Saturday, 24 December 2016

What goes up

What goes up must come down.

In the past week, the Dow rises from 19,843 to 19,933 gaining 0.45%.

Despite DJIA staying at lofty levels, Asian markets plunged in the last 2 weeks, as seen from the indices of 4 countries below.

The divergent trends are reminiscent of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998 when Asian markets collapsed much deeper and sooner that US stocks. Because of funds flow (on strong USD) from Asian countries to US, the Dow is supported temporarily.

In fact the anticipated collapse of the Global Great Depression has already begun.  The Dow will no longer be able to defy the law of gravity as from early next week when faced with the onslaught of the severe part of the very bearish planetary patterns.

Bearish geocentric features

Bear (1) Dec 2016-Jan 2017
[Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].
Saturn is a bullish (positive) planet, but here Saturn helps de-stabilize myriads of tiny Trojan asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter. Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) are recessionary asteroids. The bearish asteroids are savagely pummeled (while bullish Giant Saturn is relatively stable) during the interactions. Stocks respond to tiny Jup FT much more readily. Stocks fall sharply.

Bear (2) End Dec 2016-end Jun 2017
[Jupiter Semi-square N Node]. Semi-square = 450.
Jupiter is under persistent agitation (6 months) by N Node.  N Node is neutral but Jupiter is negative. The outcome of the 6-month long aspect results in a plunging stock market.

Bear (3) End Dec 2016-early Mar 2017.
[Uranus Opposition Jupiter]
Uranus and Jupiter are at opposite sides of the Earth (the 2 planets are 1800 apart) for 4 months. During this period, the Earth is all the time under negative influence from Jupiter, which produces depressed moods, urging investors to sell down the market.

Bearish heliocentric features

There are 2 Squares (900) depicted on Solar Chart 2017-01-01, and these are 2 bearish aspects.

Medium term bearish aspect (Bear 4)
Jup FT = Jupiter Fore Trojans (asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter).
Jup FT are 900 behind Neptune, and Jup FT are rushing forward to “hit” Neptune through a hard Square angle of 900.
[Neptune Square Jup FT] will become exact 5 days later (on Fri 06 Jan 2017), but the aspect already exerts downward pressure on stocks.

Short term bearish aspect (Bear 5)
Earth is rushing forward to “hit” Jupiter through a hard Square angle of 900. The exact aspect is: Sun 01 Jan 2017 [Jupiter Square Earth].

Both Jupiter and Jup FT are made to oscillate wildly.

Five (5) bearish aspects together exert tremendous deleterious influence on stocks. Stocks worldwide will collapse in the coming 3 weeks.

Because of holidays, updating of this blog (on 1 Jan 2017) will be skipped.
Wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Steep decline expected

In the past week, the Dow rises from 19,756 to 19,843 gaining 0.44%.

The significance is that the market has reached a top and turned around (to fall). In fact Asian markets (shattered by interest rate rise and strong US Dollar) have taken the lead to fall markedly.

Planetary patterns
The market trend in the coming 2 weeks hinges on the strength of negative Jupiter (and weakness of bullish Mars and Saturn).

The Inner System planets (Earth, Venus & Mercury) of Solar Chart 2016-12-19 plotted on the LEFT are not their true positions. To be visible, their icons have to be enlarged, and they are placed much farther away from the Sun.

To correct the position of the Earth, the Solar Chart is shown on RIGHT with Earth icon represented by a green dot.

The main difference between these Charts is that the LEFT chart has Earth above (North of) the Jupiter-Uranus Gravitational Wall (“GW”), while the RIGHT chart has the true Earth just below (South of) the GW. The GW is the green line joining Jupiter and Uranus.

To facilitate explanation, a diagram is drawn. The Earth moves in the direction of the arrow on her circular orbit around the Sun.

[1]    On 19 Dec 2016 Earth is close to (and moving towards) the Jupiter-Uranus Gravitational Wall.

[2]    In anti-clockwise motion, the Earth moves to the exact mid-point of the GW on 26 Dec 2016. 

[3]    Earth will stay at North of the GW from 26 Dec 2016 through 03 Mar 2017.

Useful information gathered
[i]     Earth is very close to the Jupiter-Uranus GW from now through early Mar 2017. The planetary pattern (Jupiter-Earth-Uranus on an approximate straight line) is called a Bearish Jupiter Long Bar. Earth takes in the very negative influence of Jupiter during this period.

[ii]    When Earth is situated at the North of the Jupiter-Uranus GW, the GW functions as a barrier to segregate Earth from (positive) Mars and from (positive) Saturn. Positive influence finds it hard to reach Earth.
On the other hand, Earth (being very close to the GW) takes in readily the bearish influence of Jupiter.

Long term Bearish Jupiter influence transmitted to Earth (where investors are)
+ Much less bullish influence from Mars & Saturn (owing to the GW barrier)
= Stocks decline steeply in the coming weeks.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Trump rally

In the past week, the Dow rises from 19,170 to 19,756 gaining 3.1%, contrary to my forecast of a falling stock market.

Analysis logics
The first thing to look at is Geocentric [Uranus Opposition Jupiter], exact on 26 Dec 2016, indicated by an arrow on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.

An Opposition is 1800. Before exact Opposition, the aspects come within exactitude orb of 40, 30, 20, 10 and then 00 (00 =exact Opposition). Despite deviation of a few degrees, they are named Opposition. We arbitrarily divide the deviations into 4 stages to assess their effects on Jupiter (Super Giant planet) and on Uranus (Giant planet). A super Giant planet requires much more energy to make it oscillate compared with a Giant planet. When the planets gradually approach exact Opposition, the planets’ intensification varies. A Table is constructed below to try to explain their respective degrees of activeness.

Last week (week commencing Mon 05 Dec 2016) we were at Stage II, where Uranus oscillates more vigorously than Jupiter.

A super Giant Jupiter requires more than “slightly active” state to energize it (like starting the movement of a heavy train). On the other hand Uranus (being less massive) oscillates vigorously in “moderately active” state.  Uranus’s influence in Stage II is greater than that of Jupiter’s. However Uranus is a neutral planet. The result of Stage II should be:

   Slightly bearish (since Jupiter is slightly active & Uranus is neutral)...... Bear One

We now study Solar Chart 2016-12-12 below.

On the Chart 2 bearish aspects are marked:
Bear Two
[Uranus Sesquare Jup FT] – Green angle on Right Solar Chart
Jup FT are rushing forward to smash against Giant Uranus, at a hard angle of 1350.
Bear Three
[Neptune Sesquare Jup FT] – Blue angle on Right Solar Chart
Jup FT are rushing forward to smash against Giant Neptune, at a hard angle of 900.

Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans – tiny asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter) are smashing themselves against 2 Giant Outer planets (Uranus and Neptune). The combined result is severe de-stabilization of Jup FT.

Bear One + Bear Two + Bear Three = Stocks fall significantly.

Accordingly, I concluded last week that stocks should fall.

BUT stocks rallied instead. Why?

Opposing force (Bullish Mars influence)
Solar Chart 2016-12-12 is marked differently.

There is a Mars 45D Triangle:
    Uranus.Mars.Neptune = 450.

This is a bullish feature – Bullish Mars is being squeezed (stressed) at a hard angle of 450 by 2 Giants (Uranus and Neptune).

It will be remembered that these 2 Giant Outer planets (Uranus and Neptune) interact at the same time with Jup FT in a bearish manner (where Jup FT are moving forward to smash against the 2 Giants).

Both bullish influence and bullish influence were present. 

The analyst faced a dilemma. He had to decide whether the market should fall or should rise. I was of the opinion that the market should fall.

Facts: Stocks rose significantly last week, and my forecast was wrong! Bullish Mars overpowered the intensely agitated Jup AT.

What will happen next?
Enters Stage III.
Bearish Jupiter is moderately active.
Uranus (Bullish because Uranus is a member of the Mars Triangle) is fully active.

It would seem Bullish influence is greater than Bearish influence. 

I believe however that a moderately active (bearish) Jupiter is as powerful as a fully active (bullish) Uranus, because Jupiter is a much more massive super Giant, with the result:

        Bearish influence = Bullish influence.

Stocks for the week commencing Mon 12 Dec 2016 should top out and fall significantly, especially towards the end of the week as Stage IV approaches.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Downtrend favored

In the past week, the Dow (30 Industrial stocks) rises from 19,125 to 19,170 gaining 0.002%.

But the broader market, represented by Dow Jones Composite Index, declines slightly.

The flat market is the result of battles between Bullish planets (Mars and Saturn) and Bearish Jupiter.

We are going to examine the strengths of these planets in the coming weeks.

Heliocentric aspects favor a down trend in coming weeks

There are 2 bearish features marked on Solar Chart 2016-12-10.
Bear (A)
Jupiter is agitated by fast moving planets:
06 Dec 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Venus]
12 Dec 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Mercury]
Bear (B)
10 Dec 2016 [Saturn Opposition Earth] is Saturn Combustion, which is negative on stocks. This is more conveniently explained below in Bear (1).

Geocentric aspects favor a down trend in coming weeks

There are 3 bearish features as depicted on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.
Bear (1)
Saturn Combustion – same as Bear B above. As viewed from Earth, Saturn on 10 Dec 2016 is exactly covered up by the Sun. Investors on Earth cannot see Saturn with naked eyes. Positive influence of Saturn finds it hard to be transmitted to Earth investors (because it is obstructed by the Sun). 1 week before and 1 week after exact Saturn Combustion is deprivation (partially) of bullish influence, which is negative on stocks.

Bear (2)
[Jupiter Semi-square North Node] from mid Dec 2016 to Mar 2017. This is a long term bearish feature.
From 2nd week of Dec 2016, its bearish influence starts to impact on Earth.

Bear (3)
[Uranus Opposition Jupiter] from mid Dec 2016 to mid Mar 2017.
This Opposition aspect is sharply bearish on stocks because Jupiter (mother of all crises) is under persistent oscillation from Giant planet Uranus.

The planetary patterns (i) enhance Jupiter’s negative force and (ii) suppress Saturn’s positive force.  Stocks will decline next week.

Look further ahead. Bear (2) and Bear (3) will become powerful, and stocks will soon collapse.