Friday, 29 January 2016

Spell partially broken

It is possible, applying our analysis methodology, to foretell intraday market trends, as we’ve done in last week’s post (marked on the DJIA chart below).

The “magic spell” or curse is Bear #2:

Bear #2

Insulation of Mars and Saturn by Jupiter-Sun-Neptune alignment. This is a Gravitational Wall formed by 3 Giant planets, to obstruct bullish influence of Mars and Saturn from reaching Earth.


The Curse is partially broken by Bull C -- Arousal of Mars influence by Sun transit.

Bull C

Exact aspect is 07 Feb 2016 [Sun Square Mars]. Positive Mars influence is aroused as Sun transits its hard angle of 900. A strong Mars can erase negative influence.


The [Sun Square Mars] aspect is valid 1 week before and 1 week after exactitude. According, the first 2 weeks of Feb 2016 should be significantly bullish on stocks, because positive aspects are protected by an active Mars. The spell is half broken (Note 1). The positive aspects are:


        Long term [Neptune Square Saturn]

        Melody Formation.


Melody – Neptune (Musician) interacting with both Mercury (Singer) and Venus (Dancer) through a hard angle of 450. The Melody aspects are:

        Mon 08 Feb 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Mercury]

        Fri 12 Feb 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Venus]


[NOTE 1]

The other half of the curse is the still effective Insulation of Saturn.

Insulation of both Mars and Saturn will be completely over from the 2nd week of Apr 2016.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Tortuous path

The path to recovery is tortuous. On 20 Jan 2016 Bear #3 Heliocentric aspect [Jupiter Semi-square Earth] knocks down stocks severely. But subsequent price movements indicate that the Crash is over.


For medium term (now through end Feb 2016) the following negative features (mentioned in the last post) are still present:


Bear #1

Jupiter is in Conjunction with North Node. It makes a strong (negative) Jupiter.


Bear #2

Insulation of Mars and Saturn by Jupiter-Sun-Neptune alignment. This is a Gravitational Wall formed by 3 Giant planets, to obstruct bullish influence of Mars and Saturn from reaching Earth.


However, with the disintegration of the Crash feature, stocks are not expected to fall sharply again. On the other hand there are bullish configurations enumerated below.


Bull A


The 2 red lines of Solar Chart 2016-01-20 enclose a hard angle of 900, which is:


    Heliocentric exact aspect 

    29 Jan 2016 [Neptune Square Saturn]


This is a bullish long term aspect good for about 10 months. Don’t jump for joy yet. Its truly bullish part commences only from Apr 2016.



In my free ebook Forecasting Stock Market Super Bulls, I discuss bullish long term aspect [Neptune Opposition Saturn]. 

The present aspect [Neptune Square Saturn] is equally bullish.


Bull B

Bullish interactions of Mercury-Mars-Pluto.

The interactions (enclosed in a red circle) occur in end Jan-early Feb 2016.


Bull C

Exact aspect is 07 Feb 2016 [Sun Square Mars]. Positive Mars influence is aroused as Sun transits its hard angle of 90 degrees. A strong Mars can erase negative influence.


Bull D

Melody – Neptune (Musician) interacting with both Mercury (Singer) and Venus (Dancer) through a hard angle of 45 degrees.

The aspects are (enclosed in a red circle):


        Mon 08 Feb 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Mercury]

        Fri 12 Feb 2016 [Neptune Semi-square Venus]


To sum up, planetary arrangements from end Jan 2016 to mid Feb 2016 are bullish, though Bear #1 and Bear #2 operate to restrain the rise.







Effects of [Saturn Square Neptune]. Square = 900.

I would like to re-write the aspect as [Neptune Square Saturn] because Neptune is in front of Saturn.


This is a super-bullish aspect for many months. At present, its bullish influence is much reduced by Insulation – Refer to Bear #2.  When Insulation is over (over in Apr 2016) we can expect spectacular rises for about 6 months.



Effects of [Jupiter Trine Pluto].  Trine = 1200.

Again, it is better to write the aspect as [Pluto Trine Jupiter] because Pluto is in front of Jupiter.

[Pluto Trine Jupiter] is in fact [Pluto Opposition Jupiter Aft Trojans].


Pluto is the ruler of underground minerals (Oil and Gold). It is Death personified.


When [Pluto Opposition Jup AT] is intensely agitated, stocks plunge while Gold rises. Crude Oil rises also when Mars joins the aspect.


The most important application of [Pluto at hard angle to Jupiter Trojans] is War. For War to happen, North Node and Mars must join Pluto and Jupiter Trojans.  Mars is God of War, and North Node enhances both Mars (War) and Pluto (Death).  In addition, Earth must move to form hard angles with these planets so War and Death messages are transmitted to Earth. The requirements are stringent. An example is the 1990 Q3 Gulf War.



Effects of [Venus Trine Chiron].

Trine is a soft aspect (soft angles are 30, 60, 120 or 150 degrees). It has no effect on the stock market. Planetary influence is passed to Earth investors through hard aspects (angles of 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees), not through soft aspects.



Effects of [Mercury Conjunction Mars].

Explained in Bull B above.



Explanation of daily market movements on Fri 29 Jan 2016.



On balance, [Neptune Square Saturn] becoming exact on Fri 29 Jan 2016 is bullish in NY stock market.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Mild rebound

Stocks worldwide nose-dive again last week.
Most of the bearish features outlined in last week's post have disintegrated. But negative influence lingers, as explained in 2 graphs below.

Bear #1

The Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris shows Jupiter is in Conjunction with North Node for 2 months. It makes a strong (negative) Jupiter.




Solar Chart 2-16-01-20 depicts more negative features.


Bear #2

A grey thick line is drawn to link up Jupiter-Sun-Neptune. This a Gravitational Wall (“GW) formed by 3 Giant planets. 


The GW segregates Earth (where investors are) from Mars and Saturn (Mars and Saturn are 2 positive planets). Positive influence from Mars and Saturn is obstructed from reaching investors on Earth. This is a long term bearish feature.


Bear #3

20 Jan 2016 is the date of exact [Jupiter Semi-square Earth].  Jupiter is agitated to emit negative influence.


But there are redeeming (positive) features.


Positive A

Disintegration of bearish features explained in last post is beneficial to stocks. The Crash Mode is over now.

Positive B (“Melody”)

Neptune is about 900 in front of Saturn in the bullish aspect [Neptune Square Saturn]. Neptune is the Musician, and the Musician is supported by positive Saturn.

Mercury (Singer) goes retrograde (from Left to Right) behind Neptune. From 3rd week of Jan 2016. Mercury (in backward motion) touches Pluto (a slightly bullish planet), and in early Feb 2016 Mercury is joined by Venus (Dancer).   


Both Mercury (Singer) and Venus (Dancer) move forward to interact with Neptune (Musician) from 450 behind Neptune. Melody (Sweet Music) is produced.  From the Color Ephemeris, it is seen both positive Saturn and positive Pluto are stimulated. Stocks should rebound.


Despite bearish aspects still present, the Crash Mode is over. This coupled with Melody, should create a mild rebound in stocks from mid Jan to mid Feb 2016.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Collapse anatomized

Stocks worldwide collapse last week.

In the last forecast (blogpost dated 24 Dec 2015), I say under CAUTION “at present (early Jan 2016), the market is still adversely affected, despite Melody”.


The caution is mentioned because of the presence of negative features. I do not elaborate (so no explicit warning to visitors) but I seem to place greater weight on the positive feature (Melody). This is my fault in interpretation. Planetary arrangements are always correct. Interpretation can go wrong.




Negative (bearish) forces

Please re-read the block page SUN-JUPITER SYSTEM.

Bearish planets are:

Jupiter, Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) and Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT).


Jupiter is a bearish super Giant (Mother of all crises).

Jup Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are the recession asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter.

Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are the recession asteroids 600 behind Jupiter.


Jupiter, Jup FT and Jup AT are collectively called Jupiter family.


The Jupiter family has a relative named Ceres. Ceres is a bearish asteroid (tiny comparatively) roaming between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is Panic personified.

Ceres also represents China. China stocks are most bearish on a severely agitated Ceres.


When these planets (& asteroids) are agitated at the same time, stocks collapse.


Let’s study the planetary arrangements (as viewed from the Earth) described on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris (from Jan through June 2016). The path of Ceres is represented by big Black Dots (moving from Right to Left).


We dissect the negative patterns below.

[1] Affliction of Ceres

On 10 Jan 2016, Ceres is posted at 900 (150 – 60) before Jup FT. 90 degree is a Square.

10 Jan 2016 [Ceres Square Jup FT] is exact Affliction of Ceres, as depicted by the thick Green Line joining Ceres (Black Dot) and Jup FT (600 in front of Jupiter).

[2] Affliction of Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT)

[Ceres Square Jup FT] explained above is also Affliction of Jupiter Fore Trojans.


[3] Affliction of Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT)

The Green Line links up Neptune with Jup AT. 150 + 1200 = 1350.

1350 is a Sesquare (900 + 450) being addition of 2 hard angles.

[Jup AT Sesquare Neptune] in first half of Jan 2016 is Affliction of Jupiter AT.


Sun transits 1200 in front of Jupiter in evening of 13 Jan 2016, which is:

        [Jup AT Opposition Sun].

This is Affliction of Jup AT also.


[4] Agitation on Jupiter (Jupiter is a bearish super Giant)

The Green Circle indicates [North Node Conjunction Jupiter]. This agitates Jupiter.


From [1] [2] [3] & [4] we see the Jupiter family members + Ceres are all agitated. They together create a collapsing stock market in the past week.


As these aspects are effective through 13 Jan 2016, the coming week is still bearish.


Refer to Melody Formation explained in the previous post. Melody is positive on stocks. Stocks should turn around (from down to up) by the end of next week.


When will stock recover

Stock will recover when most of the afflictions are over, as bearish features are disintegrating.


Disintegration of Ceres Affliction

[Ceres Square Jup FT] is exact on 10 Jan 2015. Ceres moves fairly quickly away from Jup FT. In 4-5 days, the Square aspect is over. 

By the end of next week, [Ceres Square Jup FT] is no longer effective, i.e. Ceres will no longer be afflicted.


Disintegration of Jup FT Affliction

The same reasoning (above) also applies to Jup FT. Jup FT will no longer be afflicted by the end of next week.


Disintegration of Jup AT Affliction

[i] Neptune

Neptune stays at 1650 in front of Jupiter in first half of Jan 2016. Neptune in mid Jan 2016 will move away from the 1650. Affliction of Jup AT by Neptune will be over from the 3rd week of Jan 2016.

[ii] Sun

The Sun moves to 1200 of Jupiter exact in the evening of 13 Jan 2015. The bearish influence will carry over to 14 Jan 2015. Affliction of Jup AT by Sun will be over by mid Jan 2016.


[N Node Conjunction Jupiter] is a medium term bearish aspect which is valid through Feb 2016. With the disintegration of other bearish features, [N Node Conjunction Jupiter] alone will not weigh on the market.


As the Melody Formation is becoming more powerful, stocks should rebound by the end of next week.


A bullish feature

There are 2 bullish features depicted on Solar Chart 2016-01-20:

Bullish feature #1

The Black Dot (pointed by an arrow) is 600 in front of Jupiter (i.e. The Black Dot represents bearish Jupiter Fore Trojans). The Green Line is the Gravitational Wall (GW) created by joining Jupiter and Saturn. 


On the Solar Chart, the GW no longer crosses over the Black Dot. This means Jupiter Fore Trojans are free from affliction by the GW. It is positive on stocks.


Bullish feature #2

The 2 red lines on the Solar Chart have an angle of 900 which is a Square.

[Neptune Square Saturn] is a long term bullish features lasting more than 6 months.  The emergence of bullish [Neptune Square Saturn] (exact on 29 Jan 2016) plus the Melody Formation should create a big rally from mid Jan 2016.


Next collapse of China stocks

Ceres represents China. Its severe affliction means a collapsing China stock market. The next severe Ceres affliction is [Jupiter OPPOSITION Ceres] exact on 13 Mar 2016 (Refer to the marking on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris). I expect another collapse of China stocks from the 2nd week of Mar 2016.  We will discuss it in detail before its occurrence.