Friday, 14 July 2017

Death of Chinese communism

Liu Xiaobo (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) has regained freedom from the clutch of devilish Chinese government.

 Before his death in the afternoon of Thu 13 July 2017, he bids farewell to his wife:
        “Live well………”
I can add:
        “Live well to see the demise of Chinese communism”.


  1. Liu was China’s only Nobel Peace Prize winner, and now he’s the second laureate to die in state custody. Carl von Ossietzky, who won the prize in 1935 for opposing Nazism, was the first laureate to die in German state custody in 1938.

    1. I think Dalai Lama is a Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1989.
      The devilish Chinese government does not recognize it.
      Good, in that case, Tibet is not a part of China.