Friday, 31 March 2017

Moon transits

DJIA rises from 20,597 to 20,663, gaining 66 points (+0.3%) in 1 week.

Intraday market movements of Fri 31 Mar 2017 (DJIA charts above) warrant careful scrutiny.

DJIA drops suddenly in the last 1/2 trading hour, before the market closes at GMT 20:00 hours.

The relevant Moon transit is: 
      31 Mar 2017 @23:38 hours [Jupiter 135 Moon].
Bearish [Jupiter 135 Moon] exerts pressure on stocks 4 hours before exactitude (because of aspect orb).

Jupiter is easily agitated because [Uranus Opposition Jupiter] is close to exact Opposition..

Moon is a Trigger planet. 135 degree is a hard aspect angle to bring out bearish influence of Jupiter by Moon.

Other hard angles are 900, 450, and 00.

Moon transits through these hard angles are marked on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris below:

For clarity, the relevant part is ENLARGED with exact timing.

Moon transits create a plunging stock market in next 10 days (commencing Mon 03 Apr 2017).

Of these lunar transits, those of Fri 07 Apr 2017 are most deleterious because:

[i]     North Node at 450 behind Jupiter is at the same time transited over by Moon.
It enhances the power of Moon to agitate bearish Jupiter.

[ii]    The bearish transits are joined by a Sun aspect which is:
        Fri 07 Apr 2017 @21:40 [Jupiter Opposition Sun].

As Moon and Sun (with the help of North Node) attack bearish Jupiter concertedly at the same time, stocks plummet.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Forecast for 5 months

In the past week, DJIA falls from 20,915 to 20,597, losing 318 points (-1.5%).

I expect the market to plunge from Tue 28 Mar 2017, but the decline has started 1 week earlier, from Tue 21 Mar 2017. 

I outline below the stock market trend for the coming 5 months.

The CRASH is the outcome of the convergence of 2 very bearish cycles:

        20-year Saturn-Jupiter Cycle with exact aspect on 09 July 2017
        83-year Uranus-Jupiter Cycle with exact aspect on 11 July 2017

We’ll explain these bearish cycles in due course.

For the present, DJIA is expected to fall 1 month, before a rebound to occur in first half of May 2017.

The reasons for the decline to mid Apr 2017 have been given in my last post (because of agitation on rough Opposition of Uranus-Jupiter).

More bearish interactions follow. The negative features are depicted on Solar Chart 2017-04-25
The aspects to trigger off the bearish influence (negative influence of Jupiter Fore Trojans) are:
        Tue 25 Apr 2017 [Jup FT Semi-square Earth]
        Fri 28 Apr 2017 [Saturn Semi-square Earth]

Earth on 25 Apr 2017 has moves to 150 in front of Jupiter (i.e. 450 behind Jup FT). This makes bearish Jupiter Fore Trojans oscillate (which is bearish on stocks).

Three (3) days later, on 28 Apr 2017, Earth hits Saturn through a hard angle of 450, which is [Saturn Semi-square Earth].

These interactions severely agitate Jup FT. Stocks plunge. I expect a temporary bottom on Fri 28 Apr 2017.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Locating a down phase

In the past week, DJIA rises from 20,903 to 20,915.

I expect the market to be firmer in the coming week.
But we can locate a significantly bearish phase in the foreseeable future.

On Solar Chart 2017-04-07, Jupiter and Uranus are in rough Opposition – the planets are 1730 apart. Because of their immense sizes, they can be said to be in Opposition (though there is a deviation of 70 from exact Opposition of 1800).
This is a bearish Opposition because super Giant Jupiter is bearish, while Uranus is neutral. The Opposition makes negative Jupiter oscillate, which is potentially bad for stocks.

The bearish influence is reflected in the market when the planets of the Opposition are further aroused.  In present case, arousals come from Earth & from Venus. Concerted efforts of both Earth & Venus are strong enough to agitate Jupiter.

The heliocentric trigger actions are:
        Sun 02 Apr 2017 [Jupiter Conjunction Venus]
        Thu 06 Apr 2017 [Uranus Opposition Venus]
        Fri 07 Apr 2017 [Jupiter Conjunction Earth]
        Fri 14 Apr 2017 [Uranus Opposition Earth].

Then, we examine geocentric aspects from the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.
[Jupiter Semi-square N Node] is bearish because N Node persistently stresses negative Jupiter through a hard angle of 450.

The trigger aspects are:
        Tue 28 Mar 2017 [Jupiter Opposition Moon]
        Fri-07 Apr 2017 [Jupiter Opposition Sun]
        Fri 14 Apr 2017 [Uranus Conjunction Sun].

Because of these trigger actions, an agitated Jupiter emits significant amount of bearish forces. Stocks will plunge from early Apr 2017 for about 2 weeks. The decline may commence earlier, from end Mar 2017.

My expectations are:

[1]   Stocks rise next week.
[2]   For the week commencing Mon 27 Mar 2017, there are confusing signals.
       It is possible stocks fall from Tue 28 Mar 2017 (despite presence of positive influence discussed in last post).
[3]    Stocks plunge in the first half of Apr 2017.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Range trading

In past week, DJIA falls moderately to close at 20,903. The Dow will fall again next week, and a low point is expected on Thu 16 Mar 2017. 

Thereafter the market will rebound for about 3 weeks, before plunging again.

Rising days are marked on the 2 Mars-centered Charts below.

Heliocentric bullish Mars aspects:
        21 Mar 2017 [Mars Conjunction Mercury]
        22 Mar 2017 [Mars Sesquare Pluto]
        04 Apr 2017 [Mars Semi-square Uranus]
        09 Apr 2017 [Mars Square Neptune].  Square = 900.

Geocentric bullish Mars aspects
27 Mar 2017 [Mar Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.
        01 Apr 2017 [Mars Semi-square Venus (R)]. Semi-square = 450.

Trading in the next 4 weeks will be quiet. Be patient. We’ll encounter violent moves in the not too distant future.

Friday, 3 March 2017

More downside

Having reached historical (intra-day) peak of 21,169, DJIA turns south in NY towards afternoon close on Wed 01 Mar 2017. The Dow will continue falling in the coming 2 weeks.

The reasons for bearish forecast have been given in the blog post of last week.

After decline, the Dow will rebound in the 3rd week of Mar, and the 1st week of Apr 2017. This period is marked on the Ephemeris below.

Geocentric bullish aspects
27 Mar 2017 [Mar Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.
        01 Apr 2017 [Mars Semi-square Venus (R)]. Semi-square = 450.

Heliocentric bullish aspects:
        21 Mar 2017 [Mars Conjunction Mercury]
        22 Mar 2017 [Mars Sesquare Pluto]
        04 Apr 2017 [Mars Semi-square Uranus]
        09 Apr 2017 [Mars Square Neptune].  Square = 900.

Lunar transits will bring out the influences.