Saturday, 26 March 2016

Attacks on Brussels

The anticipated 9-11 style attacks did happen last week. NY stocks responded by falling only mildly (not the expected collapse) – though stocks plunged in Europe.

On Tue 22 Mar 2016, shortly after 8 a.m. local time in Brussels, two brothers (Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui) blew themselves up in the terror attacks on Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek Metro Station. The bombers were allegedly planning to attack a nuclear power plant.

The positive influence of [Uranus Sesquare Mars] counteracts the negative influence of the attacks.

[Uranus Sesquare Mars] is exact on 18 Mar 2016, and then it begins to disintegrate. Owing to Mars slow orbital speed (slower than normal as viewed from Earth), lingering bullishness remains for several days more.

On Mon 28 Mar 2016, Moon moves to Conjunct Mars, and it will lend support (probably final support) to the New York market.

I am still negative on the stock market, for 2 reasons:

Negative Reason #1
Positive [Uranus Sesquare Mars] has pushed up the market since the 2nd week of Mar 2016. Now it finally disintegrates completely. Disintegration of a significantly positive aspect is bearish on the market.

Negative Reason #2

Solar Chart 2016-04-16 says [Jup AT 90 Uranus] is effective. This aspect is potentially bearish. When Earth moves to the opposite side of Uranus (on 10 Apr 2016), bearish influence of Jup AT will be released in full.

I am therefore moderately bearish on stocks for the coming 2 weeks. I am only moderately bearish because the very detrimental negative scenario is over.

In the past posts, I repeatedly refer to a bearish feature: Insulation (of Earth) from bullish planets Mars and Saturn. It is obviously from the Solar Chart above that Insulation is no more because Earth has moved past Conjunction Jupiter. Earth is now able to interact with Mars and with Saturn without impediment. 

Time will come (from mid Apr 2016) when Earth does interact with these planets, and a long term rising phase in stocks will begin.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Litmus Test

Contrary to the expectation of a pre-crash decline, DJIA rises significantly last week.

The aspect instrumental in pushing up the market is:

        Fri 18 Mar 2016 @19:44 [Uranus Sesquare Mars]

DJIA rallies on several occasions because the positive Mars influence of [Uranus Sesquare Mars] is aroused by Moon transiting Mars hard angles (marked on the Mars-centered Ephemeris):

        Mon 14 Mar 2016 [Mars Opposition Moon].
       Thu 17 Mar 2016 [Mars Sesquare Moon]. Sesquare = 1350.

On Mon 21 Mar 2016 @03:14, the following Moon transit on Mars angle supports the Asian markets:
       [Mars Square Moon]. Square = 900.

I forecast that the stock market will crash next week, as soon as Mars influence subsides. The theory is put to a litmus test.

For a proper understanding of the discussion below, please first read Sun-Jupiter System Page of this blog.

Solar Chart 2016-03-24 is the date when Earth moves to 150 in front of Jupiter (or Earth moves to 450 behind Jupiter Fore Trojans).

Affliction of Jup AT
2 green lines on the upper portion of the chart enclose a hard angle of 900

This is [Jup AT Square Uranus] and it is potentially sharply bearish when agitated.

Affliction of Jup FT
2 red lines on the lower left of the chart enclose a hard angle of 450

This is [Jup FT Semi-square Earth] and it is sharply bearish when agitated.

 Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are being attacked. It is more clearly explained by studying the Inner System Chart.

[Jup FT Semi-square Earth] is a sharply bearish aspect. One day before exactitude, on 23 Mar 2016, Moon moves to the Opposition of Sun to form a Full Moon. 

Moon and Sun (having been strengthened by the Full Moon) together move forward to “hit” Jup FT through a hard angle of 450. Their joint effort is powerful enough to completely destabilize Jup FT. 

We arrange the bearish Moon transits in chronological order.

The Jupiter-centered Ephemeris is helpful for us to trace Moon’s movements. The time is GMT.

Mon 21 Mar 2016 @14:33 [Jupiter // Moon].  Parallel // is similar to Conjunction
Tue 22 Mar 2016 @02:28 [Jupiter Conjunction Moon]
        These 2 aspects agitate Jupiter which is Mother of all Crises.

Tue 22 Mar 2016 @11:26 [Ceres Opposition Moon]
Tue 22 Mar 2016 @12:59 [North Node Conjunction Moon]
        These 2 aspects bring out the Panic influence of Ceres.

Wed 23 Mar 2016 @12:02 [Sun Opposition Moon] or Full Moon.
        This aspect extracts in full the bearish influence of [Jup FT Semi-square Earth]

Thu 24 Mar 2016 @14:17 [Moon 30 Jupiter] or [Moon Square Jup AT]
Thu 24 Mar 2016 @20:56 [Uranus Opposition Moon]
        These 2 aspects de-stabilize Jup AT.

Jupiter, Jup FT, Sun and Jup AT are all the 4 members of the Sun-Jupiter System. They are battered by consecutive Moon transits within a few days. The Sun-Jupiter System is thoroughly shaken up. Stocks nose-dive.

Ceres (Panic asteroid) is intimately involved, making the market panicky. The deleterious effect of Ceres is discussed in last week’s post. The collapse lasts through end March 2016.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Attacks of 9-11 deja vu

DJIA rises in the past week (caused by an enhanced positive Chiron), contrary to expected plunge. The reasons are explained in the next paragraph.

Chiron is bullish in specific circumstance
As pointed out by an astute visitor of this Blog (in the Comment Section of last week’s post), Chiron should have been taken into consideration in the analysis. Chiron (a minor planet between Saturn and Uranus) is recently ascertained by me to be slightly positive. It requires intense stress (by heavy planets) to be significantly bullish. In present case, the heavy planets are: Sun + North Node.

The relevant aspect is [Chiron Opposition North Node]. Bullish influence is aroused by transits of Moon and by transits of the Sun on this aspect:

One more hurdle
The bullish day is Mon 14 Mar 2016. Moon transit makes an active Mars and stocks rise:

      @01:43 [Mars Opposition Moon].

A comparison between 2 Crisis Charts

The above Chart Wheels have been modified by me (and with Ceres added). The original Chart Wheels are generated by the Blue*Star Program of Matrix Software (Author: Michael Erlewine, Big Rapids, Michigan, USA).

The most salient feature of both Charts is [Ceres Grand Opposition Jupiter] made extraordinarily bearish by the presence of North Node in the vicinity of Jupiter.

The planetary patterns of LEFT Wheel 2001-09-11 engineer the 9-11 attacks. Similar patterns of RIGHT Wheel 2016-03-21 will (most likely) create a similar catastrophe.

Another sharply negative aspect
On Chart Wheel 2016-03-21, Ceres is posited at 200 of PISCES. North Node is at 210 of VIRGO (Opposite sign). An exact bearish aspect will form in 2 days:   

        Wed 23 Mar 2016 [North Node Opposition Ceres].

This bearish aspect will prolong stocks’ decline to end Mar 2016.

Pin-pointing the crisis
The Moon travels 130 a day, and she is responsible for short term market trends. The Moon moves in anti-clockwise direction. She will transit over the Grand Opposition, invoking Crisis (represented by Jupiter) and Panic (represented by Ceres). The transits pin-pointing the outbreak of the catastrophe are:

Mon 21 Mar 2016 [Time = GMT]
  @14:33 Jupiter // Moon    Parallel // is similar to Conjunction
Tue 22 Mar 2016
  @02:28 Jupiter Conjunction Moon
  @11:26 Ceres Opposition Moon
  @12:59 North Node Conjunction Moon
Wed 23 Mar 2016
  @12:02 Full Moon

The root cause of the imminent Crisis is made up of 2 extremely bearish aspects, under colossal stress by North Node and several neutral planets. The exact dates of the aspects are:

[1] 13 Mar 2016 [Ceres Opposition Jupiter]
[2] 23 Mar 2016 [Ceres Opposition Node]

A strongly agitated Jupiter is needed to invoke their very bearish influence. Moon transits commencing Mon 21 Mar 2016 trigger the Crisis.

Though stocks are expected to fall before the occurrence of the Crisis, a heavily stimulated Chiron in the past week delays the pre-crisis decline.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Gravitational Waves

My forecast is “bullish to early March” plus expectation of the market starting to fall on Fri 04 Mar 2016. DJIA registers a modest gain on 4 Mar 2016 though it falls back towards the close. The negative influence of the aspects -- @GMT 19:59 [Uranus Square Moon] and @GMT 20:31 [Jup AT Opposition Moon] -- is too late to be fully reflected in the NY market.

I reiterate my prediction of a stock market collapse from the 2nd week of Mar 2016 (Duration = 5 weeks).

In physics, Gravitational Waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime which propagate as waves, travelling outward from the source. Predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein on the basis of his theory of general relativity, Gravitational Waves transport energy as gravitational radiation. He also calculated that the waves were extremely feeble, so much so that he thought they would never be detected.

On 11 Feb 2016, the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) Scientific Collaboration and Vigo Collaboration teams announced that they had directly detected Gravitational Waves using the Advanced LIGO Detectors from a pair of black holes merging.

We don’t need black holes and advanced scientific instruments to detect Gravitational Waves. Their existence can be generalized by observing their effects on commodity prices.

I have been using the concept of Gravitational Waves since 2009 to predict stock prices. A more concrete term Gravitational Wall (“GW”) is used – it is the combined energy of the gravitational waves of 2 or more Very Dense Masses (“VDM”) in the Solar System.  Applications of GW are found in my eBooks.

The following is an immediate application.

The geocentric views of the 9 planets of the Solar System plus the North Node and the Moon are drawn in a Chart Wheel. Their positions are on Wed 09 Mar 2016 (New Moon day).

 The most remarkable feature is: there are 2 groups of powerful planets in Opposition.

Group One (VDM ONE) consists of Mercury, Neptune, Sun and Moon. They are posited in PISCES.

Group Two (VDM TWO) consists of Jupiter (Super Giant) and North Node. They at posited in VIRGO (Opposite to PISCES).

Gravitational Waves are produced (though not measurable by scientific instruments) by these 2 MASSES.

I’ve modified the Chart Wheel to better explain our analysis:

Ceres (Recession asteroid) is added to VDM ONE

 Planets not relevant in our analysis are erased.

VDM ONE = Mercury + Neptune (Giant Planet) + Ceres (Recession asteroid) + Sun
VDM TWO = Jupiter (Super Giant) + North Node.

The gravitational pull between VDM ONE and VDM TWO is extraordinary (though the energy is extremely feeble). The pull carries the bearish influence of Ceres (Ceres is Panic in VDM ONE) and the bearish influence of Jupiter (Jupiter is the Mother of all Crises in VDM TWO) to stock investors.

The deleterious influence pierces the Earth which is situated between the 2 MASSES. A chill will run through the spines of investors on Earth. A collapse is predicted.

Here are some powerful short term transits to invoke the bearish influence:

Tue 08 Mar 2016
  @10:58 Jupiter Opposition Sun
Wed 09 Mar 2016
  @00:48 Jupiter Opposition Moon
  @01:56 New Moon

We’ll see a nose-diving market on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Mr. Liou has kindly sent me a page (below) taken from the Year of the Ape All-Win Book (published in Taiwan). The book is similar to England’s Farmers’ Almanac, but it has much more details. The All-Win Year Book predicts crises in the 2nd lunar month (09 Mar 2016 to 06 Apr 2016). It is surprising that the Book’s prediction and mine are the same.