Friday, 28 October 2016

Rise before collapse

In the past week, the Dow rises from 18,145 to 18,161 gaining 0.09%.

Stocks will rise next week because of consecutive Mars transits (which are marked on the Mars-centered Ephemeris above). An active Mars erases negative influence of Jupiter. The bullish aspects are:

Sat 29 Oct 2016 [Uranus Square Mars]. Square = 900.
Tue 01 Nov 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Mars]. Semi-square = 450.
Thu 03 Nov 2016 [Mars Sesquare N Node]. Sesquare = 1350.

My forecasts.
[1] Stocks will rise next week.
[2] After 8th Nov 2016 (Presidential Election Day) stocks plunge.
[3] Donald Trump will win the presidency.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Collapse delayed to 8th November

In  the past week, the Dow rises from 18,138 to 18,145 gaining 0.04%.

The many bearish features outlined a week ago have failed to knock down stocks which have been static. There are positive features to off-set the bearish aspects enumerated.  I now revise my forecasts as below.

[1] The anticipated collapse in stocks is deferred till 8th Nov 2016 (Presidential Election Day).
[2] Next week will be erratic owing to appearances of both positive and negative features.
[3] Stocks will attempt a final rally from end Oct to early Nov 2016.

For next week, there is a Melody (Sweet Music) aspect on Tue 25 Oct 2016.

Study the Neptune-centered Ephemeris. The sensitive timing is marked by three red circles. Neptune (Musician) is the vertical line in the middle of the Ephemeris. Venus (Dancer) is 900 behind Neptune. The Musician and the Dancer are in communication because they are connected by a hard angle of 900. They are ready to perform. Moon transits provide the needed stimulus.
Moon transits
Tue 25 Oct 2016
        @11:34 [Mars Sesquare Moon]. Sesquare = 1350.
        @20:56 [Venus Square Moon]. Square = 900. The Dancer is made active.
        @21:26 [Neptune Opposition Moon]. The Musician is made active by Moon.

Melody is produced in NY afternoon, and stocks surge.

In respect of expected significant rise in end Oct-early Nov 2016, study the Mars-centered Ephemeris.

Bullish aspects are stated at the bottom of the Ephemeris (under 3 red circles). For clarity, these aspects are repeated:
Sat 29 Oct 2016 [Uranus Square Mars]. Square = 900.
Tue 01 Nov 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Mars]. Semi-square = 450.
Thu 03 Nov 2016 [Mars Sesquare N Node]. Sesquare = 1350.

These positive aspects appear in quick succession, arousing bullish Mars influence. Stocks rebound from end Oct to early Nov 2016.

The next big move (collapse) will be after Election Day 8 Nov 2016.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Collapse coming week

In the past week, the Dow falls from 18,240 to 18,138 losing 0.56%.

The many negative features discussed a week ago cover October month. We now single out more important ones for detailed study.

The most bearish aspect is:
Fri 14 Oct 2016 [Uranus Sesquare Jup FT].  Sesquare = 1350.

From the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris, the 1350 (hard angle) separation is measured by 2 green lines: 1200 + 150 = 1350.

In this aspect, faster negative Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) rash towards Uranus (a Giant planet) and the Jup FT thereby get themselves severely afflicted.

The severely afflicted Jup FT are effectively de-stabilized by Sun transiting the Opposite point (180 degrees is measured by the thick horizontal line) of Uranus:

Moon (& Sun) transits in the next few days are:

Sat 15 Oct 2016
@03:35 [Jupiter Opposition Moon]
@10:44 [Uranus Opposition Sun]
Sun 16 Oct 2016
        @03:12 [Uranus Conjunction Moon]
@04:24 [Sun Opposition Moon] or Full Moon
@13:59 [Ceres Conjunction Moon]
Mon 17 Oct 2016
        @03:52 [Jupiter 150 Moon] which is [Jup AT Square Moon]
        @12:08 [Neptune Sesquare Sun]. 
This is also Jup FT de-stabilization because of [Neptune Square Jup FT]

Bearish planets (including asteroids) are: Jupiter, Jup FT, Jup AT, and Ceres.

These planets are again and again attacked as noted above, and summarized below:

Jupiter agitation
By [Jupiter Opposition Moon] on Sat 15 Oct 2016.

De-stabilization of Jup FT with help of Uranus
By [Uranus Opposition Sun] on Sat 15 Oct 2016.
By [Uranus Conjunction Moon] on Sun 16 Oct 2016.

De-stabilization of Jup FT with help of Neptune
        By [Neptune Sesquare Sun] on Mon 17 Oct 2016.

De-stabilization of Jup AT
        By [Jup AT Square Moon] on Mon 17 Oct 2016.

De-stabilization of Ceres
        By [Ceres Conjunction Moon] on Sun 16 Oct 2016.

These bearish interactions are much strengthened by Full Moon of Sun 16 Oct 2016.

The Saturday and Sunday numerous bearish aspect influence is manifested on the next trading day.

Since negative influence of ALL the bearish planets of the Solar System gets full expression on Mon 17 Oct 2016, stocks will collapse on Monday.

[i] Precipitous decline in stocks in the next 2 weeks.
[ii] Rebound in the 1st week of Nov 2016.
[ii] After the Presidential Election day (08 Nov 2016) stocks nose-dive.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

At the brink of Global Depression

I opine last week that a Global Great Depression should commence from mid Oct 2016. It lasts 4.1/4 years, nose-diving to a bottom in Jan 2021. DJIA will fall to about 2,000 (current DJIA = 18,240).
The negative feature to trigger the precipitous fall is:
Extremely heavy de-stabilization of Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT).

Let’s review briefly the Solar System.


 Jupiter Fore Trojans & Jupiter Aft Trojans

“Trojans” refers to the asteroids that lie on Jupiter’s orbit very close to the 2 locations 600 ahead, and 600 behind Jupiter. The names we use are:

Jupiter Fore Trojans or Jup FT (600 in front of Jupiter). Jup FT is a plural noun.
Jupiter Aft Trojans or Jup AT (600 behind Jupiter). Jup AT is a plural noun.

U. S. A. is the most powerful nation in the world. She is represented by Jupiter (super Giant). The Sun-Jupiter System (consisting of Jupiter, Jup FT and Jup AT) is the U. S. Empire.

Jup FT or Jup AT are the Achilles heels (vulnerable spots) of U. S. economy. When they are afflicted and severely de-stabilized, there is recession, and U. S. stocks collapse. Since the Trojans are tiny (comparatively) they are notoriously difficult to de-stabilize.  But when Jup FT or Jup AT are thoroughly shaken by heavy planets, stocks world-wide respond immediately by nose-diving.

In the coming weeks, we’ll encounter a pernicious feature – Thoroughly de-stabilized Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) which are 600 in front of Jupiter. Jup AT are being afflicted and savagely de-stabilized, thereby turning themselves into a Destructive Monster, to devastate the stock market.

We now scrutinize the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris to assess how severely the Jup AT are battered.
As marked above, Jup FT (the asteroids are at the vertical Green line 600 in front of Jupiter). They are mercilessly attacked by several planets in Oct:
[1] By Sun
        13 Oct 2016 [Jup FT Semi-square Sun]. Semi-square = 450.
[2] Through Uranus
        14 Oct 2016 [Uranus Sesquare Jup FT]. Sesquare = 1350.
[3] By Mercury
        15 Oct 2016 [Jup FT Semi-square Mercury]
[4] Through Neptune
        23 Oct 2016 [Neptune Square Jup FT]. Square = 900.
[5] By Venus
        26 Oct 2016 [Jup FT Conjunction Venus]
[6] By interacting with N Node
        31 Oct 2016 [Jup FT Square N Node]

Ceres is the largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt. It is panic personified. Ceres joins the negative actions in Oct 2016 to arouse fear:

[7] 21 Oct 2016 [Ceres Opposition Sun]
[8] 31 Oct 2016 [Ceres Sesquare Jup FT].

Earth is 1800 opposite to Sun. Sun interactions convey directly the influence (in present case bearish influence) to Earth investors. Here are major Sun interactions to trigger the sharp decline:

Sat 15 Oct 2016 @10:44 [Uranus Opposition Sun]
        Negative influence of Bear [2] [Uranus Sesquare Jup FT] is invoked.

Mon 17 Oct 2016 @12:08 [Neptune Sesquare Sun].
        Negative influence of Bear [4] [Neptune Square Jup FT] is invoked.

Similarly, Moon (like Sun) acts on these aspects to invoke the detrimental influence of Jup FT.

Moon transits occur earlier, acting forcibly on Uranus, Neptune and Ceres. As these planets are all in hard aspects with Jup FT, Jup FT are de-stabilized, causing sharp fall in stocks. The negative lunar transits are jammed in a single day:

Thu 13 Oct 2016
@01:50 [Uranus Semi-square Moon]
@05:17 [Neptune Conjunction Moon]
@14:18 [Ceres Semi-square Moon]


[A] Steep decline in stocks commences from Thu 13 Oct 2016 (which ushers in an extremely bearish phase of the Global Great Depression).

[B] Real estate properties world-wide will COLLAPSE.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Bubble bursts in 2 weeks

Performance of Precious metals & Stocks in the past week (week ended 30 Sep 2016):

GOLD falls from US$1,337.00 to US$1,316.00 (-1.6 %)
SILVER falls from US$19.70 to US$19.16 (-2.7%)
        DJIA rises from 18,261 to 18,308 (+0.25%).
In my post published on 21 May 2016, I said “Because of very high inflation (medium term), I predict a soaring Gold market from 23 May through early Oct 2016”.  I suggested buying Gold and Silver.

Price charts show that except for a big rally in June/July, the Precious metals markets languish. As the time frame is ending, I will not discuss Gold and Silver from next post. I will surely alert visitors should next opportunity come.

DJIA moves like a yoyo. Stocks’ future trend (and world economy) will be in distress. Stocks start to collapse from mid Oct 2016 as outlined in the Graph (drawn by me 16 months ago in June 2015) below.
In its 1st bearish phase, stocks fall sharply reaching a bottom in Jan 2016. This is followed by a 9-month rebound. The rebound is just over. Global Great Depression soon sets in, and it will last more than 4 years. The impact of its financial chaos will exceed that of the Great Depression of 1930s which has duration of 2 years & 10 months (Sep 1929 to July 1932).

During the Depression of 1930s, DJIA falls 89%. For the present Global Depression, I expect stocks to match the fall of the previous Depression (if not more). One can therefore expect the Dow to fall to about 2,000 with a nadir in Jan 2021.

I will outline in my next post the root cause and the pernicious influence of the imminent Global Great Depression.