Saturday, 30 July 2016

Super Bull for Precious metals

Precious metals in the past week close higher:

Gold rises from US$1,322 to US$1,351 (+2.2%).
Silver rises from US$19.62 to US$20.32 (+3.6%).

The long anticipated Super Bull for Precious metals has arrived. Gold and Silver are going to rise spectacularly for 2 full months.

DJIA falls from 18,570 to 18,432 losing 0.74% over 1 week.

The comment of 1 week ago “There are bullish features in the week thereafter (i.e. week commencing Mon 01 Aug 2016) which will be discussed in the next post.”

The bullish features are now discussed. They are created by the joint efforts of Mercury and Venus (which are close together as viewed from the Earth in the coming 2 weeks) acting on positive planets.

We append 4 geocentric charts to clarity how Mercury and Venus interact with Outer planets. These are:

Mars-centered Ephemeris
Saturn-centered Ephemeris
Neptune-centered Ephemeris
Pluto-centered Ephemeris.

Under each Ephemeris, there are 2 aspects (pointed by the thick arrows):

To better understand the interactions, we re-arrange these geocentric aspects in chronological order:

Fri 29 July 2016 [Mars Square Mercury]. Square = 900.
Sun 31 July 2016 [Pluto Sesquare Mercury]. Sesquare = 1350.
Sat 06 Aug 2016 [Pluto Sesquare Venus]
Sat 06 Aug 2016 [Saturn Square Mercury]
Sun 07 Aug 2016 [Mars Square Venus]
Sun 07 Aug 2016 [Neptune Opposition Mercury] MUSIC
Sat 13 Aug 2016 [Saturn Square Venus]
Sun 14 Aug 2016 [Neptune Opposition Venus] MUSIC

Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets. They rush forward and act on bullish Outer planets (bullish planets are Mars, Saturn and Pluto) in short intervals. Moon transits bring out their positive force (good news to stocks) which is conveyed to investors on Earth.

Mercury (Singer) and Venus (Dancer) also interact with Neptune (Musician) to produce Melody**.

These aspects occur closely and in quick succession. Bullish influences are intermingled with Sweet Music. The stock market is buoyant. Stocks advance in the first 2 weeks of Aug 2016.

There are more positive features to prolong the market’s up-trend (to end Aug and beyond). These will be discussed in the next post.

** For Melody (Sweet music), read ebook Music of the Spheres

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Explosive rises in precious metals

Gold and Silver rallied last night (27 July) in New York, and are now trading (Gold) US$1,338.00 and (Silver) US$20.25.

I expect both precious metals to rise explosively in Aug & Sep 2016 (2 full months).

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Down week expected

Precious metals in the past week are down:

Gold falls from US$1,337 to US$ 1,322 (-1.1%).
Silver falls from US$20.17 to US$19.62 (-2.7%).

Gold and Silver will move in a narrow range for 1 more week, and then they will fly for 2 full months (in Aug & Sep 2016).

My forecast for last week was a sharp decline, but DJIA rose from 18,516 to 18,570, gaining 0.3%.

Contention for a falling stock market (last week):

[1] Jup AT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) were afflicted though [Saturn Sesquare Jup AT].

[2] Jup AT were de-stabilized on Tue 19 July 2018 by [Jup AT Opposition Moon]

[3] Jup AT were de-stabilized on Wed 20 July 2016 by [Jup AT Opposition Earth].

[4] A Full Moon was present to heavily stress bearish Jup AT.

It was severe de-stabilization of bearish Jup AT especially a Full Moon (Sun-Earth-Moon exact in the evening of 19 July 2016) was involved. It was so severe that I concluded DJIA should plunge on 19-20-21 July 2016.  I was wrong.  Instead, stocks rose on 19 & 20 July 2016 though stocks fell on 21 July 2016.

We must find out why stocks rose on 19 & 20 July 2016.

On the Full Moon day of 19 July 2016, the planets (including Jupiter Trojans) were arranged in a straight line:  Jup AT = Sun = Earth = Moon

Sun, Earth and Moon were all Neutral planets. The only bearish planets were the Jupiter Trojans (Jup AT) which were under heavy stress.  This led me to conclude that stocks should fall on 19 & 20 July 2016. Why did stocks rise instead?

Study again the planetary arrangement during the Full Moon day:

Jup AT = Sun = Earth = Moon on a straight line.

Neutral Sun was involved. The Saturn-centered Ephemeris (below) says on 17 July 2016 positive Saturn was made active by Sun in [Saturn Sesquare Sun]. Sesquare = 1350
The Sun is NOT neutral by reason of [Saturn Sesquare Sun] which carries bullish (positive) influence of Saturn.

Full Moon day (19 July) is only 2 days after exact [Saturn Sesquare Sun]. A stimulated Sun brought into the equation bullish influence of Saturn, and stocks reacted to bullish Saturn (they didn’t react to bearish Jup AT). DJIA rose accordingly.

It might be argued that at the same time, Jup AT’s negative influence was also present, to off-set positive Saturn, resulting in only a measly weekly gain of 0.3% for DJIA.

Be that as it might, doubtless Saturn was in command of the market in the past week.

To make a forecast, we must ask 3 questions.

Question #1
Will the bullish Saturn dominance continue into next week (week commencing Mon 25 July 2016)?
Question #2
Will Saturn’s bullishness fade away from Mon 25 July 2016 (8 days after exact Saturn Sesquare aspect)?
Question #3
Are there any negative influence appearing from Mon 25 July 2016?

Answer to Q#1 and Q#2
Sun moves 10 a day.  The aspect [Saturn Sesquare Sun] is bullish for 4-5 days only. The Sun will be definitely out of aspect orb of 40 from Mon 25 July 2016. Saturn influence has disappeared unless there are other bullish Saturn aspects.

Refer to the Saturn-centered Ephemeris (above). The next Saturn stimulations are marked:

06 Aug 2016 [Saturn 45 Mercury]
   13 Aug 2016 [Saturn 45 Venus].

There is a GAP between Saturn stimulations. The Gap falls into the week commencing Mon 25 July 2016. Saturn has lost its dominance over the stock market.

Answer to Q#3
The bearish (negative) influence is marked on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.
The bearish Sun/Moon transits are:

Medium term by Earth:
Fri 29 July 2016 [Jupiter Semi-square Sun]. Semi-square = 450.

Short term by Moon
Sat 23 July 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Moon].

Moon moves forward at average 13 degrees a day, and during the week makes several negative aspects with Jupiter and Jupiter Trojans.

Sun changing partners (medium term trends)
It is observed from the following aspects:

Sun 17 July 2016 [Saturn Sesquare Sun]
Fri 29 July 2016 [Jupiter Semi-square Sun].

By now Sun has deserted his former dancing partner (positive Saturn), and Sun is moving towards a new partners (negative Jupiter).  A bullish (positive) medium term market is therefore being changed into a bearish (negative) medium term market.

I expect DJIA to fall markedly next week.

There are bullish features in the week thereafter (i.e. week commencing Mon 01 Aug 2016) which will be discussed in the next post.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Horse-hair breaks

Precious metals in the past week are down:

Gold falls from US$1,367 to US$ 1,337 (-2.2%).
Silver falls from US$20.25 to US$20.17 (-0.4%).
Gold/Silver Ratio
The big players in the past few days are betting the Gold/Silver ratio will fall (Silver will perform better than Gold), so they sell Gold and buy Silver. The prospect of holding Silver is brighter. In any event, both Gold and Silver will soar (in Aug and Sep 2016) for 2 full months. 

My expectation of last week is: 

Stocks continue rising, but with caution (for the approach of a bearish phase or “Sword of Damocles”) which may commence on Fri 15 July 2016.

DJIA rises significantly, reaching historic high at NY opening on Fri 15 July 2016 of 18,557, then DJIA eases to close the week at 18,516.

We provide here more information on Heliocentric [Saturn Sesquare Jup AT], or the Sword of Damocles which can be likened to an after-quake (the main shock being the Brexit earthquake). The plunge is predicted to occur on 19-21 July – the most bearish days are Tue 19 July 2016 & Wed 20 July 2016.

 Please refer to the “Couplets” Page of this blog, which says:

12    Sun and Moon  曦照月臨  谷底嶺頂
  A valley or a crest stocks attain,
 When Sun and Moon sing in the same strain.

This means when both Sun (or Earth) and Moon stress the same influence (bearish influence or bullish influence), a market bottom (because of bearish influence) or a top (because of bullish influence) is created.

The occurrence of the after-quake hinges on extreme stress on Jup AT (Jupiter After Trojans which are recession asteroids) so to break the horse-hair which suspends the sword.

Solar Chart 2016-07-20 is reproduced.

Jup AT are inflicted and then attacked savagely as below.

Affliction (1)
On 20 July 2016, Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are 1360 behind Saturn (Giant planet). The Trojans are moving forward and smashing their heads against Saturn through a hard angle of 1350. Jup AT oscillate wildly.

Attack (2) consists of 2 lunar transits
Tue 19 July 2018 @08:04 [Jup AT Opposition Moon]
  @22:58 [Sun Opposition Moon] or Full Moon

Attack (3)
Wed 20 July 2016 @20:10 [Jup AT Opposition Earth].

Couplet12is applicable.

Jup AT are directly shattered by BOTH Earth and Moon through Oppositions (1800). The horse-hair breaks, letting fall the sword. As Attack (3) occurs late on Wednesday, the market low should be in NY morning of Thu 21 July 2016.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sword of Damocles

Precious metals in the past week gain moderately:

Gold rises from US$1,341 to US$1,367 (+ 1.9%).
Silver rises from US$19.75 to US$20.25 (+ 2.5%).

The fireworks for precious metals will be in Aug and Sep 2016 (2 full months) when they sky-rocket.

DJIA rises from 17,949 to 18,146 (+ 1.1%). The big gain is registered on Fri 08 July 2016.

For the week commencing Mon 11 July 2016, I expect stocks to continue rising, but with caution – There is a sword overhanging investors’ heads.

The Sword is the heliocentric bearish aspect [Saturn Sesquare Jup AT], as illustrated on Solar Chart 2016-07-20 (below).

On 20 July 2016, Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are 1360 behind Saturn (Giant planet). The Trojans are moving towards 1350 behind Saturn. Despite difference of 10, it is considered to be an exact Sesquare (1350) because aspect “orb” is allowed.

Jup AT are smashing themselves against Saturn through a hard angle of 1350. The smashing action severely agitates Jup AT which oscillate wildly. In technical term, Jup AT are heavily afflicted.

(1) is marked on the Solar Chart to indicate this negative feature for stocks.
(1) is the Sword hanging perilously (by a horse-hair) above the necks of investors.
Another bearish feature is marked (2). This consists of 2 negative aspects:
Tue 19 July 2016
@22:58 [Sun Opposition Moon] or Full Moon
Wed 20 July 2016
@20:10 [Jup AT Opposition Earth].

These 2 aspects thoroughly de-stabilize Jup AT. The horse-hair breaks, and the Sword (like the sharp blade of a guillotine) falls on the neck of the poor man.

There are other negative aspects to ensure its happening. These involve making both Jupiter (parent of Jup AT) and Saturn (Giant planet in the Sesquare) active.
Bearish feature (3) is Jupiter affliction.

Bear (3) consists of 2 geocentric aspects on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris:
Fri 15 July 2016
@16:43 [Jupiter Semi-square Venus]. Semi-square = 450.
Sat 16 July 2016
@04:41 [Jupiter Semi-square Mercury]

Venus and Mercury act in concert to “hit” Jupiter through a hard angle of 450. An afflicted Jupiter in turn afflicts Jup AT.

Bearish feature (4) is Saturn affliction, marked on the Saturn-centered Ephemeris.
Saturn is “hit” by Sun moving towards it at a hard angle of 1350.

As Saturn is an essential component of the Sword in [Saturn Sesquare Jup AT], Jup AT are again de-stabilized.

Saturn is a bullish (positive) planet. But in present case, Saturn performs a negative function – it helps de-stabilize bearish Jup AT.
(1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = Stocks fall precipitously.

This significantly bearish phase may commence on Fri 15 July 2016.

The most bearish day is Wed 20 July 2016 (extended to Asian markets the following day) as a result of Jup AT being directly shattered by BOTH Earth and Moon through Oppositions (180) 0.

Friday, 1 July 2016

GOLD crawls SILVER soars

Over 1 week, Gold rises from US$1,315 to US$1,341 (up 2%), and Silver rises from US$17.75 to US$19.75 (up 11.25%). Both Precious metals have ample upward potentials, especially in Aug and Sep 2016 (2 full months) when they soar to stratosphere.

DJIA tumbles on Mon 27 Jun 2016. It recovers from Tue 28 Jun 2016 and recoups all the losses suffered because of BREXIT.

The about turn (from plunge to rally) occurs 1 day ahead of forecast (“Stocks will turn positive from Wed 29 June or from Thu 30 June 2016”). 

Stock market trend of the coming 10 days is governed by positive aspects mentioned in the last post (the aspects are again stated below):
08 July 2016 @18:41 Saturn Sesquare Venus. Sesquare = 1350
11 July 2016 @21:35 Saturn Sesquare Mercury
17 July 2016 @12:28 Saturn Sesquare Sun

The positive aspects are made more bullish by the disintegration of a bearish aspect -- 
       [N Node Conjunction Jupiter] exact on 20 June 2016.

There are 2 bullish planetary patterns to support my argument of a rising stock market.
Positive pattern #1
Solar Chart 2016-07-07 depicts a bullish Long Bar (red line) joining Mercury, Sun, Earth and Pluto. Bullish Pluto is made active. Pluto is slightly bullish but here when it is vigorously stimulated, its positive influence is augmented.

Positive pattern #2
An “inverted T” connects bullish Saturn and bullish Mars, providing much more positive energy to the market.

Despite sanguine expectations for the next 10 days, I foresee a significantly bearish phase that follows. The future bearish phase will be discussed in my next post.