Thursday, 28 April 2016

Gold during Hyper-inflation

The Arab-dominated Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) enacts oil embargo against the United States and other nations that provided military aid to Israel in the (Arab-Israel) Yom Kippur War of Oct 1973. Crude Oil prices triple, which causes high inflation. The inflation is duly reflected in Gold, as shown on the Chart below.

The 94% rise in Gold from end Nov 1973 to end Feb 1974 is the product of:

  [i] A strong Mars and a strong Saturn (particularly a strong Mars), and
  [ii] Insulation of Earth investors from deflationary influence of Jupiter.

A strong Mars is revealed on the Mars-centered Ephemeris (which delineates geocentric positions of the planets).
In early Dec 1973, Mars (in retrograde motion) is in Opposition to Uranus.
[Mars(R) Opposition Uranus] is energized as the planets are heavily stressed by Venus and Earth:

On Sun 02 Dec 1973
@07:23 [Mars(R) Square Venus]     “R” indicates a backward moving planet.
@22:37 [Mars(R) Sesquare Sun]

Inflationary Mars is made restless by the joint actions of Venus and Sun.

Now study Solar Chart 1973-12-02 for bird’s eye view of the planets in the Solar System. A line is drawn between restless Mars and Sun. This is a Positive Partition (positive because it involves an active inflationary Mars).

On Solar Chart 1973-12-23 a line can be drawn to link up Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars. This is a Positive Partition [Partition #1] to fend off deflationary Jupiter influence (Jupiter is on RIGHT hand side of the Partition) from reaching Earth investors (Earth is on LEFT of the Partition).

[Saturn Conjunction Earth] is exact on 23 Dec 1973. After this date, faster Earth will move to the LEFT of Saturn. A line can be drawn from Saturn to Sun to form another Positive Partition [Partition #2]. This Partition is positive because Saturn is a positive planet.

Therefore Earth from end Dec 1973 is shielded from deflationary Jupiter by two (2) Positive Partitions.

Inflationary influence prevails on Solar Chart 1974-01-03.

On Solar Chart 1974-02-17 the aspect [Saturn Conjunction Mars] is a powerful Positive Partition. It is powerful because 2 inflationary planets (Saturn and Mars) join hands to segregate deflationary influence of Jupiter from reaching Earth investors.

In addition, from the Mars-centered Ephemeris (above), we see Jupiter is “combusted” by Sun:
      Wed 13 Feb 1974 [Jupiter Conjunction Sun].

During Jupiter Combustion (10 days before and 10 days after exact Conjunction), investors on Earth cannot see Jupiter with naked eyes. Investors on Earth are well protected from the deflationary influence of Jupiter because the Sun’s glare covers up Jupiter. Sun’s glare functions as a Partition.

Not a scintilla of deflationary Jupiter influence reaches Earth investors, while at the same time Earth receives readily the inflationary influence of Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

Gold soars, reaching a peak on 26 Feb 1974.

After Jupiter Combustion, Jupiter is again visible to viewers on Earth (visible again from end Feb 1974). Earth investors are once again exposed to the deflationary Jupiter influence. The “partitions” (including Sun’s glare) mentioned earlier no longer work to fend off Jupiter. Commodity prices will fall back.

Here is a long term Gold Chart for the 2 periods we’ve discussed.

During World War I, US was on Gold Standard. Gold was fixed at US$20.67 per ounce.

We’ve developed a reliable methodology to predict future high inflations. An inflationary period will emerge. We’ll study this period in great details. It presents excellent investment opportunities in the commodity markets. A forecast will be published on this blog in due course.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

World War I Hyper-inflation

Knowledge is power.

By analyzing commodity prices during World War I, we gather useful information that can be applied to predicting future high inflationary period, so to protect ourselves from its pernicious effects.

Commodities soar from 43.09 (Sep 1915) to 96.53 (July 1917), gaining 124% in 22 months.

The inflationary Long Bar is more figuratively named a Positive Partition. Earth is on LEFT hand side of the Positive Partition, while deflationary Jupiter is on the RIGHT hand side of it. Earth investors are well-placed to take in positive Saturn influence (and take in inflationary Mars influence as well because Mars is also on the LEFT hand side of the Partition like Earth). At the same time investors are protected (by the Partition) from deflationary Jupiter. Commodities shoot up.
Compare the Positive Partition (Neptune, Saturn and Uranus on a straight line) of 31 Jan 1916 with that of 28 Oct 1915. Obviously, the Positive Partition in January is more powerful because Saturn is closer to the mid-point of Neptune and Uranus.

Earth settles herself between the Positive Partition and the inflationary Pluto-Saturn-Mars Long Bar. Investors are fully insulated from deflationary Jupiter. Commodity prices surge.

A weak partition involves only 2 planets. A strong partition has 3 planets on a straight line. On Solar Chart 1916-10-17, there are 2 weak partitions:

  Partition #1 Line joining Neptune-Uranus
  Partition #2 Line joining Saturn-Uranus.

On Solar Chart 1917-03-15, deflationary Jupiter influence is again completely barred from reaching Earth, by double partitions.

Solar Chart 1917-06-29 discloses a Black Hole aspect:

  30 June 1917 exact [Jupiter Conjunction Mars].

The Black Hole is significantly deflationary because deflationary Jupiter (super Giant) can suck away inflationary Mars influence.

It is different in present situation. Mars is invigorated by 2 partitions (which enclose and squeeze Mars):

   Partition #1 Neptune-Uranus (Neutral)
   Partition #2 Saturn-Uranus (Positive)
Even if inflationary Mars influence is sucked away by Jupiter, Partition #1 and Partition #2 form an impregnable Barrier to block off Jupiter’s deflationary influence. In the absence of Jupiter influence for a protracted period, hyper-inflationary pressure heightens, and Commodities soar to stratosphere.

But trends change. Deflationary features causing CIT (Change in trend) are depicted on Solar Chart 1917-08-21:
 Anti-inflationary configurations are:

[i] The long term Neptune-Saturn-Uranus Positive Partition has fully disintegrated.

[ii] Earth is insulated from Mars & Saturn, by Sun-Jupiter alignment.

[iii] Jupiter is attacked by all 3 Inner planets:
        13 Aug 1917 [Jupiter Opposition Mercury]
        21 Aug 1917 [Jupiter Square Earth]
        30 Aug 1917 [Jupiter Opposition Venus]

In respect of [iii], Earth is the trend weather-cock. She and other Inner planets all prefer to dance with deflationary Jupiter. Inflationary pressure is off. Commodities reflect the preference of Earth by falling back, as marked by (H) on the Price Chart.

The analysis conforms to the Formula:

Creation of economic inflation
Strong bullish Saturn
+ Strong bullish Mars
+ Insulation of bearish Jupiter.

Long duration results in hyper-inflation.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Economic hyper-inflation

The current strong rise of DJIA is the working of Sun interacting with geocentric Mars, and Earth interacting with heliocentric [Neptune Square Saturn].

The Sun (or Earth) moves 10 a day, and the influence of the interactions (positive or negative) often lasts just 1 week (when Sun or Earth moves away by 70). 

Soon, Sun (and Venus) will interact with bearish Jupiter, as described on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris below.

   18 Apr 2016 Jupiter Sesquare Sun
   28 Apr 2016 Jupiter Sesquare Venus.

Even in a buoyant stock market, negative influence can sneak in causing dips.  But stocks will fly 4-5 weeks later.

In the meantime, I’ll turn my attention to a very important topic – economic inflation.

Root cause of inflation
There are continuing debates of deflation or inflation. I am in the inflation camp. I see high inflation (though not hyper-inflation) approaching.  Our next few posts will be devoted to explaining the root cause of economic inflation. Opportunities abound during this period.

The logic is simple – as simple as seeing an apple fall from a tree to the ground.

Inflation planets are: Mars, Saturn and Pluto.
Deflation planets are: Jupiter, Jupiter Fore Trojans and Jupiter Aft Trojans.

The scene is summer (Saturn is warmth or summer season). The Sun is shining brightly (Mars is fire or hot Sun). Cold wind dies away (Jupiter is cold wind. For some specific reason, Jupiter is incapacitated).

Now imagine you (investors) are sitting in a warm room (positive Saturn influence pervades). The temperature is rising (positive Mars is active and it is getting stronger). The air-conditioner (negative Jupiter or source of cold wind) is turned off.

Initially you feel warm (mild inflation). For a longer period and in the absence of cool wind, you are hot-tempered, uttering harsh words (high inflation). Intense heat persists for a protracted period. Eventually it becomes unbearable (hyper-inflation).

Formula for economic inflation
Strong bullish Saturn
+ Strong bullish Mars
+ Insulation (blocking away) of bearish Jupiter.

Several planetary patterns fit into this inflation formula. I’ll discuss one (one of several) specific pattern that has appeared in the past, and will re-appear in the near future.

Two (2) precedents are discussed. We then compare these with a future period to determine the exact timing of the approaching high inflation.

The first precedent to discuss is World War I (for hyperinflation). I’ll anatomize this period of soaring commodity prices, and explain its termination.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Earth changing partners

DJIA falls last week because of Moon transits acting on members of the Bearish Square. 

The Bearish Square is the heliocentric aspect [Jup AT Square Uranus] as depicted on LEFT Solar Chart 2016-04-10

This bearish influence will continue to be aroused by Earth transits:

Sat 10 Apr 2016 
  [Earth Square Jup AT]. Square = 900.
Sun 11 Apr 2016
   [Uranus Opposition Earth].

Stocks’ fall will be reflected early next week. I expect a market low on Mon 11 Apr or on Tue 12 Apr 2016.
But then Earth “changes partners”. 
After dancing with the Bearish Square, Earth moves forward to dance with the Bullish Square.

The Bullish Square is marked on RIGHT Solar Chart 2016-04-16. It is a positive heliocentric aspect [Neptune Square Saturn]. The interactions are:

        Thu 14 Apr 2016 [Neptune Sesquare Earth]. Sesquare = 1350.
        Sat 16 Apr 2016 [Saturn Semi-square Earth]. Semi-square = 450.

Market should rise on these positive interactions.

Let’s study the geocentric Mars-centered Ephemeris to see whether it helps.

Mars is a bullish planet. Positive Mars influence is aroused as its hard angles are transited by Sun and by Moon:

        Wed 13 Apr 2015 [Sun Sesquare Mars]. Sesquare = 1350.
        Thu 14 Apr 2015 [Mars Sesquare Moon].

Both positive Saturn and positive Mars are made active. A significant rise is expected on 13-14-15 Apr 2016.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Expectation next week

DJIA rises last week, despite negative forecast. It is instructive to scrutinize the market trends of Fri 01 Apr 2016. The day is sharply bearish (in Asia & Europe), then bullish (in New York). 

Solar Chart 2016-04-10 describes two 90-degree Squares -- 1 bearish (marked green) and 1 bullish (marked red).

The Bearish Square is [Jup AT Square Uranus].
The Bullish Square is [Neptune Square Saturn].

 Moon interactions with the Bearish Square are indicated on the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris.

The bearish interactions are:
Thu 31 Mar 2016 @15:18 [Sun Square Moon]
Fri 01 Apr 2016 @07:21 [Uranus Square Moon].

The Bearish Square is heavily agitated, causing stocks to nose-dive in Asia and in Europe. Nikkei loses 3.55%. DAX and CAC lose more than 2% before NY market opens.

The New York market opens low, then DJIA rises throughout the day. The rise is the result of stimulation on the Bull Square -- @17:50 [Neptune Semi-square Moon].

But what will happen next week?

Please refer to the Jupiter-centered Ephemeris below. 

On 5 Apr 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Moon] agitates bearish Jupiter.

Moon moves about 140 a day from Right to Left. We see soon Moon moves to the same longitudinal degree of Sun (which is New Moon) and then she moves to the same longitudinal degree of Uranus………

The lunar transits are:
Tue 05 Mar 2016
@06:35 Jupiter Opposition Moon

Wed 06 Mar 2016
@01:31 Ceres Conjunction Moon

Thu 07 Mar 2016
@06:16 [Jupiter 150 Moon] or [Jup AT Square Moon]
@11:25 New Moon
@14:57 Uranus Conjunction Moon

Fri 08 Mar 2016
@05:45 Jupiter Sesquare Moon

The Bearish Square is excited by Moon’s consecutive transits, causing stocks to tumble next week.