Friday, 27 November 2015

Steep decline


Stock performance in NY last week is lackluster (against forecast of a rising market). 


However, should we take into account of stock prices in Europe on Thu 26 Nov 2015 (which is Thanksgiving holiday in NY), we can visualize a spike on that day (should NY market be open), and the forecast for the week appears acceptable.

Stocks in Europe rise strongly on Thu 26 Nov 2015, as above.

Last week’s forecast says there will be a steep decline (tailspin) for the period from Mon 30 Nov 2015 for about 10 days. Reasons for the fall are given:


Bearish reason No. 1

Bullish Mars influence (supporting the market in the past 2 weeks) disappears.


Bearish reason No. 2

Negative Black Hole Formation takes over command of the market.


Solar Chart 2015-11-30 shows Mars is moving to the mid point between the Sun and Jupiter (super Giant).  Very massive Jupiter sucks away positive influence of Mars. This is Black Hole effect. Market falls for lack of Mars influence.

We must add 1 more negative reason.


Bearish reason No. 3

Affliction & thorough de-stabilization of Jup FT (Jup FT = Jupiter Fore Trojans, bearish asteroid 600 in front of Jupiter).



Draw a line between Jupiter and Saturn. This line passes (and it afflicts) Jup FT. Jup FT are oscillating wildly and the stock market is ready to fall (should Jupiter and Saturn be heavily agitated).


Thorough de-stabilization

Intense agitation comes from Earth transits:

        Mon 30 Nov 2015 [Saturn Opposition Earth]

        Thu 03 Dec 2015 [Jupiter Square Earth]. Square = 900.


Thus both Saturn and Jupiter are attacked by Earth. Saturn and Jupiter are the 2 afflicting planets. Their heavy agitation by Earth de-stabilizes Jup FT.


Stocks tumble.



Saturn is a member of the long term bullish aspect [Neptune Square Saturn].  [Saturn Opposition Earth] may invoke its bullish influence.


But there are more negative forces at the same time, and I believe negative forces can overpower positive [Neptune Square Saturn].


Friday, 20 November 2015

Rise to continue

An active Mars has been successful in pushing up DJIA last week. The rising trend continues to Fri 27 Nov 2015 (which is the date of stocks peaking out). Stocks go into a tailspin from Mon 30 Nov 2015 for about 10 days, because bullish Mars influence disappears, and negative Black Hole formation takes over command of the market.


Friday, 13 November 2015

About turn

It has been a bearish week with DJIA plunging from 17,910 to 17,245 (down 3.7%). The market will continue to decline on Mon 16 Nov 2015, and will stabilize on Tue 17 Nov 2015.

 During a falling market, we are on the look-out for bullish aspects.


The positive features in 2015 Q4, as revealed on the Saturn-centered Color Ephemeris, are:


     Uranus at 1350 in front of Saturn


     Neptune at 900 in front of Saturn




Both Uranus and Neptune are neutral Giant Outer planets, and they are able to invoke bullish influence of Saturn.

To be truly bullish, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn should be joined by Mars at hard angles (450, 900, 1350 or 1800). We observe from the Geocentric Saturn Color Ephemeris that Mars does not join them in Nov 2015 (Mars will join them later, in Dec 2015).


Our next step is to examine Mars from Heliocentric view point.


        Geocentric = Planets’ positions as viewed from Earth.

        Heliocentric = Planets’ positions as viewed from Sun.


There are bullish aspects on Heliocentric Solar Chart 2015-11-22:


Because of these bullish aspects (aspects in RED on the Solar Chart), stocks will rise. 


But at the same time, there is a sharply negative feature (Black Hole aspect in GREEN). During the Black Hole period, Mars moves to the mid point of 2 super Giants (Sun and Jupiter). Positive Mars influence is being sucked away (gradually) by negative Jupiter. As investors are deprived of positive Mars influence, stocks sink.


However, the 2 bullish aspects are able to partially revive Mars influence, causing some rises in the market.  The rise is moderate because of the presence of Black Hole (which is exact on 1 Dec 2015, but it exerts downward pressures on the market 3-4 weeks before exactitude).



[1] Stocks will fall on Mon 16 Nov 2015. They are likely to reach a bottom on Tue 17 Nov 2015.

[2] From Wed 18 Nov to Fri 27 Nov 2015, I expect moderate rebound as Heliocentric Mars joins Saturn and Neptune.

[3] Stocks fall again from Mon 30 Nov 2015 because of disintegration of bullish Mars aspects. Negative Black Hole formation then takes over command of the market.


Updating My Portfolio


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Correction of today's post

There is an error on the date of [Jupiter(Retrograde) Opposition Chiron].

The correct date should be: 23 Feb 2016 @20:02 (not 24 Feb 2016).

My apologies.

Chiron is bullish

This post supplements yesterday’s post.  It demonstrates that Chiron is sharply bullish (provided it is in active state). In present case, Chiron is made active by the colossal gravitational pull of Jupiter (a super Giant).


The relevant aspects are:

Fri 06 Nov 2015

@13:03 Chiron Opposition Moon

@14:03 Jupiter Conjunction Moon


Both positive Chiron and negative Jupiter are stimulated by Moon transits.  These aspects occur before NY market opens.  Investors in NY market at opening are filled with opposing forces, and DJIA rises and falls erratically.


It’s more informative to study the market moves in Europe.  DAX reflects the influences in the order they occur – by rising to express positive Chiron, and then by falling to express negative Jupiter.


Chiron is so bullish that its positive influence encroaches on the negative territory of Jupiter. Jupiter eventually gets itself expressed by DAX falling back (the fall is delayed by about 1.1/2 hours).







Hence, the planets discussed in this blog include the following:

        9 planets of the Solar System

        PLUS Jupiter Trojan asteroids (Jup FT and Jup AT)

        PLUS Ceres (a negative asteroid in the Asteroid Belt)

        PLUS Chiron (a positive Minor Planet).


When discovered in 1977, Chiron is thought to be the 10th planet of the Solar System.


Having established the positive influence of Chiron, we look forward to find the dates of its next Oppositions. These are marked on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris below.

Here’s a complete listing:


First Opposition
        [Chiron Opposition Jupiter] on 03 Nov 2015 @21:57.
Second Opposition
        [Jupiter(Retrograde) Opposition Chiron] on 24 Feb 2016 @01:34

Third Opposition

        [Chiron Opposition Jupiter] on 13 Aug 2016 @00:00


New discovery

The discovery: 

Tiny Chiron (a recently discovered minor planet) is positive on stocks. Chiron’s positive influence is most effectively extracted by bearish Jupiter (a super Giant). It seems illogical that a bearish planet (Jupiter) can create a rising market. But it can.


I have been bearish on the stock market for the past 2 week, basing on the reason that an agitated bearish Jupiter inspires selling.  However, I am proven wrong because DJIA rises in the past 2 week from 17,650 to 17,910 (up 1.5%).  It is puzzling.  But the puzzle is solved (belatedly) by an enlightenment of a few days ago. The puzzle is not solved earlier because of scarcity of reliable data since the discovery of Chiron.



Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It is discovered in 1977 by Charles T. Kowal. Chiron represents Medicine and Melody. It is a slightly bullish minor planet.

Chiron’s diameter is about 180 km. Jupiter’s diameter is 142,984 km. Pluto’s diameter (2,302 km) is more than 10 times that of Chiron. Chiron is even smaller than Ceres (an asteroid with diameter of 950 km).

A contrast can be helpful: Chiron (mosquito) v. Jupiter (huge iron ball).

[Chiron Opposition Jupiter] is exact on Tue 03 Nov 2015 @21:57.

Upon Opposition (separation of 1800) between Jupiter and Chiron, Jupiter exerts immense gravitational pull on Chiron. Chiron becomes active (the mosquito sings loudly), while Jupiter is inactive (not the slightest noise emits from the huge iron ball). The positive sound (Sweet music) of Chiron is heard by investors, while negative noise of Jupiter is unheard.

Since Chiron is extremely tiny, and it is so far away from us, only (bearish super Giant) Jupiter is powerful enough to express its positive influence.

Chiron’s revolution around the Sun = 50.39 years. Chiron’s monthly motion = 0.60

Jupiter’s revolution around the Sun =11.86 years. Jupiter’s monthly motion = 2.50

Thus, Jupiter and Chiron stay within 10 in Opposition for 1 month.

The 10 days before and 10 days after exact Opposition is especially bullish.

Before exactitude, Chiron oscillates intensely (the mosquito sings loudly), and the stock market is buoyant.

The Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris below (Right hand side) lists the Jupiter-Chiron interactions.

Stocks rise significantly on Mon 02 Nov 2015 because both (negative) Jupiter and (positive) Chiron are stimulated by Moon. The latter avails itself of the extraordinary gravitational force of the super Giant.

Upon becoming exact Opposition on Tue 03 Nov 2015, DJIA rises more.

On Fri 06 Nov 2015, Jupiter Conjunction Moon is intense bearish Jupiter agitation. A strongly invigorated Jupiter arouses Chiron simultaneously.  Both negative and positive influences are present, and the market moves up and down erratically.

But what will happen in the coming week (week commencing Mon 09 Nov 2015)?
Positive Chiron is still singing though not so loudly as [Chiron Opposition Jupiter] is separating. On the other hand (refer to the Color Ephemeris above) several fast planets move (from Right to Left) to the 600 in front of Jupiter.

The area 600 in front of Jupiter is the home of Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT, sharply negative upon affliction).  Concerted attacks by Sun, Mercury, and Moon should be able to invoke the sharply negative influence of Jup FT, to create a plunging market.

The most negative day is Wed 11 Nov 2015 because of severe Jup FT de-stabilization by:

        Sun          Sun Conjunction Jup FT
        Moon       Moon Conjunction Jup FT
        New Moon i.e. [Sun Conjunction Moon] to de-stabilize Jup FT by Conjunction.