Friday, 23 September 2016

Still positive

Performance of Precious metals & Stocks in the past week (week ended 23 Sep 2016):

GOLD rises from US$1,310.50 to US$1,337.00 (+2.0 %)
SILVER rises from US$18.80 to US$19.70 (+4.8%)
        DJIA rises from 18,124 to 18,261 (+0.75%).

The markets are generally bullish. But DJIA’s sharp fall on Fri 23 Sep 2016 merits investigation.

A Jupiter-centered Ephemeris is drawn below. Marked on the Ephemeris are the positions of the planets from the viewpoint of the Earth, with Jupiter at the center while other planets moving on either side of Jupiter.

The Sun moves to the same longitudinal degree like Jupiter on 26 Sep 2016.

Immediately before and after [Jupiter Conjunction Sun] on 26 Sep 2016, Jupiter and Sun are close together. Moon transits, forming hard angles with Jupiter, necessarily involve the Sun (which makes the hard angle Moon transits on NEGATIVE Jupiter more powerful).

These transits are.

Fri 23 Sep 2016
@09:56 [Sun Square Moon]. Square = 900.
@13:49 [Jupiter Square Moon].
Powerful negative influence from Jupiter is released because both Sun and Moon agitate bearish Jupiter. Stocks plunge in New York.

The next bearish transits are:
Tue 27 Sep 2016:
        @00:30 [Jupiter Semi-square Moon]. Semi-square = 450.
        @01:38 [Sun Semi-square Moon]
As the bearish interactions occur in early morning, the negative impacts mostly fall on Asian stock markets.

In next week, I continue to be bullish except for Tue 27 Sep 2016.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hike or no hike

Performance of Precious metals & Stocks in the past week (week ended 16 Sep 2016):

GOLD falls from US$1,328 to US$1,310.50 (-1.3 %)
SILVER falls from US$19.05 to US$18.80 (-1.3%)
        DJIA rises from 18,085 to 18,124 (+0.2%).

The markets were depressed. My bullish forecast was frustrated by intense affliction of negative Jupiter Trojans (Jup AT) which overpowers the bullish Mars Spider Web.
On the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris above, we see there is a Point of Intense Stress (“POIS” Circled in Green) in 1st half of Sep 2016. The POIS is posited at 150 behind Jupiter. As Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are at 600 behind Jupiter, the following aspect is formed:

        1st half of Sep 2016 [POIS Semi-square Jup AT].  Semi-square = 450.

This medium term feature severely de-stabilizes Jup AT, creating in a depressed market for the first 2 weeks of Sep 2016.

In the 2nd half of Sep 2016 (the 2 weeks commencing Mon 19 Sep 2016), the bearish feature [POIS Semi-square Jup AT] is definitely over. We expect DJIA and Precious metals to rally.  This is Bullish Feature AA.

To hike interest rate or not to hike
I don’t know. But planetary arrangements favor a rising market (hike or no hike).

As disclosed by the Neptune-centered Ephemeris below, there are 2 positive aspects:

        Positive #1: 19 Sep 2016 [Neptune Sesquare Venus]. Sesquare = 1350.
        Positive #2: 2nd half of Sep 2016 [Neptune Opposition Mercury (“R”)]
Neptune is the Musician, Mercury is the Singer, and Venus is the Dancer. Together they form a band in a concert. We hear Melody (Sweet Music) in the 2 weeks commencing Mon 19 Sep 2016.
Melody = Bullish Feature BB

In the past posts, we’ve been discussing a sharply bullish Mars Spider Web where Mars links up Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. The Mars Spider Web is given a push by Earth as revealed on Solar Chart 2016-09-17.

On Sat 17 Sep 2016, Earth moves to 450 in front of Mars. 450 is a hard angle (Semi-square), and Mars (through Earth) conveys bullish influence of the Mars Spider Web to investors on Earth. 

This is Bullish Feature CC.

The combined outcome of Bullish Features AA, BB and CC is a sharp rally in DJIA and Precious metals in the coming 2 weeks.


Saturday, 10 September 2016


Performance of Precious metals & Stocks in the past week (week ended 09 Sep 2016)

GOLD rises from US$1,325 to US$1,328 (+0.02%)
SILVER falls from US$19.43 to US$19.05 (-2.0%)
        DJIA falls from 18,492 to 18,085 (-2.2%).

Contrary to my bullish forecast, stocks plunge on Fri 09 Sep 2016.

The sharp fall is explained on Solar Chart 2016-09-09.

Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are afflicted by Saturn, with Saturn at 1350 (75 + 60) in front of Jup AT, to form the negative aspect [Saturn Sesquare Jup AT].

On Fri 09 Sep 2016, Earth moves to (180 – 15) = 1650 in front of Jupiter.

In other words, Earth is 1350 behind Jup AT or [Jup AT Sesquare Earth].
        360 – 165 – 60 = 1350  Sesquare = 1350.

As Jup AT are already afflicted by Saturn (Jup AT are oscillating wildly), Earth moving to attack Jup AT (through a Sesquare, or a hard angle of 1350) de-stabilizes Jup AT. This creates the steep fall on Fri 09 Sep 2016.

Another aspect to help pin-point the day of plunge is:
        Fri 09 Sep 2016 @11:50 Moon Square Sun [1st Quarter Moon].

The 1st Quarter Moon is a geocentric aspect, and it necessarily involves Earth (where the observer is).

In a situation like this, we say Earth dances with very Bearish Jupiter Aft Trojans. It is associated with a falling stock market. But the negative scene is soon over.
Earth moves quite fast at 19 a day. 3 and 4 days later, the following BULLISH aspects are formed:
        Mon 12 Sep 2016 [Mercury “R” Conjunction Sun]
        Tue 13 Sep 2016 [Mars Square Sun].

In analysis, we regard Earth and Sun as the same Trigger planet (heliocentric view is Earth, geocentric view is Sun), so we can say EARTH changes partners from a BEARISH PARTNER JUP AT (Exact 09 Sep 2016) to two (2) BULLISH PARTNERS (Exact 12 & 13 Sep 2016).

Bullish New Partner One
Mercury “R”.
Sun (or Earth) dances with Mercury “R” (Singer) to invoke a bullish Melody Formation (below).
Bullish New Partner Two
Sun dances with Mars, to invoke the bullish influence of the Mars Spider Web (See previous post for the Spider Web).

The positive result of Earth (or Sun) dancing with new bullish partners will be reflected by Stocks soaring (in NY market from Mon 12 Sep 2016).

The bullish planetary arrangements are outlined on the Mars-centered Ephemeris, and the Neptune-centered Ephemeris below. 


In a Melody Formation, three (3) planets are involved.
        Neptune – Musician
        Mercury – Singer.  Mercury “R” is more powerful.
        Venus – Dancer

Several prominent features are obvious from the 2 color Ephemeris.

Positive Features #1 & #2 (from Neptune-centered Ephemeris)
Positive #1
Singer (Mercury) moves like an “S”. The retrograde (“R” or backward moving) part of the “S” is in Sep 2016.

Mercury “R” is near the Opposition (1800) to the Musician (Neptune). The Singer is in communication with the Musician, and the Singer is ready to sing sweetly.
There is no need to be in exact aspect of 1800. Near exact Opposition is acceptable, because the Moon (a very fast “planet” travelling 130 a day) can interact with the Musician and the Singer within a few hours.

Positive #2
On 19 Sep 2016 [Neptune Sesquare Venus].
The exact interaction between the Dancer (Venus) and the Musician (Neptune) is 19 Sep 2016. Its bullish influence can be invoked by Moon 1 week before exact aspect.

Positive Feature #3 & #4 (from Mars-centered Ephemeris)
Positive #3
The Singer (Mercury) is goaded into singing by Sun
        Mon 12 Sep 2016 @23:41 [Mercury “R” Conjunction Sun].

Positive #4
Sun crosses the 90-degree angle of Mars
Tue 13 Sep 2016 @20:40 [Mars Square Sun].

A strong Mars (bullish) protects the Singer and the Dancer, and Melody (sweet music) is heard by investors.

This is a strong form of Melody because both Mercury “R” (Retrograde Mercury is more powerful than Direct Mercury) and Venus are involved.

Stocks are expected to soar in the next 2 weeks.

I am also bullish on Precious metals because of the presence of the Mars Spider Web, which is made active by Positive #4: Tue 13 Sep 2016 @20:40 [Mars Square Sun].

Friday, 2 September 2016

Surging ahead

Performance of Precious metals and Stocks in the past week:

GOLD rises from US$1,321 to US$1,325 (+0.3%)
SILVER rises from US$18.70 to US$19.43 (+3.9%)
        DJIA rises from 18,395 to 18,492 (+0.5%).

The most bullish feature for Precious metals
The most bullish feature is the Mars Spider Web – It is effective through end Sep 2016.

For explanation of this bullish feature, refer to my post a week ago.

The most bullish feature for Stocks
The most bullish feature is Mercury in retrograde motion, covering the period from 30 Aug to 22 Sep 2016.

As viewed from the Sun, a planet is always in Direct Motion (movement in forward or anti-clockwise direction).

As viewed from the Earth, a planet can be in Retrograde (backward or clockwise) Motion. It is a visual misconception, like what we (in a forward moving train) see another train (moving in the same direction) going backwards.

Nevertheless, Mercury (“R”), not mixed with negative Jupiter, is a significantly bullish feature for stocks.

“R” after a planet name = the planet is in Retrograde (backward) Motion.

Stocks in Sep 2016
In present case, Mercury (“R”) is posited at 900 (a hard angle) behind bullish Mars.

Mars is a powerful planet because it is at the hub of the Spider web. This bullish Mars protects Mercury (“R”). Stocks world-wide will soar in Sep 2016.