mars Combustion” because Mars is covered (and weakened) by Sun’s glare. Should positive Mars be weakened by Combusiton, stocks fall because bullish Mars is rendered powerless (or useless) by being too close to the Sun. The negative period is 1 month before & 1 month after exactitude. In present case, from end June to end Aug 2017.

This led me to believe that with a Combusted Mars (weak or useless from end June-end Aug 2017), Bear (1) and Bear (2) – two extremely bearish aspects – should be able to ravage the stock market. But I was wrong, as explained below.

Bullish (Positive) planetary features in 2017 July
We scrutinize once again the geocentric Mars-centered Ephemeris.

The Red Rectangle encloses several hard aspects (aspects of 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees) being interactions between Mars and Outer planets from end June to end July 2017.

A Graph below the Epemeris is plotted to aid comprehension. Mars is under strong Gravitational Pulls by ALL the Outer planets.

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and N Node (on Left side of the Graph) exert immense pull on Mars (which is at the centre of the Graph). Venus, Uranus and Neptune (on Right of the Graph) similarly pull Mars towards them strenuously. Visualize planet Mars suspending in midair, moving along the centre line, from letter M to letter A to R to S. It is easy to see Mars is intensely stressed by the planets from end June to end July 2017. It is like a tug of war participated by all heavy planets. Let’s name this special situation Tug of War on Mars.

Now consider the single aspect “Mars Combustion” in July 2017. It can be represented as [Mars <= Sun] . Sun is approaching Mars from behind with distances getting narrower & narrower -- 120…90…60…30, 20, 10 and finally 00 which is Conjunction on 27 July 2017. Mars theoretically is made weak gradually by Sun’s glare. However, a heavily stressed Mars (in July 2017 through Tug of War) is not weak. Mars is in fact invigorated. Combustion has no application. Mars is becoming more active by Sun moving towards Mars.

Imagine you (in place of Mars) are moving forward steadily, but a faster hungry Wolf (in place of Sun) is rushing towards you. The Wolf is getting closer and closer to you, huffing and puffing, huffing and puffing..…. You are really excited!  That means Mars is getting excited. The primary function of Mars is to erase negative influence. A heavily stressed (and excited) Mars is powerful enough to erase the influence of Bear (1) and Bear (2), negating a Crash, and causing stocks to rise.significantly in July 2017.

Bull or Bear?
That is the question. It can be very bearish or bullish as opposing forces are present at the same time in July 2017. I’ve opted the bearish scenario (wrong). Facts speak for themselves. A strongly invigorated Mars (despite theoretical Mars Combustion) is able to fully erase negative forces, and creates rises.

Planetary patterns are always correct. Interpretations can go wrong because of personal bias.

What will happen in Aug 2017?
Refer to the Mars-centered Ephemeris below. It is marked differently.  August month is enclosed by a Green Rectangle. We can see [N Node Conjunction Mars] on 27 Aug 2017. Other than that, no Outer planets pass through Mars hard angles of 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees. This means Tug of War on Mars is no more. Mars is no longer invigorated by Outer planets. Positive Mars returns to stable state (bullish Mars force is latent).

Mars Combustion is operating negatively. Exact Combustion is 27 July. Mars Combustion covers 1 month after exactitude, so Aug 2017 is within Mars Combustion period.

A latent Mars during Combustion period cannot erase bearish influence. Bearish influence can now (without constraint) wreak havoc on the stock market.

But are there bearish (negative) influences in Aug 2017?

The answer is Yes. The bears are:

        Bear (1) [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] exact 09 July 2017.
        Bear (2) [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] exact 11 July 2017.

Since Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter move very slowly, these aspects are well within 30 aspect orb in Aug 2017. The 2 Bears are still powerful. My conclusion is that the long anticipated Crash is delayed to Aug (& early Sep) 2017.

Looking farther ahead
‘Tug of War on Mars” will come up again in end Sep-mid Oct 2017, as marked on the Mars-centered Ephemeris (above) by a Red Rectangle. Stocks will rise.


NOTE: This is my last stock market analysis for the blog.


It is a solace (not an excuse) to read the Press Release of The Royal Swedish Acadamy of Sciences dated 14 Oct 2013. World class professionals are of the opinion: ” There is no way to predict the price of stocks and bonds over the next few days or weeks.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I salute your hard work and it takes courage to acknowledge that things have gone wrong.All the best and short term prediction is like a random event you cannot predict it but with money management skills you can turn out victorious.
    May you bounce back as the saying goes You can never solve the problem on the same plane you have created it.The break should do wonders as it will shift your goalposts and make oyu a better predictor and person.
    May God bless you and your hard work.
    Nifty BABA.

  2. Hello Mr. Wong,
    I don't think you should stop sharing your ideas. Even computer programs have bugs so to expect man not to err is ridiculous. Trial and error, learning from them and adjusting your current knowledge is how we move forward. Giving up is not an option for a skilled man such as you.


  3. Hello Mr. Wong,
    "A latent Mars during Combustion period cannot erase bearish influence. Bearish influence can now (without constraint) wreak havoc on the stock market."
    Take a bow. Please reconsider.

    1. Dear LH.

      Hong Kong market is nose-diving. NY stocks sink. The current collapsing phase will extend to 1st week of Sep 2017.

      Regret I cannot answer any more questions as I am closing down this blog.


    2. I wish you well in all endeavors and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.