Thursday, 31 December 2015

Enigmatic Poem

An enigmatic poem of a Chinese prophet  composed 1,400 years ago is reprinted in a new Page 李淳風藏頭詩. It deals with the fate of the nation. It is intended for Chinese readers.  Regret I am unable to translate it.

Happy New Year

For forecast of Jan 2016, please read post of a week ago.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

O Hark!

Santa Claus has kept his promise. He delivers to us a present which is a rally reflected in DJIA’s sharp rise in the past week.


The rebound is like releasing a coiled spring because Mars (slave of Jupiter during Black Hole period) is getting rid of massive Jupiter’s imprisonment (entrapment) – this is called an Emancipation Rally, like the graph hereunder:


For more information, refer to my eBook Black Hole in Stock Market Forecast.


The Dow will continue to rise in the next few days………O Hark! We hear sweet music approaching.


The creation of Melody is summarized in Couplets 10 & 11.

10    Venus  太白逆行   叩缶擊甕
                Venus moves backwards from the Earth we see,
                Oft-times music is heard by you and me.
11    Mercury  伯牙鼓琴      人間可聽
                So does Mercury, emitting notes of harmony.
                But with Jupiter it chants, we hear cacophony.


A Melody Formation is depicted on the Neptune-centered Color Ephemeris below. Neptune (the purple line at center) is the Musician. Mercury is the Singer. Mercury is represented by the dotted wavy line like letter “S”. It is posited at 450 (a hard angle) behind Neptune. The Musician and the Singer are now in communication, ready to play Sweet Music.

It is remarkable that Mercury (Singer) remains in touch with Neptune (Musician) for 8 long weeks. Here are the aspects:


Fri 25 Dec 2015

  [Neptune 45 Mercury]. Mercury is in direct motion.

Fri 15 Jan 2016

  [Neptune 45 Mercury(R)]. Mercury is in retrograde motion

  (i.e. Mercury moves backwards, from Left to Right).

Mon 08 Feb 2016

  [Neptune 45 Mercury]. Mercury is in direct motion.


During these 8 weeks, Melody is produced should Neptune and Mercury be made active.


Do not presume stocks shoot up every day during this period.  There are always negative forces present to cause stocks to decline.


But I place great emphasis for the period when Mercury is in retrograde motion. 

The retrograde period is: Tue 05 Jan 2016 - Sun 24 Jan 2016.



I expect the present rally to extend to the 3rd week of Jan 2016.


However, I must point out a significantly negative feature, below.



Solar Chart 2016-01-04 tells us that Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT - bearish asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter) are close to the green line (green line = Gravitational Wall formed by joining 2 giant planets Jupiter and Saturn), and Jup FT are still under affliction by the Gravitational Wall, producing occasional declines in stocks.


Jup FT are moving away from the green line, and Jup FT are gradually becoming more stable (i.e. Jup FT are moving away from the afflictor Gravitational Wall) which is good for the stock market. 


But at present (early Jan 2016), the market is still adversely affected, despite Melody.








Friday, 18 December 2015

Black Hole nullified

DJIA closes at a bottom on Fri 18 Dec 2015 before the Santa Claus rally.

The rally from coming Monday will be the creation by Mars made powerful geocentrically and heliocentrically.


When a planet is viewed from the Earth, it is a geocentric position.


When a planet is viewed from the Sun, it is a heliocentric position.


The geocentric views of the planets in 2nd half of Dec 2015 are depicted on the Mars-centered Color Ephemeris of last post. Geocentric Mars moves forward and makes itself stimulated by interacting with Neptune (at 1350) and interacting with Saturn (at 450).


We now examine the planets in heliocentric positions to see whether their arrangements support a strong Mars also. The heliocentric planets are plotted on Solar Chart 2015-12-23.

A straight (red) line links up Mars and Sun. This line is extended both ways. Here are the observations.


[a]    Mars is moving away from Jupiter (super Giant). Mars is trying to escape the entrapment (gravitational pull) of Jupiter.


[b]    The Inner System Chart shows both Venus (fast planet) and Mercury (another fast planet) are moving to invigorate Mars, as they move in anti-clockwise direction to pass through the red line that links up Mars and Sun:


        23 Dec 2015     

        Mars Conjunction Venus

        24 Dec 2015     

        Mars Opposition Mercury


Thus Mars is energized by interacting with the planets geocentrically and with planets heliocentrically. This enables Mars to successfully nullify the detrimental influence of the Black Hole Formation. A strong Santa Claus rally is developed.


What will happen thereafter?


A Melody Formation follows. It extends the rise to 3rd week of Jan 2016. We’ll discuss the Melody Formation in the next post.


In the meantime, I wish you a Merry Christmas!



Friday, 11 December 2015

Santa Claus Rally

Overwhelming bearish influence from Black Hole Formation invalidates my expectation of a recovery from the end of the week.

On 1 Dec 2015, as viewed from the Sun, Mars moves to the midpoint of Jupiter and the Sun. Because of extraordinary gravitational pull of Jupiter (Jupiter is a super Giant), bullish Mars influence is sucked away by the massive Jupiter, causing stocks to tumble (as investors are denied of positive influence from Mars). This is a Black Hole Formation. It has caused a tailspin in Europe and in US.


As from 1 Dec 2015, Mars moves away from Conjunction Jupiter, at the rate of about 1/20 a day. By now, heliocentric Mars is 60 away from Jupiter, and the separation is becoming larger as time progresses. Mars is still captivated by Jupiter because Giant Jupiter’s hold on Mars is much larger than 60 (it can be as large as 120). Should Mars be able to get rid of Jupiter’s captivity (thus it regains its bullish influence), stocks rally. The rally can be spectacular, like releasing a coiled spring.


But how do we know whether there is rally or not (whether Mars can quickly disentangle itself and be free of the captivity by Jupiter)? There are 2 conditions to satisfy for the rally to materialize:


Condition One

Mars moves forward to make hard aspects with other planets (so to invigorate Mars).

Condition Two

Mars is stimulated by faster planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus or Moon) i.e. by faster planet(s) making hard aspects with Mars, from behind Mars.


Should both conditions be satisfied, a strong Mars is created, and Mars regains its bullish influence (Mars is no longer a prisoner of Jupiter). Stocks rise sharply as a consequence.


Please study Mars-centered Color Ephemeris below.


Condition One is satisfied by Mars making consecutive hard aspects with Uranus, with Neptune and with Saturn.

Condition Two is satisfied as from Sun 20 Dec 2015 upon [Mars Opposition Moon].


Theoretically stocks can rise from 11 Dec 2015 on [Uranus Opposition Mars]. But a single aspect is not a match against the Black Hole Formation. 


The more bullish part is from 20 Dec 2015. The aspects to re-vitalize Mars are:


        20 Dec 2015 [Neptune Sesquare Mars]

        26 Dec 2015 [Saturn Semi-square Mars]


Moon joins to stimulate Mars from behind Mars on 20 Dec 2015 and thereafter.


The expected rise from Mon 21 Dec 2015 to end Dec 2015 is the Santa Claus rally.


Friday, 4 December 2015


Tailspin is more clearly seen in the European stock markets on Thu 3 Dec 2015, with DAX and CAC 40 both nose-diving 3.58%. European stocks continue to plunge on Fri 4 Dec 2015.

The reason for the steep decline is the failure of European Central Bank actions to live up to market expectations:

[i] ECB President Mario Draghi said the bank would extend its program of monthly bond purchases by 6 months through March 2017, and left the door open for an extension. The ECB left unchanged the amount of asset purchases at 60 billion euros (US$65 billion). There had been expectations that bond purchases would be extended beyond Sep 2016, and the amount of purchases be greatly increased.

[ii] The ECB cut its deposit rate further into negative territory. The deposit rate on money parked at the central bank overnight now stands at negative 0.3% compared with negative 0.2% previously. There had been expectations for the deposit rate to be cut to negative 0.4%.

The plunge in NY on Thu 3 Dec 2015 is less spectacular. It is natural for stocks to rebound after a steep decline, but the magnitude of the sharp rise in NY on Fri 4 Dec 2015 (up 2.1%) is beyond my comprehension. I believe it is an overshoot.

The NY stock market will be depressed on Mon 7 Dec and Tue 8 Dec 2015. A low is likely to occur on Tuesday.

Stocks will then recover from Wed 9 Dec or from Thu 10 Dec 2015. The recovery is a Santa Claus rally.

The rally will be explained in the next post.