Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Steep Decline

The Super Moon knocks down the stock market on 28 & 29 Sep 2015.

Despite depressed sentiments, I expect the market to rebound next week. Reasons will be given in the next blog post (2 days later).

Friday, 25 September 2015

Super Moon

There is a saying: Full Moon is most round during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Most round is bad English. But Bernard Shaw is not criticized for saying: Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.

The Chinese Mid Autumn-Festival is on Sun 27 Sep 2015. It is thought the Moon during this festival is most round and most big.  This is confirmed by CNN in the article Rare Super Moon Eclipse comes Sunday.  Click the link below to read it:


The purpose of my mentioning the Super Moon is to remind readers that the Moon is most powerful on Mon 28 Sep 2015, and the powerful Moon interacts with Jup AT (Jupiter Aft Trojans – recession asteroids).  In my post 2 days ago, I forecast steep decline in stocks.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Couplets for Analysis

Our medium term view on the stock market continues to be bearish significantly with sporadic rises.


We are going to forecast 2 bearish days. Refer to “Couplets” page of this blog.


Couplet # 12 has application here.

12    Sun and Moon  曦照月臨  谷底嶺頂
                A valley or a crest stocks attain,
                When Sun and Moon sing in the same strain.

This means when both Sun (or Earth) and Moon join hands to stress an influence at the same time, we can expect a top or sharp rise (when positive influence is stressed) or a bottom or sharp fall (when negative influence is stressed).

This is a short term situation.

Sun (or Earth) travels 10 a day, and it affects the market for about 1 week. Moon travels 130 a day, and Moon dictates intra-day market trend.

In present case, both Earth and Moon stress a negative influence, and according to Couplet #12, we’ll see a bottom (which is a sharp dip, not necessarily a bottom).

We use Solar Chart 2015-09-29 to explain.

On 29 Sep 2015, Earth moves in anti-clockwise direction and Earth attacks Jup AT (Jupiter Aft Trojans – Recession asteroids) vehemently through a hard angle of 900 which is [Jup AT Square Earth].  Square = 900.

One day earlier, on 28 Sep 2016, Moon attacks Jup AT (also) through a hard angle of 900 which is [Jup AT Square Moon].

In the meantime, a Full Moon makes the attack more powerful.

The exact timing (GMT) of these bearish aspects are listed below.

Mon 28 Sep 2015
@02:52 [Earth Opposition Moon] or Full Moon
@11:46 [Jup AT Square Moon]

Tue 29 Sep 2015
@09:55 Heliocentric [Jup AT Square Earth].

Refer to Full System Solar Chart 2015-09-29 to see that Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans – Recession asteroids) are already under affliction by Jupiter-Saturn Gravitational Wall.

The situation is severe:

[1] Both Jup AT and Jup FT are heavily afflicted.
[2] Jup AT are attacked by Moon and Earth in concerted action. Moon and Earth are intent on devastating the stock market.

The outcome is a steep decline on Mon 28 Sep and Tue 29 Sep 2015.

There is one more very bearish situation – the Sword of Damocles hanging overhead.  It is Monster #5 and we’ll discuss it in the next post.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Black Hole

Looking farther ahead, we see one more Monster on the horizon:

        Monster #4 Black Hole
17 Oct 2015 Geocentric Exact [Jupiter Conjunction Mars].

This Monster is born when (positive) Mars moves to the same longitudinal degree of (negative) Jupiter.  In present case, the aspect is viewed from Earth.

During Black Hole period, tiny (comparatively) bullish Mars is captured by super Giant (negative) Jupiter.  Jupiter is so massive that bullish Mars influence is sucked away by Jupiter (i.e. bullish Mars influence diminishes gradually as faster Mars is moving towards Jupiter). The 2 planets meet at Conjunction (zero degree separation) on 17 Oct 2015.

Even before exact Conjunction, Mars influence is subsiding. The subsidence commences about 3 week before exact aspect – bullish Mars influence is decreasing gradually from end Sep 2015.

Loss of bullish Mars influence indicates a falling stock market.

Four (4) Monsters are inflicting harm on the market.  They are powerful Monsters, appearing at about the same time or appearing in quick succession. A recession in the coming 3 months is inevitable.

But the market does not fall every day.  Even in a sharply declining market, there are occasional spikes.  These occasional rises are mainly caused by a stimulated Mars.

Here’s a Mars-centered Color Ephemeris depicting several positive (bullish) Mars aspects:
Four (4) bullish Mars aspects A B C D are present to counter 4 bearish Monsters.

The main trend is bearish (down).  But be prepared for a very volatile stock market with occasional sharp rises engendered by a stimulated Mars (before exact Black Hole).

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pan is Panic Personified

Pan is Ceres (God of Cereals)
Pan is the god of wild nature (woods, pastures, and other landscapes). Ceres is god of Cereals. Ceres is best represented (in our stock analysis) by god Pan.

Application in stock market analysis
When Ceres (or Pan) is heavily stressed, stocks fall sharply, causing panic.

 Stock panic period can be read off from the above Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris.  The large black dots are the path of Ceres relative to Jupiter.  Ceres (or Pan) is located at 1350 in front of Jupiter, for about 7 weeks:
       [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] from 4th week of Sep - 2nd week of Nov 2015.

Sesquare is a hard angle of 1350.
Ceres is Panic.
Jupiter is Mother of all Crises.

The period can also be written as:
        4th week of Sep - 2nd week of Nov 2015
        [Pan (or Panic) in communication with Mother of all crises].

A very gloomy background is painted with 3 Monsters lurking:

Monster #1 (Scylla): [Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter].
Agitated by:
Faster Jupiter bumps forcibly against Neptune (through Opposition of 1800) on 17 Sep 2015.

Monster #2 (Charybdis): Jup FT Affliction by Jupiter-Saturn Gravitational Wall.
Agitated by:
Saturn of Monster #2 is “hit” by Jupiter (through a hard angle of 900) exact on 21 Sep 2015.

Monster #3 (Pan): Ceres at 1350 in front of Jupiter, causing panic.
These 3 bearish (negative) Monsters are all effective from now to Nov 2015.

As I see it, the market trend will reflect the influence of these agitated bearish planets & asteroids:

        Crisis (#1 Jupiter) + Recession (#2 Jupiter Fore Trojans) + Panic (#3 Ceres)
        PRODUCT = DJIA collapses in the coming 2 months.

I’ll discuss shorter term aspects in the next post.

Updating DJIA:
Updating My Portfolio:

Friday, 4 September 2015

Unleashing 2 Monsters

Melody (sweet music) as well as elegy (funeral song) having been heard, we return to observing the behavior of the 2 Monsters.

Melody pacifies the storm (stocks rise on 26 &27 Aug 2015 - investors are saved temporarily), but elegy creates turbulent waters again (stocks fall on 1-4 Sep 2015).

The elegy ushers in another storm of unprecedented ferocity. Can investors survive this time?

The Charts above depicts the presence of the 2 Monsters:

Monster #1 (Scylla) [Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter].
    Monster #2 (Charybdis) Jup FT Affliction by Jupiter-Saturn Gravitational Wall.

Jup FT = Jupiter Fore Trojans (recession asteroids) located at 600 ahead of Jupiter.

Should the Monsters be left unperturbed, their harmful influence is not obvious. But here, the 2 Monsters are made powerful (they are unleashed) by super-Giant planet Jupiter, and they will ravage the stock market.

The planets’ orbital speeds, as viewed from the Sun, are:
     Jupiter moves 2.1/20 a month.
     Saturn moves 10 a month.
     Neptune moves extremely slowly.

As Jupiter is the fastest of the 3 Giant Outer planets, super-Giant Jupiter is the Trigger planet to urge the 2 Monster to perform deleterious actions.

Trigger Action #1 (On geocentric Color Ephemeris)
Faster Jupiter bumps forcibly against Neptune (through Opposition of 1800) exactitude on 17 Sep 2015.  Monster #1 (Scylla) is excited, and it rears its ugly head to destroy the stock market.

Trigger Action #2 (On heliocentric Solar Chart)

 Saturn of Monster #2 (Charybdis) is “hit” by Jupiter (through a hard angle of 900) exactitude on 21 Sep 2015. 

The two Monsters now join hands to wreak havoc on the market.

During the above 2 Trigger actions, Jupiter (mother of all crises) becomes intensely agitated also (because of reactionary forces from Neptune and from Saturn).  Stocks nose-dive.