Saturday, 15 July 2017

History repeats

DJIA rises from 21,414 to 21,637, gaining 1.04% in 1 week.

As explained, there are 2 very bearish aspects currently in operation:

        [Uranus Opposition Jupiter]
        [Saturn 600 Jupiter] which is [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].

Jupiter is present in both aspects. Should Jupiter be agitated, these aspects become active (i.e. they are de-stabilized), and stocks should plunge.

In my post of 02 June 2017, I discuss a bearish 83-year Cycle (1934 v. 2017).
The heliocentric aspects of both years are depicted on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.
Study the positions of Earth relative to Jupiter & to Uranus in July month. These 2 heliocentric Jupiter-centered graphs are similar.

To invoke the extraordinarily combined negative influence of the 2 aspects (named above), consider Earth interacting with Jupiter & with Uranus. Since Neptune is at hard angle to Jupiter, we need to consider Earth interacting with Neptune. A de-stabilized Neptune means a de-stabilized Jupiter also.

A Table lists these aspects for comparison. They are so closely correlated that the deviation is just 1 day after 83 years.
How does DJIA express the bearish influence in July 1934?

How will DJIA behave in July 2017 to reflect the combined bearish influence?

As history repeats, it suggests a collapsing stock market next week (week commencing Mon 17 July 2017). Stocks continue plunging the week thereafter (week commencing Mon 24 July 2017).


  1. Any economical factors giving to the advocated fall in addition to your analysis ?

  2. Any economical factors giving to the advocated fall in addition to your analysis ?

    1. On planetary patterns only. Planetary patterns generate economic factors.

    2. Dear Sir, I am new to your blog and read about last one year posts and what I found was your presentations were superb but one thought came to my mind was whether astrology works in markets and what got me thinking as some viewers asked you that after so many years of research in astrology you are struggling to make a living and have to rely on audit for survival which means astrology is vague in terms of outcome and I got curious as markets are making highs since a long time and astrology indicates negativity and a scholar like you cannot be this wrong on markets because what u right shows confidence on u subject but is low in statistics as u only take big events to compare but not how many times it has occurred.I think sir your energy is getting wasted but hope u can change u thought process to get the desired resilts.All the best and hope markets respects u research.Regards,Ajay Jain

    3. Mr Anonymous,

      I've received a lot of negative emails having the following similarities:

      [1] name Anonymous
      [2] extraordinarily long long long long sentence
      [3] making malicious hints all the time.

      I suspect these emails come from 1 person or 1 group of persons.

      I wonder how you know I am "struggling to make a living and have to rely on audit for survival"?

      My profession is an auditor in public practice. Forecasting is my hobby. I have explained many times I am learning.

      YT (real name)