Friday, 27 May 2016

Stocks continue to advance

Stocks surge last week as predicted.

 But Gold languishes (our forecast is sharp rise).

The culprit is the geocentric deflationary [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] which neutralizes inflationary pressures, and it at the same time suppresses Gold prices. But stocks respond much more positively to a stimulated Mars which becomes active upon [Mars(R) Opposition Sun] of 22 May 2016.

We study again [Neptune Opposition Jupiter], as applicable to Gold.

The Jupiter-centered Ephemeris (below) indicates in May 2016 (full month) Neptune stays at 1800 of Jupiter, which is a deflationary aspect [Neptune Opposition Jupiter], sharply bearish to Gold. The aspect disintegrates from early June because Neptune moves away gradually from the Opposition point – this means from early June a major deflationary aspect for Gold is disappearing.
 The Saturn-centered Ephemeris (above) says Neptune is moving to the 90-degree of Saturn from end May, and Neptune also stays at that 90-degree in 2016 Q3. This is the long term (4 months) inflationary aspect [Neptune Square Saturn]. It promises a buoyant Gold market, from end May or from early June 2016.

Neptune plays a crucial role in the Gold market.
Disintegration of a geocentric deflationary aspect [Neptune Opposition Jupiter]
+ Exactitude of a geocentric inflationary aspect [Neptune Square Saturn]
+ Formation of a heliocentric inflationary aspect [Neptune Square Mars]
= Gold soars.

My forecasts for the coming 2 weeks

Stocks continue to advance.
Gold will soar.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hyper-inflation arrives

Four and three weeks ago, we discussed 2 highly inflationary periods:

[A] World War I Hyperinflation (1915-1917), and
[B] Post (Arab-Israel) Yom Kippur War Inflation (1973-1974).

The formula below embodies our logics:

Creation of economic inflation
Strong bullish (inflationary) Saturn
+ Strong bullish (inflationary) Mars
+ Insulation of bearish (deflationary) Jupiter.
= Hyper-inflation (should the situation continue for many months).

Another highly inflationary period, as perceived from planetary arrangements, has just arrived.

As viewed from Earth (i.e. geocentric view), Mars is in retrograde motion (Mars moves backwards) from 17 Apr 2016 to 28 Jun 2016. At half way of the retrograde period is the well-known astronomical phenomenon – Mars in Opposition to Sun. It is written as:

  22 May 2016 [Mars(R) Opposition Sun].  “R” = Retrograde motion.

Geocentric [Mars(R) Opposition Sun] is the same as:

  Heliocentric (i.e. viewed from the Sun) 22 May 2016 [Mars Conjunction Earth].

In this aspect, Mars is made active by fast Earth “hitting” Mars at zero degree separation. A strongly agitated Mars is inflationary and is Gold positive.

We study heliocentric planetary patterns, applying the same logic, to explain this medium term (4.1/2 months) high inflation.

In anti-clockwise direction, Earth moves 10 a day while Mars moves about 1/20 a day.

After exact heliocentric [Mars Conjunction Earth] of 22 May 2016, faster Earth moves to the RIGHT of planet Mars (Earth in front of Mars), thereby Earth is segregated from deflationary Jupiter by the Sun-Mars Gravitational Wall (“GW”) which is a line drawn from Sun to Mars.

A much stronger GW is marked on Solar Chart 2016-06-13 – Sun, Mars and Saturn lie on a straight line which separates Earth from negative Jupiter.

Solar Chart 2016-07-07 is exactitude of [Pluto Conjunction Earth] which is a bullish aspect. Again, Jupiter’s deflationary influence is fully obstructed from flowing to Earth investors, by the presence of a “T-Square”.

A T-Square is a planetary pattern like a Capital Letter T. It consists of 2 straight lines (each line contains 2 or more planets) meeting at right angle of 900.

[Pluto Conjunction Earth] + T-Square = Gold jumps.
Another “T-Square” is marked on Solar Chart 2016-07-25. It is a sharply bullish feature as Saturn, Pluto, and Mars (all 3 positive planets of the Solar System) are linked up, in the shape of Capital Letter T, to propel Gold upwards.
Solar Chart 2016-09-26 is the exact date of:

  (Viewed from Sun): Jupiter Opposition Earth, or
  (Viewed from Earth): Jupiter Conjunction Sun

[Jupiter Conjunction Sun] is Jupiter Combustion. As viewed from Earth, Jupiter (during Combustion) cannot be seen by naked eyes – deflationary influence of Jupiter is eclipsed by Sun’s glare. Here, the Sun functions like a partition. Jupiter’s negative influence is segregated from Earth (by this partition), or its negative force is diminished.

At the same time, the bullish Mars 45D Triangle is powerful.

Weakened Jupiter
+ Powerful Mars Triangle
= Soaring Gold market.
Because of very high inflation (medium term), I predict a soaring Gold market from 23 May through early Oct 2016.

Here is a Gold Price Chart for reference.

The author is not a registered advisor. He does not give any investment advice. The predictions are an expression of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument at any time. I suggest that you consult a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction, before making any investment decision.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Long term bullish

Stocks rebound on Fri 20 May 2016, after reaching a bottom on Thu 19 May 2016. This is in line with our forecast.

We are entering into a long term bullish phase.  For explanation, please refer to my post of 2 weeks ago (06 May 2016). It does not mean stocks rise every day. But for the coming 3 weeks, I expect stocks to surge.

Friday, 13 May 2016

When will stock rally commence

The Dow falls significantly last week. Stocks’ downtrend will continue into next week. When will the fall terminate and a rally commence?

Refer to the 2 graphs published 7 days ago.

Negative Graph
The Jupiter-centered Ephemeris describes [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] which is bearish to stocks to end May 2016.

Positive Graph
The Saturn-centered Ephemeris says stocks surge before end May 2016.

The bearish [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] is still in command.

For the last 10 days of May 2016, opposing forces are present. We have to determine the date of CIT (Change in Trend) from down to up.

The Mars-centered Ephemeris comes in to solve the problem.

As viewed from Earth (i.e. geocentric view), Mars is in retrograde motion (Mars moves backwards) from 17 Apr 2016 to 28 Jun 2016. At half way of the retrograde period is the well-known astronomical phenomenon – Mars in Opposition to Sun 火星沖日.  It is written as:

       Sun 22 May 2016 [Mars(R) Opposition Sun].  “R” = Retrograde motion.

This is a powerful aspect, with Venus joining the Opposition a few days later:

        Wed 25 May 2016 [Mars(R) Opposition Venus].

Positive Mars is heavily stimulated by both Sun and Venus. This, together with the positive features outlined on the Saturn-centered Ephemeris, should be able to suppress negative Jupiter influence, and create a rally in stocks.

As [Mars(R) Opposition Sun] is exact on Sun 22 May 2016, the rise theoretically starts from Mon 23 May 2016. Since this is a powerful Opposition, one can expect the rise to start earlier, from Fri 20 May 2016. Be prepared for the long term ascent. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Dancing partners

In the “Comments Section” of my penultimate post, I commented:
“Did you notice stock performance last night (21 April in NY)? Stocks fell significantly because of geocentric [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] agitated by Moon.

Neptune danced with positive Saturn (in the past), now Neptune dances with negative Jupiter. This is Neptune changing partners. It should bring in a new phase in stocks.”

The reason for a falling stock market is disclosed on Jupiter-centered Ephemeris:

As observed from the Earth, Neptune and Jupiter are diametrically opposed (separated by 1800) in the following period:
        End Apr - end May 2016 [Neptune Opposition Jupiter].

This means, Neptune (neutral Giant Outer planet) dances with bearish (negative) Jupiter during this period. The influence so expressed is bearish (bad), and stocks should fall.

However, should we look further ahead, the Saturn-centered Ephemeris (below) presents to us a rosy picture.

Saturn is a bullish (positive) Giant Outer planet.
Neptune and Uranus are 2 neutral Giant Outer planets.

Saturn’s bullish influence will be brought out (by neutral planets) to investors in the following periods:
    End May 2016 – early Oct 2016 [Neptune Square Saturn]. Square = 900.
    Early July 2016 – mid Sep 2016 [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.

The Charts tell us both Neptune and Uranus will dance with positive Saturn. The focus of attention will be on bullish Saturn. Accordingly, we can expect a booming stock market from end May 2016 through early Oct 2016 (covering 4.1/2 months).

At present, we face a dilemma in the last week of May 2016 – Bearish Jupiter influence and bullish Saturn influence are both present. What would happen (Up or down)?

[1]    Stocks will continue to fall next week because of [Neptune Opposition Jupiter]. The down trend is likely to extend to the 3rd week of May 2016.
[2]    Stocks in the last week of May 2016 are uncertain. We’ll scrutinize it in the next post.
[3]    Stocks will embark on a long ascent from end May through early Oct 2016.