Friday, 23 June 2017

Calm before storm

DJIA rises from 21,384 to 21,394. The market is static in the past week.

 All the elements of a storm are present. Why is it that there is no collapse?

The key lies on the strength of planet Mars. Mars is the positive planet that can erase negative influence (should Mars be strong).

As discussed earlier, Mars is being “combusted” (by Sun’s glare as Sun moves closer and closer to Mars). The start of combustion is about 6 weeks before exactitude. Exact combustion is 27 July 2017, so the start is from mid June 2017. From mid June, Mars is losing its positive influence gradually. Mars can still retain its positive influence should Mars interact with other planets. Let’s study Mars at the beginning of combustion in 2nd half of June 2017. 
The aspects which make a fairly strong Mars are (as marked on the Ephemeris above):

21 June 2017 N Node Square Mars.  Square = 900.
25 June 2017 Jupiter Square Mars
28 June 2017 Mars Conjunction Mercury.  Conjunction = 00.
02 July 2017 Pluto Opposition Mars.  Opposition = 1800.

From early July 2017 (Mon 03 July 2017), these aspects are completely over. By then, Mars is fully combusted by Sun. Stocks collapse.

The relevant formula in its simplest form is:
        A Very Strong Jupiter
        + Combusted Mars
        = CRASH.

This formula is demonstrated 2 years ago.

26 June 2015 N Node Semi-square Jupiter. Semi-square = 45.
27 June 2015 Jupiter Semi-square Sun
01 July 2016 Jupiter Conjunction Venus. Conjunction = 00.
        Exact Combustion is on 14 June 2015.
        Weak Mars: mid May 2015 to mid July 2015.

Thus Jupiter is heavily stressed in end June-early July 2015. The very strong Jupiter influence is unrestrained during this period because of a Combusted Mars. It results in steep declines in stocks in 3 markets (DJIA, Hang Seng Index, and Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index), as below.

The July 2017 features are similar, and I expect stock Crash in July month of 2017.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Planetary influences

DJIA rises from 21,272 to 21,384, gaining 0.5% in 1 week.

Despite DJIA’s rise, other markets (Nasdaq, Hang Seng Index etc) are falling significantly.

It appears, big speculators are buying the 30 industrial stocks (giving the appearance of a rising market) while shorting massively in other sectors, and shorting overseas.

Soon DJIA will crumble, and all markets nose-dive.

In the past few posts, we have been examining aspects (angles formed by 2 or more planets) to determine market trends. It is time we considered the innate nature and function of each of the planets:

Bullish planets: Mars, Saturn and Pluto.
Mars and Saturn are 2 sharply bullish planets.
Pluto is small and far away from us. It is only slightly bullish.
Bearish planet: Jupiter.
Neutral planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Uranus and Neptune.
We must add Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) and Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) which are extremely bearish on stocks when they are intensely stressed.


Mars is a bullish planet.
We’ve explained in Bear #3 that Mars is being “combusted” by the Sun.

On Mon 19 June 2017, Mars is 110 in front of the Sun, and the Sun’s glare is beginning to suppress the positive influence of Mars (Combustion is now at initial stage).  Sun is moving closer and closer to Mars. The 2 planets will meet at the same longitudinal degree (they will both be at 40 in Leo) on 27 July 2017 (on which date the Sun icon covers the Mars icon completely). Mars in the coming 7 weeks is becoming weaker and weaker.

The chief function of Mars is to combat negative influence. A strong Mars is able to expel bearish influence and create a rise in stocks. In the coming weeks, however, Mars is becoming less & less powerful, thus bearish influence is able to inflict heavy losses on the stock market.

Saturn is a bullish planet. A strong Saturn creates medium term & long term bullish stock market trends.

On Mon 19 June 2017, heliocentric Saturn is 610 in front of Jupiter. Since Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are 600 in front of Jupiter, Jup FT are 10 behind Jupiter.

Jup FT move 2.1/20 a month while Saturn moves 10 a month. Jup FT are faster.  In about 4 weeks, Jup FT meet Saturn at the same longitudinal degree.  In other words, Jup FT (tiny asteroids) crash into Saturn (Giant planet) on 09 July 2017.

Saturn is the most bullish planet to propel stocks upwards.  But in present case, Saturn performs the function of agitating bearish Jup FT. The fight between Jup FT and Saturn (fight = the planets crash at the same longitudinal degree) produces the following results:

These tiny asteroids are pulverized (metaphorically speaking) by Giant planet Jupiter.  Bearish influence of Jup FT is fully expressed and conveyed to investors on Earth. Investors become panicky.
Being a Giant, Saturn is stable during the interactions with tiny asteroids.  A stable (though inherently bullish) Saturn cannot push up stocks. Indeed, in present case, Saturn is an accomplice to engineer a stock market crash (i.e. Bullish Saturn performs a Bearish function).

Pluto is a bullish planet. But Pluto is small and too far away to impact significantly on the stock market.

Jupiter is the mother of all CRISIS.
Two (2) Giant Outer planets (Uranus & Neptune) interact with Jupiter to greatly increase Jupiter’s bearish force:
        Heliocentric aspect: 11 Jul 2017 [Uranus Opposition Jupiter]. Opposition = 1900
        Heliocentric aspect: 10 Aug 2017 [Neptune Sesquare Jupiter]. Sesquare = 1350.

Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT)
Jup FT are tiny asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter. The asteroids are very bearish when severely agitated.  Severe agitation is achieved in:
        Heliocentric aspect:
08 Jul 2017 [Saturn 60 Jupiter] or [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].
        This is Bear #1

Uranus is a Neutral Outer Planet. It is a Giant planet.
The market trend often depends on the interactions of a Giant Neutral Outer Planet (Giant NOP). In present case, Uranus (Giant NOP) interacts with Jupiter by Opposition (Refer to Jupiter), the market is destined to plunge.

Neptune is a Neutral Outer Planet. It is a Giant planet.
The market trend often depends on the interactions of a Giant Neutral Outer Planet. In present case, Neptune (Giant NOP) interacts with Jupiter by Sesquare (Refer to Jupiter), the market is destined to plunge.

[i]     Bullish planets (Saturn & Mars) are helpless.
[ii]    Bearish planets (Jupiter & Jupiter Trojans) are becoming more deleterious.
[iii]   Giant NOP (Uranus & Neptune) are helping Bearish planets.

I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that these will result in a stock market CRISIS in the coming 7 weeks (now through end July-early Aug 2017).

Friday, 9 June 2017

Convergence of 5 Bears

DJIA rises from 21,206 to 21,272, gaining 0.3% in 1 week.

We continue our analysis.

BEAR #5  Severe Affliction of Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) by 2 Giants
This is a geocentric bearish feature with:
        Jup AT severely afflicted by both Uranus and Neptune (2 Giant planets).
        (Bearish phase from mid May 2017 to end July 2017).

 Jupiter Aft Trojans (“AT”) are 600 in front of Jupiter. We have marked:
        [Neptune 90 Jup AT] (Green heavy line)
        [AT 225 Uranus] (Blue heavy line)
                This is Uranus (360 - 225) Jup AT or [Uranus 135 Jup AT].

Thus, Jup AT are stressed intensely by Neptune and by Uranus. The aspects are re-written as below:
        [Neptune Square Jup AT].  Square = 900.
        [Uranus Sesquare Jup AT].  Sesquare = 1350.

Jup AT are siblings of Jupiter, and they are sharply bearish when heavily agitated. Now Jup AT are afflicted by 2 Giant planets (Neptune & Uranus are Giants), the period from mid May to end July 2017 is potentially very bearish for stocks.

We list below the 5 big Bears, and tabulate their negative influences.

[Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] 20-Year Bearish Cycle.
Exact Conjunction is on 09 July 2017.
War Scenario (Military conflicts).
[Saturn Conjunction Earth] on 15 June 2017.
Mars Combustion. Sun’s glare renders positive Mars powerless.
Exact [Mars Conjunction Sun] is on 27 July 2017.
Negative effect to begin from 2nd week of June 2017.
[Uranus Grand Opposition Jupiter] 83-Year Bearish Cycle.
Exact Opposition is on 11 July 2017.
Severe Affliction of Jup FT by 2 Giant planets (Neptune & Uranus).
Negative period is from mid May to end July 2017.

TABLE of Bearish Features

Bear #1 and Bear #2 occur concurrently.

The convergence of 5 Big Bears (within a short period) will create an enormous Crash. The time of the Crash (June & July) is enclosed by a Green Square on the Table.

Stocks world-wide will collapse next week.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

For your info

My analysis says Theresa May will be a loser in today's general election.

Thu 08 June 2017 @GMT 05:30

Friday, 2 June 2017

83 Year Bearish Cycle

DJIA rises from 21,080 to 21,206, gaining 0.6% in 1 week.

We continue our forecast of Stock Market Crash of June & July 2017.

BEAR #4 [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] 83 Year Cycle
Uranus revolves around the Sun once in 84 years
Or Uranus travels 360 ÷ 84 = 4.2860 a year.
Jupiter revolves around the Sun once in 11.86 earth years.
        Or Jupiter travels 360 ÷ 11.86 = 30.3540 a year.

Jupiter moves faster than Uranus by: 30.354 – 4.286 = 20.0680 in 1 year.

Jupiter overtakes Uranus once in 360 ÷ 20.068 = 13.81 years.
The synodic period between Uranus & Jupiter = 13.81 years.
Six (6) times of 13.81 = approx 83.
There is a near exact cycle between Uranus and Jupiter in 83 years:

In 83 years, Uranus travels (360 ÷ 84) x 83 = 355.70.
It is 1 cycle short of 4.30.
In 83 years, Jupiter travels 30.354 x 83 = 2,519.40 (2,520 – 0.6) 0 = 359.40.
It is 7 cycles short of 0.60.

After 83 full years:
Earth’s position in the Solar System is unchanged.
Jupiter & Uranus return to the same relative positions with a small deviation –- there is a difference between Jupiter & Uranus of: 4.30 – 0.60 = 3.70 (approx).

The deviation of 3.70 after 83 years is still acceptable because normal aspect orb is larger (40). Major market trend in the past is likely repeated (though at different magnitudes) 83 years later (plus or minor a few days).

This is the 83-Year Uranus-Jupiter Cycle.

We are going to discuss this 83 Year Cycle as applied to:

[i] [Jupiter 60 Uranus] or [Uranus Conjunction Jup AT]
1929 Oct/Nov çè 2012 Oct/Nov
[ii] [Uranus Opposition Jupiter]
1934 July çè 2017 July

The initial legs of the 2 examples occur during the Great Depression, as marked on the Price Chart below.

The stock market reactions to [Uranus Conjunction Jup AT] for 1929 and 2012 are enlarged.

Two heliocentric (viewed from the Sun) Jupiter-centered graphs for these 2 occasions are appended.

We can see the similarities between these 2 graphs. Study carefully the relative positions of Jupiter (Green line at the middle), Uranus (broken red line) and Sun (thick red line).

The bearish aspect in both cases is
[Jupiter 60 Uranus] or [Uranus Conjunction Jup AT].
Trigger actions come from Earth:
[Uranus Conjunction Sun] + [Jupiter Semi-square Sun] + [Jupiter 30 Sun].

The timing of their declines is correct. But why the 1929 Oct/Nov decline is of epic proportions (43.1/2%) while decline of 2012 Oct/Nov is only moderate?

The clue lies in Mars Combustion in 1929 (Combustion period: 3rd week Oct- end Dec 1929, see last post). The 1929 bearish [Uranus Conjunction Jup AT] is greatly magnified by Mars Combustion (or absence of bullish Mars influence). Investors are denied of positive Mars force to counter negative influences. The outcome is a stock market Crisis in 1929 Oct/Nov.

We now examine [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] in July 1934 and in July 2017.

The 2 heliocentric Jupiter-centered graphs are similar.

The bearish Heliocentric aspect in both cases is [Uranus Opposition Jupiter].
The Opposition is joined at a hard angle by Neptune (a neutral Giant Outer planet):

        For 1934 [Jupiter 45 Neptune]
        For 2017 [Neptune 135 Jupiter]

Earth attacks bearish [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] by agitating Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. 

A Comparison Table is provided.

The decline in 1934 is only moderate (No Mars Combustion). But Mars Combustion of July 2017 (See previous post on Mars Combustion) will create an epic COLLAPSE in July 2017 for Stocks.

In the next post, we’ll discuss BEAR #5 Severe Affliction on Jupiter Fore Trojans.