Saturday, 1 July 2017


DJIA falls from 21,394 to 21,349, losing 0.21% over 1 week.

We mention in the last blog that Mars Combustion (negative feature) is not effective because of interactions of Mars with other planets, making Mars active. An active Mars is bullish on stocks because Mars can counteract (i.e. erase) negative influence, thus delaying the onslaught of financial storm. The last significant geocentric Mars aspect is:

        Sun 02 July 2017 [Pluto Opposition Mars].

After a few days, the positive Mars aspect is disintegrating, and Mars gradually becomes stable (i.e. negative Mars Combustion can begin to exert downward pressures on the market). Let’s examine how Mars Combustion is developing.

A geocentric Jupiter-centered Ephemeris is appended. Jupiter (bearish planet) is plotted at the centre. Other planets (all viewed from Earth) are placed on either side of Jupiter.
CIRCLE (1) has an arrow placed between Mars (black dotted line, above arrow) and the Sun (thick red line, under arrow). Mars and Sun are getting closer and closer as time progresses. These 2 planets will exactly meet on 27 July 2017. At present (early July) they are quite close -- Mars is being combusted by Sun. 

During effective Mars Combustion period (in July month), positive Mars influence diminishes (i.e. Mars is weakening) which is bad to stocks because bullish Mars influence is disappearing. Now bearish forces can devastate the stock market without constraint.

Look at the point indicated by CIRCLE (2). The Sun is moving to right 900 of Jupiter, which is [Jupiter Square Sun]. This makes negative Jupiter very active (bad for stocks).  [Jupiter Square Sun] takes on special significance because bullish Mars is powerless to off-set bearish influence of Jupiter (super Giant Outer planet).

CIRCLE (3) marks another sharply bearish feature on the heliocentric Jupiter-centered Ephemeris (with planets viewed from the Sun).
Uranus (broken red line) interacts with Jupiter at an Opposition (1800). Uranus is a neutral Giant Outer planet. Its interactions with bearish Jupiter bring out immense negative influence of Jupiter.  Again, we have to mention a Combusted Mars which allows intensely agitated Jupiter to wreak havoc on the market.

Don’t forget the 20-year bearish cycle CIRCLE (4) [Saturn 60 Jupiter] occurring at the same time (exactitude on 09 July 2017). Since Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans, very bearish tiny asteroids on Jupiter’s orbit) are 600 in front of Jupiter, the bearish aspect is written: [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].

Since Jupiter is under savage attacks by the Sun CIRCLE 2, and by Uranus CIRCLE 3, Jupiter must oscillate wildly. A wildly oscillating Jupiter makes Jup FT (Jupiter’s siblings) oscillate wildly in sync.  Thus [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] is made extremely bearish.

[i] Bullish Mars is weakening quickly.
[ii] Bearish Jupiter is battered by the Sun, and by Uranus.
[iii] Bearish Jup FT (recession asteroids) are made abnormally detrimental to stocks by [ii].

Stocks nose-dive in the coming 3 weeks. The decline will be of epic proportions.


  1. Dear MR Wong,
    All the best I have seen all your post of crash in markets since 2015 and markets are up by 30-35% and now one more forecasts to fool people and hope people understand your fraud analysis.


  2. Define fraud: the crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable.
    Mr Wong is only providing his view in planetary forecasts free of charge and never ask anyone to follow. Where is the fraud? What benefit has Mr Wong received?
    The stock market just like everything else, runs on cycles. After every bear comes a bull. After every bull comes a bear. After every correction comes a recovery.
    Unfortunately, the stock market is unpredictable and uncontrollable. That's exactly why it can be so frustrating for so many people.
    I think Niftybaba is a crime, a crook and a disease because he always purposely put the blame on the author with insulting words.

    1. Dear All,

      If there is no stock market CRASH in July 2017, I'll admit defeat and close down this blog.


    2. Dear MJ,i take u point that I am a fraud and a crime but please think do I gain anything personal because my gain is nothing and having been a reader of Mr Wong I want him to succeed and what I am scared that if you are using astrology alone probably things will be massively wrong and what pains me that despite telling Mr Wong that this analysis was not working since 2016 he thought I wanted to harm him which is not the case as a matter of fact just look at today markets of some one has taken his call will be a big looser dow is up by 190points.Write or wrong is a part of trader life but whenever you write in public domain no matter what is u view but there has to be responsibility towards writing.

    3. Dear Sir,
      I do not expect this word from you.

      We know that, Basically you are very confident person. You proved lot of time that you are THE BEST. Chinese market crash, Trump won, Briexit and lot your analysis books had proved that you are THE UNIQUE & THE BEST and TRUE followers are known all.

      We sure you'll prove that again.

      No one will defeat you. We, the real followers will 100% support you.

      Yes, we are waiting for Big Fish.

      Yours truly
      Krishnan D Kiruthika

    4. Dear Mr Wong,

      I'm your follower for years. Your analysis is truly valuable to me and I have learned a lot from you.

      There’s no one formula for success.
      No forecasting method is perfect under all conditions.

      "Many readers have probably had that same question since the time they began investing in the financial markets.”

      That question was, “Why are the so-called Wall Street experts almost always wrong?”

      Please find out the answer in the following link:

      These Wall Street experts, charge very high fee, are always wrong but they never quit. Being defeated is only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. Every rose has its thorn.

      To err is human. Don't let one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Please don't give up. We support you.

      Best regards,
      L J

  3. Dear Sir,
    There are some harsh words written and I understand the heat of the markets takes a toll on people as far as Nifty baba , what can I say the word fraud means cheating and here there is no personal gains and the author is putting his views agreed that the author is clear that it his view and you have to consult the financial adviser but the point is traders and investors who are not professional start to trade on the author belief and this might have led to losses as the last two years blogs have been mostly bearish while the markets are bullish in most of two years.As for Mr Wong , you hard and ethics are never in question but i would request you to put a hat of a trader or a investor in your analysis this will improve your analysis and just to add to your negative bias i can say below 2400 futures SP futures can crash to 2340, which leads to a good entry and stop exit could be 2420 and proft down to 2340 and below.This is a better clarity because astro analysis will be incomplete as you still have to go to market to make money and inculcate discipline.I am a professional trader and can relate to Nifty baba and other traders frustrations over analysis .
    I am following this blog for two years and hope Mr.Wong your research works as i believe failures tell us we are in the wrong path but that does not mean we should quit , in life you have to adapt and evolve and this is the same with markets. Please do ot quit MR Wong there were are and will be critics in life and what is important is we take what we must learn and forgot the rest , they are better than clappers who clap and praise you in the blog but are laughing that the guy is making a fool by sticking himself against the trend.

    Sorry if I was harsh but this is the circle of life and i request you to remove the word defeat from your dictionary.