Friday, 26 February 2016

Solution to Dilemma

Stocks close higher, but they will soon turn south.

In my last post, I tabulate positive and negative influences occurring at the same time in the first 10 days of Mar 2016, and wonder which direction the market will take.
The solution to the dilemma is by observing Earth Changing Partners. Investors reside on Earth. Impact on Earth is passed to investors directly.

Here are the opposite influences of Earth interactions:

Bullish:      Mon 29 Feb 2016 [Saturn Square Earth].
Bearish:    Tue 08 Mar 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Sun].

The bearish aspect [Jupiter Opposition Sun] is in fact [Jupiter Conjunction Earth].

The Earth dances with Bullish Saturn on 29 Feb 2016 (effective ± 3 to 5 days) by a Square aspect. Earth then moves away from Saturn (she deserts her bullish partner) and goes to dance with Bearish Jupiter (her new partner) through a Conjunction aspect exact on 08 Mar 2016 (effective ± 3 to 5 days). This is Earth Changing Dancing Partners. Stock market trend should change simultaneously from bullish to bearish. The concept is again illustrated on Solar Chart 2016-02-29 below.
It is logical to put the date of change half way between the 2 exactitude dates, i.e. anticipated sharp fall to commence on Fri 04 Mar 2016.

To make sure stocks should really fall on Fri 04 Mar 2016, we examine the planetary arrangements and effects of Moon transits (Moon often dictates intra-day market trends).

The Jupiter-centered Ephemeris (above) is plotted with Jupiter at the center of the graph. Other planets (from the viewpoint of the Earth) move on either side of Jupiter. A point at Left 1800 of Jupiter is the same point at Right 1800 of Jupiter. One can better visualize the planets’ relative positions by curling the Rectangular Graph to form a Cylinder such that the Right edge and the Left edge overlap each other. The observer (on Earth) is in the middle of the cylinder.

For a particular date (in present case 04 Mar 2016) draw a horizontal blue line on the Graph as indicated. This line crosses all the planets (including Moon) on 04 Mar 2016. The line is in fact a Celestial Circle occupied by the planets (around the viewer on Earth). It is easier to see the planets’ position if we also take a bird’s eye view of the (relevant) planets on that date:
We observe the following:

[1]   Presence of a Bearish aspect [Jupiter AT Square Uranus]. Square = 900.
The aspect is a potentially very negative because Jup AT (Jupiter Aft Trojans) are recession asteroids, and the negative asteroids are at hard angle to, and afflicted by, Uranus (a Giant Outer planet).

[2] Agitation on the Bearish aspect
The Moon moves very fast (she travels in anti-clockwise direction at average 130 a day), and the Moon makes 2 significant aspects on this crucial day during NY trading hours:

Fri 04 Mar 2016
@GMT 19:59 [Uranus Square Moon]
@GMT 20:31 [Jup AT Opposition Moon]

The recession asteroids (Jup AT) are brutally hit by Moon directly (through Opposition) and indirectly though an agitated Uranus. Jup AT oscillate wildly, and stocks should plunge in NY afternoon.

My analysis indicates that the day to commence the steep decline is Fri 04 Mar 2016.

[i]    Mr. Liou from Taiwan (in the Comment Page of last post) has suggested (using statistics) the sharp fall should commence on Mon 07 Mar 2016.

[ii]   Mr. Liou has also sent me a startling prediction taken from an All-Win Year Book (applying geomancy methodology) which will be shared with readers in my next post.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Opposing forces

DJIA moves like a roller coaster in the past weeks.
In my post of Fri 08 Jan 2016 (6 weeks ago), I say "I expect another collapse of China stocks from the 2nd week of Mar 2016." Indeed, the collapse will be a worldwide event.

It is necessary to look closely at the planetary arrangements to find out the exact date of commencement of the collapse within the first 10 days of Mar 2016.

Mars interacts with bullish aspect [Neptune Square Saturn] during this 10-day period, as described on Solar Chart 2016-03-08. The aspects are:

        07 Mar 2016 [Neptune Sesquare Mars]. Sesquare = 1350.
        09 Mar 2016 [Saturn Semi-square Mars]. Semi-square = 450.

The interactions involving 2 powerful bullish planets (Mars and Saturn), plus the help of Neptune (neutral Giant planet), should produce a significant rising phase.

On the other hand, the bullish influence is intermingled with potent bearish influence which is detrimental (Bear #1A + Bear #1B). The bearish configurations are denoted on the Jupiter-centered geocentric aspects:

        06 Mar 2016 [Jup AT Square Uranus]. Square = 900.
        08 Mar 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Sun]. Opposition = 1800.

Bearish Jupiter (Mother of all Crises) is severely agitated. So are Jup AT (Recession asteroids). The combined negative influence is immense.
We are faced with 2 streams of powerful opposing forces. These aspects are again tabulated below:
  At this stage, our conclusions are:

[i]     After 10 Mar 2016, major positive aspects are over. Negative aspects (Bear #2 and Bear #3) take over the command. Stocks will collapse after 10 Mar 2016.

[ii]    Market trends for the first 10 days of Mar 2016 are difficult to predict because of the presence at the same time of equally powerful opposing forces.  I’ll suggest an exact date for the commencement of the steep decline in my next post. Stay tuned.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Bullish to early March

DJIA last week falls 261 points (1.6%) to close at 16,205. But we will see a bullish market for the rest of Feb 2016.

In our analysis, paramount importance is attached to the bullish influence of positive Mars and positive Saturn. Should their positive influence be denied to Earth investors (e.g. by Insulation), stocks plunge.

In the event that Mars and Saturn become active and they are again in communication with Earth (where investors are), logic says stocks should rise sharply because the market now benefits from their bullish influence (their bullish influence is no longer insulated or separated from investors). This is what will happen from mid Feb 2016 to mid Mar 2016. We tabulate below the bullish interactions:

Pluto, Mars and Saturn are all the 3 positive planets of the Solar System.

In the 3rd week of Feb 2016, bullish influence of Pluto and Mars is brought out by Earth making hard aspects with them. Then, bullish Mars is further strengthened by:

        27 Feb 2016 [Uranus Opposition Mars]
        This is depicted on LEFT Solar Chart 2016-02-27.

RIGHT Solar Chart 2016-02-28 explains how the bullish [Neptune Square Saturn] heliocentric aspect (which is a long term aspect exact on 29 Jan 2016) is aroused and enhanced by Earth:
        28 Feb 2016 [Neptune Opposition Earth]
        29 Feb 2016 [Saturn Square Earth].

To continue the positive interactions, Mars moves forward to aspect [Neptune Square Saturn] as below – See Solar Chart 2016-03-07:

        07 Mar 2016 [Neptune Sesquare Mars]
        09 Mar 2016 [Saturn Semi-square Mars].

The bullish influence of [Neptune Square Saturn] is fully aroused by Earth and then by Mars.

These bullish aspects (outlined above) cover the period from mid Feb to mid Mar 2016.

However, care should be taken in assessing the first half of Mar 2016 because there are several significantly negative aspects (opposing forces) which can cancel out the rising influence, and reverse the up-trend.

The negative (bearish) aspects in the first half of March (as viewed from the Earth) are:

Future Bear #1
Sun 06 Mar 2016 [Jup AT Square Uranus]
+ Tue 08 Mar 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Sun]

Future Bear #2
Sun 13 Mar 2016 [Jupiter Opposition Ceres]

Future Bear #3
Wed 23 Mar 2016 [North Node Opposition Ceres]

[i] The stock market is strongly supported by several bullish features from mid Feb 2016. A significant rebound is expected.

[ii] The market encounters major negative influence from the 2nd week of Mar 2016 when several bearish features appear in succession. This raises the possibility of trend reversal (up to down, from 2nd week of Mar 2016) despite strongly positive Mars-Saturn interactions occurring at the same time.

We’ll discuss the implications of the meeting of opposing forces in due course, to pin-point the exact date of CIT (Change in Trend).

[iii] Mars-Saturn-Pluto positive interactions being over, the stock market falls precipitously in the 3rd and 4th weeks of Mar 2016.

Because of Chinese New Year holidays, I may skip the next blog-post. May I wish all visitors a prosperous Year of the Monkey!