Friday, 30 October 2015

Days of reckoning

The predicted stock market collapse is delayed by Melody (Sweet Music) which crops up on Wed 28 Oct 2015.




The Dow rallies on Wed 28 Oct 2015 because the Fed decides to keep interest rates close to zero. The announcement is Sweet Music.



The Sweet Music aspect is depicted on the Neptune-centered Color Ephemeris below.

Fast-footed Mercury (Singer) moves forwards (from Right to Left) and makes a 1350 angle with Neptune (Musician) exactitude on Wed 28 Oct 2015. The Singer and the Musician are in communication through the 1350 hard angle.  Melody is generated. The Melody encourages investors to buy up stocks.


But Mercury moves away quickly, and Sweet Music dies away.  Stocks fall back on Fri 30 Oct 2015.


Solar Chart 2015-11-01 reveals to us, through planetary arrangements, the impending collapse.


The main theme of the coming week is thorough de-stabilization of Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans). Jup FT are recession asteroids.  When they are de-stabilized, stocks sink.

Jup FT are already afflicted by the Jupiter-Saturn Gravitational Wall (thick line on the Solar Chart). The afflicted Jup FT are pummelled by Earth at its opposite side. The heliocentric aspect is:

      Sun 01 Nov 2015 [Jup FT Opposition Earth].

To make the de-stabilization of Jup FT more calamitous, a strongly agitated Jupiter is needed.  Jupiter is Mother of all crises.  When Jupiter is severely hit, Jup FT (children of Jupiter) oscillate wildly in sync.

Refer to Solar Chart 2015-11-01 again to see Jupiter is knocked off balance by Neptune (a Giant Outer planet):

        Heliocentric aspect: Thu 05 Nov 2015 [Neptune Opposition Jupiter].

Moon joins the negative actions to de-stabilize both Jupiter and Jup FT, as described on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris.

The relevant aspects are:
Mon 02 Nov 2015
        @18:23 Ceres Opposition Moon
        @19:40 Jupiter Semi-square Moon
Wed 04 Nov 2015
        @01:03 Jupiter 30 Moon è Jup FT Square Moon

These Moon transits tell us the following:

[i] Jupiter is attacked by Moon at 450 behind Jupiter on Mon 02 Nov 2015 @ GMT 19:40 hours.
[ii] Jup FT are attacked by Moon at 900 behind Jup FT on Wed 04 Nov 2015 @ GMT 01:03 hours.

Jupiter Fore Trojans are pulverized by these attacks (with the help of an extremely agitated Jupiter).

In addition, deleterious influence of Ceres (Ceres is a Panic asteroid) is invoked on Mon 02 Nov 2015 @ GMT 18:23 hours (by Opposition Moon), creating panic sell-off in the stock market.

I expect the Dow to tumble for 10 days from Mon 02 Nov 2015.

Notes to visitors
Please comment after 10 days on the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of the prediction.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Two Horns of a Dilemma

I am caught on the horns of a dilemma when I analyze the market trend of Thu 22 Oct 2015.

Right horn
On the Saturn-centered Color Ephemeris, we see in 2nd half of Oct 2015 Uranus and Saturn are 1350 apart. 1350 is a hard angle named Sesquare.
Faster Saturn is moving forward to make a Sesquare with slower Uranus, and in the process positive Saturn influence is aroused. The exact aspect is:

  Thu 22 Oct 2015 @16:00 [Uranus Sesquare Saturn].

One of the important negative features for a falling stock market is Insulation of Saturn’s positive influence.  With Saturn being made active through a hard angle (Sesquare) with Uranus (Giant planet), Insulation is no longer effectivethe stock market can rise significantly on a stimulated positive Saturn.

At the same time, there are opposing forces (i.e. negative forces).

Left horn
The Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris says Ceres (panic asteroid) is posited at 1350 in front of Jupiter.  [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] is a medium term bearish feature causing panics.  

[Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] is made active by Sun because Sun moves forward quickly to form a Square aspect (900) with asteroid Ceres:

        Thu 22 Oct 2015 @17:45 [Ceres Square Sun]
        This should invoke panic selling.

I have to make a difficult choice on opposing forces. 

(Right horn) Up?  (Left horn) Down?

The data for the opposing forces are taken from The New American Ephemeris.

The fact is: DJIA soars 1.87% on Thu 22 Oct 2015 (Right horn is more powerful). 

DJIA continues to surge on Fri 23 Oct 2015.

 Reasons for [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] being NOT bearish on 22 Oct 2015
Stimulation on Ceres (a stone in the Asteroid Belt) is notoriously difficult. The negative aspect [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] requires an agitated Jupiter to be truly bearish.

It is difficult for the Sun alone to extract the negative force from Ceres. We have to ascertain (on 22 Oct 2015) whether Jupiter is agitated. If Jupiter is intensely stressed, stocks plunge.  Otherwise the market is only mildly negative.

We now examine, from the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris below, the strength of Jupiter in the past week.

One full circle is 3600. There are 1800 on both sides of Jupiter (Jupiter is the most bearish planet).

Moon travels on average 130 a day.  130 x 14 (2 weeks) = 1820 (close to 1800).

Thus the Moon moves 2 weeks (in anticlockwise direction) on the LEFT of Jupiter (follow the thick arrow).  She then moves 2 weeks on the RIGHT of Jupiter.

When a “fast” planet moves away from a “slow” planet, the aspects formed between them are weak.  In present case, the fast planet is the Moon, and the slow planet is bearish Jupiter.  Any aspects formed between Moon and Jupiter (in the past 2 weeks) are weak. This means, bearish Jupiter is in INACTIVE state (re Moon transits).

The same reasoning applies to Earth (another fast planet) which travels 10 a day. From the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris, we see the Sun is also on the LEFT side of bearish Jupiter.  We arrive at the same situation: bearish Jupiter is in INACTIVE state (re Sun transits).

All the negative features (the Monsters discussed in previous posts) are connected with Jupiter (mother of all crises). When Jupiter is in INACTIVE state, these Monsters are docile (i.e. they are dormant and will not inflict harm to the stock market).

Under the circumstances described, the positive planets get a better chance to show off.  [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] becoming exact on 22 Oct 2015 @16:00 is able to engineer a rally of 2 days.

Will the rising trend continue?

Stocks will continue rising until opposing (i.e. bearish) forces take over. The trend change will happen when Jupiter becomes agitated.

Jupiter (and Jupiter Trojans) will be agitated from Sat 24 Oct 2015, as explained in the next sections.

Agitation #1 - Attack on Jupiter by Moon from Sat 24 Oct 2015
Refer to the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris (above).

[Jupiter Opposition Moon] occurs on Sat 24 Oct 2015. This makes Jupiter active. 

Fast Moon in the next 2 weeks is moving towards bearish Jupiter (follow the thick arrows) forming bearish Jupiter-Moon aspects. Jupiter is under persistent agitations from the Moon.  Jupiter will be in ACTIVE state (i.e. Jupiter will no longer be dormant).

Likewise the bearish Monsters described in earlier posts are goaded into taking harmful actions (because of an active Jupiter) to ravage the stock market.

Agitation #2 – Agitation on Jupiter by Neptune in Opposition
As marked on Solar Chart 2015-10-26 [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] becomes exact on 05 Nov 2015. Bearish Jupiter is made to oscillate intensely by Neptune in Opposition.
Agitation #3 - Attack on Jupiter Fore Trojans by Earth
On Solar Chart 2015-10-26 Earth moves (in anticlockwise direction) towards the Opposite point of Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans are 600 in front of Jupiter). 

On 26 Oct 2015, Earth is 60 before exact Opposition.  Earth travels 10 a day.  In 6 days (i.e. on 01 Nov 2015), the Opposition will be exact. This makes Jup FT oscillate wildly.  Jup FT are recession asteroids, and Jup FT in ACTIVE state exerts immense downward pressures on the stock market.

Agitation #4 – North Node enhances Attack on Jupiter Fore Trojans
Refer back to Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris to see (in end Nov 2015) N. Node is 150 in front of Jupiter.

As Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) are 600 in front of Jupiter, an aspect is formed:

        [Jup FT Semi-square N. Node].  Semi-square = 450.

N. Node in hard aspect with Jup FT enhances Agitation #3.

Agitations #1 and #2 wake up the erstwhile inactive bearish Jupiter. Jupiter is now changed to ACTIVE state.

Agitations #3 and #4 excite Jupiter Fore Trojans, and Jup FT are also in ACTIVE state.

Both bearish Jupiter and bearish Jupiter Trojans are in full alacrity to flex their muscles.

CONCLUSION: I expect stocks to fall steeply from Mon 26 Oct 2015 (after initially reflecting the spill-over bullish influence). The predicted down trend will last about 2 weeks.

I am no guru.  I am learning all the time.  Visitors’ comments (confined to astronomy) are welcome.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Ceres causes Panic selling

The Dow rises from 17,084 (9 Oct 2015) to 17,216 (16 Oct 2015), gaining 0.8% in one week.

But I forecast slow descent for the past week.  What goes wrong with the forecast?

In the previous post, I suggest stocks should fall because of Insulation of bullish influence.  An important Insulation is the denial of bullish Saturn influence.  However, Insulation of Saturn is broken down (temporarily) as Earth makes a hard aspect with Saturn, as delineated on Solar Chart 2015-10-15.

Earth (where investors are) moves to 1350 in front of Saturn.  1350 is a hard angle named “Sesquare” and it is made up of 2 hard angles (900 + 450). Through this Sesquare, Earth is able to “communicate” with Saturn. Saturn’s bullish influence is conveyed to Earth investors through this Sesquare.

DJIA rallies on Thu 15 Oct 2015 because of connection between Earth investors and bullish Saturn.  Earth is a fast moving planet (she travels 10 a day) and she is moving away from Saturn. Connection with Saturn is over in about 4 days.  By Mon 19 Oct 2014, connection will be completely over (i.e. Insulation of Saturn is effective again).  Stocks’ rise may spill over to Mon 19 Oct 2015, but stocks will fall surely from Tue 20 Oct 2015.

There are several bearish (negative) features for the coming panic sell-off.  Since Ceres is Panic personified, we’ll discuss the conditions for the impending sell-off.

Medium Term Affliction on Ceres is marked on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris, where Ceres is at 1350 (= Sesquare, a hard angle) to Jupiter (mother of all crises).

[Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] covers Oct-Nov 2015. Stocks tumble should this Sesquare aspect be agitated.

The Ceres-centered Ephemeris describes short term intense agitations on Ceres.

 The Short Term aspects to invoke the bearish (recession) influence of Ceres are:

    Thu 22 Oct 2015 [Ceres Square Sun]
    Sat 24 Oct 2015 [Ceres Sesquare Venus]
    Fri 06 Nov 2015 [Chiron Semi-square Ceres]

Monster #3 [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] is thoroughly de-stabilized. Stocks nose-dive in the last 10 days of Oct and the first 10 days of Nov 2015.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Economy Doomed

We have witnessed, in the past week, the power of Mars (God of War) in taming several bearish Monsters, resulting in a sharp rebound.  But Mars moves fairly quickly (about 1/20 a day), and Mars aspects soon disintegrate.  In present case, after a week-end, bullish Mars influence is fast subsiding. Bearish Monsters will once again (from Mon 12 Oct 2015) take over the command of the stock market. A price projection to end Nov 2015 is added for reference.

In the previous posts, we’ve discussed 4 Monsters.  They are summarized below.

MONSTER #1 (Scylla): [Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter].
Specifically --
Geocentric [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] is exact on 17 Sep 2015
Heliocentric [Neptune Opposition Jupiter] is exact on 05 Nov 2015.
MONSTER #2 (Charybdis): Affliction of Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) by Jupiter-Saturn Gravitational Wall.
This bearish feature is valid to Dec 2015.
MONSTER #3 (Pan): Ceres at 1350 in front of Jupiter, causing panic.
Bearish aspect [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] is valid to end Nov 2015.

MONSTER #4 Black Hole: [Jupiter Conjunction Mars].
Specifically --
Geocentric Conjunction is exact on 7 Oct 2015
Heliocentric Conjunction is exact on 01 Dec 2015.

Monster #3 and Monster #4 are marked on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris below.

There is one more sharply bearish feature which is Monster #5.

MONSTER #5 Insulation: Bullish influence of Saturn and Mars being insulated from (or denied to) investors.
Monster #5 is depicted on Solar Chart 2015-10-17.
There are 3 bullish planets in the Solar System (Mars, Saturn and Pluto). Pluto is too far away and too small, and Pluto can be omitted in our Analysis. As from mid Oct 2015, both bullish Mars and bullish Saturn are insulated from Investors on Earth. 

Insulation of bullish Saturn is by 2 Gravitational Walls.

Insulation of bullish Mars is by the operation of extremely massive Jupiter (= super Giant) which pulls bullish Mars influence away from Earth (and towards Jupiter). Bearish Jupiter converts bullish Mars into a Neutral Planet. Investors on Earth can no longer benefit from the presence of positive Mars.

A simplified diagram explains the concept of Insulation.  It is not drawn to scale. The diagram is simply used to clarify the concept of Insulation.

 With so many bearish Monsters (5 in total) working in concert (while bullish Saturn and bullish Mars are helpless) to ravage the market, stocks tank.

Ceres impacts China more severely. Ceres (Monster #3) occupies a prominent place among the planets during this month-long negative phase. China’s economy is doomed.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Bear Vanquisher

In my last post, I expect US stock market to rebound next week.
The 4 bearish Monsters (discussed in earlier posts) are still working behind the scene, ready to ravage the market. A Superman is needed to vanquish these monsters. The Superman is Mars (God of War) which has been introduced to readers in the “Couplets” page.


13    Mars 1: Savior  勇哉戰神  濟弱扶傾
                Hail to you, the God of War, for your valor!
                To the frail and the fallen, you’re Savior.
To determine the timing of a stock market rebound during recession, we must find a strongly stimulated Mars. The strong Mars (Vanquisher of Stock Market Bears) is revealed to us in the planetary patterns outlined below.

Bullish Mars aspects as viewed from the Sun

 Mars is made powerful by Mercury and by Venus, as depicted on Inner System Chart 2015-10-07. The heliocentric short term bullish Mars aspects are:
On Wed 07 Oct 2015

@18:48 [Mars Square Venus].  Square = 90 degrees.
@20:22 [Mars Square Mercury].

Bullish Mars aspects as viewed from the Earth
There are 2 short term geocentric bullish Mars aspects as observed from the Mars-centered Color Ephemeris:

        01 Oct 2015 [Mars Sesquare Uranus].  Sesquare = 135 degrees.
        07 Oct 2015 [Neptune Opposition Mars]

Accordingly, Mars is an active planet in the first half of Oct 2015. A vigorously stimulated Mars creates a bullish environment for stocks to rebound, especially when Mars is further aroused by Moon transits – Moon transits dictate intraday market trends.

These extracts pinpoint the dates and times of Mars stimulation, i.e. on 5 Oct 2015 and 9 Oct 2015. The stimulations are supported by Saturn, Uranus and by Neptune.

These interactions indicate a rising stock market next week, in the midst of the Initial Phase of the Global Great Depression (2015 July to 2021 January).



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