Friday, 23 June 2017

Calm before storm

DJIA rises from 21,384 to 21,394. The market is static in the past week.

 All the elements of a storm are present. Why is it that there is no collapse?

The key lies on the strength of planet Mars. Mars is the positive planet that can erase negative influence (should Mars be strong).

As discussed earlier, Mars is being “combusted” (by Sun’s glare as Sun moves closer and closer to Mars). The start of combustion is about 6 weeks before exactitude. Exact combustion is 27 July 2017, so the start is from mid June 2017. From mid June, Mars is losing its positive influence gradually. Mars can still retain its positive influence should Mars interact with other planets. Let’s study Mars at the beginning of combustion in 2nd half of June 2017. 
The aspects which make a fairly strong Mars are (as marked on the Ephemeris above):

21 June 2017 N Node Square Mars.  Square = 900.
25 June 2017 Jupiter Square Mars
28 June 2017 Mars Conjunction Mercury.  Conjunction = 00.
02 July 2017 Pluto Opposition Mars.  Opposition = 1800.

From early July 2017 (Mon 03 July 2017), these aspects are completely over. By then, Mars is fully combusted by Sun. Stocks collapse.

The relevant formula in its simplest form is:
        A Very Strong Jupiter
        + Combusted Mars
        = CRASH.

This formula is demonstrated 2 years ago.

26 June 2015 N Node Semi-square Jupiter. Semi-square = 45.
27 June 2015 Jupiter Semi-square Sun
01 July 2016 Jupiter Conjunction Venus. Conjunction = 00.
        Exact Combustion is on 14 June 2015.
        Weak Mars: mid May 2015 to mid July 2015.

Thus Jupiter is heavily stressed in end June-early July 2015. The very strong Jupiter influence is unrestrained during this period because of a Combusted Mars. It results in steep declines in stocks in 3 markets (DJIA, Hang Seng Index, and Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index), as below.

The July 2017 features are similar, and I expect stock Crash in July month of 2017.

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