Friday, 27 January 2017

Turning Point (Bull to Bear)

This post is published 1 day earlier (before NY opening of Fri 27 Jan 2017) because of Chinese New Year holidays.

The Dow surpasses the 20,000 mark for the first time to close on Thu 26 Jan 2017 @20,100.

My forecast is an imminent depression, to commence from early Feb 2017.

Please read the comments next to the 2 Solar Charts below.

For geocentric negative features, refer to the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.
Negative #1
Long term [Uranus Opposition Jupiter].
Negative #2
N Node is posited at 450 to the right hand side of Jupiter. This provides persistent agitation on negative Jupiter.
Negative #3
On Thu 02 Feb 2017 is the bearish Moon transit: [Jupiter Opposition Moon].

Now go back to Solar Chart 2017-02-02 above to see that Jup AT are attacked by Earth by Conjunction. Both Jupiter and Jup AT are battered on 02 Feb 2017. Stocks plunge.

I’ll call this bearish phase (extending to end Sep 2017) the Trump Depression.


May I wish you a Prosperous Year of Rooster – KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Last positive week

In the past week, the Dow falls from 19,886 to 19,827 losing 0.3%.

Stocks have 1 more week to rise, as revealed on Solar Charts below.

The LEFT Solar Chart 2017-01-25 describes a Positive Mars Spider Web. Through hard angles of 450, Mars (at vertex) links up Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.
RIGHT Solar Chart is stimulation of the Spider Web by Earth transit. On 25 Jan 2017, Earth moves to 1350 (450 x 3) behind Saturn (Saturn is a key member of the Spider Web). The Mars Spider Web is made active, and its positive influence is conveyed to investors on Earth. Stocks rise.

Let’s consider Moon transits also. A geocentric Saturn-centered Ephemeris is plotted with Saturn at the center. As viewed from Earth, the other planets move on either side of Saturn.

In the last week of Jan 2017:
        Sun is 450 in front of Saturn
        Venus & Mars are 900 in front of Saturn.

Moon transits over Saturn on 24 Jan 2017. Then, Moon moves forward (at about 130 a day) to cross over Sun, Venus and Mars. The bullish planetary pattern is fully aroused by Moon transits. These Moon transits are favorable to the stock market.

From early Feb 2017, the Mars Spider Web will disintegrate – its positive influence will diminish. Mars and Saturn will no longer be at hard angles. With the disappearance of the bullish configuration, stocks will fall back, and the decline will be monstrous. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Final Upthrust

In the past week, the Dow falls from 19,963 to 19,886 losing 0.4%.

We've explained the stock market is buoyed by the presence of the positive Mars Spider Web (LEFT Solar Chart below).
For the next 2 weeks, the bullish influence of the Spider Web is brought to investors by Earth transiting the hard angles (450, 900, 1350) of the members (Mars, Uranus and Neptune) of the Spider Web. The heliocentric transits are observed from the RIGHT Solar Chart:

        Sat 14 Jan 2017 Earth transits 900 (i.e. Square angle) in front of Mars
        Mon 16 Jan 2017 Earth transits 1350 (i.e. Sesquare) in front of Neptune
        Wed 25 Jan 2017 Earth transits 1350 (i.e. Sesquare) behind Saturn

In addition, on Wed 18 Jan 2017 Mars is strategically placed at 450 (Semi-square) in front of Neptune. On Thu 02 Mar 2017 Mars is at 1350 (i.e. Sesquare) in front of Saturn.

These planetary patterns indicate a rising stock market for the coming 2 weeks because the positive influence of the Mars Spider Web is transmitted to investors on Earth through hard angles.

Thereafter (from early Feb 2017), the Mars Spider Web disintegrates quickly. The Trump rally will fizzle out, and it will evolve into a Trump 4-Year Great Depression.

Saturday, 7 January 2017


In the past 2 weeks, the Dow rises from 19,933 to 19,963 gaining 0.15%.

The anticipated collapse did not materialize. The reason is the presence a strong Mars Spider Web (bullish configuration) to offset bearish Jupiter’s influence.

On the Right is drawn a Spider Web with Mars at the Vertex. The Web links up bullish Mars (through hard angles of 450) to bullish Saturn, neutral Giants Neptune & neutral Giant Uranus. The concerted bullish influence (of Mars & Saturn supported by Giant planets) is enormous. It is so powerful that it (last week) erases the negative force of Jupiter. The relevant aspects in the coming week are:
        Fri 13 Jan 2017 Uranus Conjunction Mars.
        Sat 14 Jan 2017 Earth Square Mars. Square =900.

The bullish Spider Web influence is transmitted on 14 Jan 2017 to Earth (through a hard angle of 900). Allow for a couple of days, Earth investors should feel the positive influence on 12 (Thursday) or 13 (Friday) Jan 2017.

The bullish Spider Web is bullish on stocks for a month.

The next bullish trigger aspect is:
25 Jan 2017 [Saturn Sesquare Earth].  Sesquare = 1350.

So stocks’ uptrend will extend to end Jan 2017.

[1] Stocks can still fall on negative Jupiter influence next week.
[2] Stocks then rise from 12 or 13 Jan 2017 on joint efforts of Saturn and Mars.