Friday, 31 July 2015


We are running into a dilemma, as explained on Solar Chart 2015-08-04

The bearish (negative) feature is the powerful [Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter] which is now off exact aspect by 6.1/20. The aspect is increasing in potency steadily (though slowly) as the aspect deviation orb is becoming smaller.

The bullish (positive) features are made up of 2 heliocentric aspects
(bullish Mars appears in both aspects):

   04 Aug 2015 [Mars Square Uranus].  Square = 900.
   06 Aug 2016 [Saturn Sesquare Mars].  Sesquare = 1350.

With negative and positive influences present at the same time, what can we make out of the situation?

We examine the planetary arrangements to see which feature is more active.  The active feature will rule the market.

We observe from the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris that on 03 Aug 2015 faster (negative) Jupiter is rushing towards Saturn and hits (positive) Saturn through an exact angle of 900 (a SQUARE). Both (positive) Saturn and (negative) Jupiter are agitated because of the [Saturn Square fast Jupiter] interaction.  As opposing influences are present and they are about equally strong, we are in the dilemma – the observation does not tell us whether stocks will go up and come down in the first week of Aug 2015.

I do not pretend to know all.  In a situation like this, I have no idea of market directions.

But there is one thing certain – Mars of the bullish features will disintegrate soon. Mars moves 1/20 a day, and in 1 week Mars will move away from the bullish aspects by 3-4 degree – Mars will no longer interact positively with Uranus and Saturn. Abatement of positive Mars influence will mean loss of positive backing for the stock market.

[1] For the week commencing Mon 3 Aug 2015, there are confusing signals and no forecast is made.
[2] For the week commencing Mon 10 Aug 2015, positive Mars influence will disappear, and stocks will fall significantly.

In the next post, we’ll discuss an extremely bearish scenario creating monumental declines.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Bull in china shop

Reuters (Shanghai) report
China stocks tumble, suffer biggest one-day loss in eight years
Monday 27 July 2015
Chinese shares tumbled more than 8 percent on Monday amid renewed fears about the outlook for the world's No. 2 economy, reviving the specter of a full-blown market crash that prompted unprecedented government intervention earlier this month.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC) nosedives 345 points (-8.48%). Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index plunges 776 points (3.09%).

It will be interesting to see how the omnipotent Chinese government handle the crash – some people advise it to guillotine all stock sellers!

During Global Great Depression, stocks are ordained to decline steeply. But there are up days. It is more useful to predict up days during a sharply falling stocks market.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto are the 3 positive planets of the Solar System causing stocks to rise. In present case, Mars takes on the important task to erase negative influence, so to arrest the fall and create some rises.

As seen from the Mars-centered Color Ephemeris, along the gray heavy line, hard angles of Mars (900 and 1350) are populated by Uranus and by Neptune (2 neutral Giant Outer planets). This makes a powerful Mars. Further stimulation on Mars by Moon transits can engender rising sessions.

Moon transits are marked below the Mars-centered Ephemeris.

From these lunar transits, we foretell the following:

[1] Wed 29 July 2015 (NY late afternoon)
NY stocks (DJIA) can edge up because bullish Saturn and bullish Pluto are made active by Moon.

[2] Thu 30 July 2015 (NY morning)
Uranus, Mars & Neptune are stimulated in succession by Moon, DJIA rallies.

[3] Thu 30 July 2015 (NY afternoon)
The bullish influence of stimulated Mars should have subsided, stocks ease back.

The main trend remains sharply bearish.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Intraday market trends

The fast-footed Moon travels13 degrees a day (Compared with Earth moving 1 degree and Mars moving 1/2 degree a day). The Moon often interacts with positive (bullish) planets and negative (bearish) planets in one day, producing rising (bullish) trend and falling (bearish) trend in succession.

We mention in the previous post that the bullish days in the past week has been created by 3 positive planets (Pluto, Saturn and Mars) interacting among themselves. The geocentric aspects are:


  14 July 2014 [Saturn Square Mars].  Square = 90 degrees.
  15 July 2015 [Pluto Opposition Mars]. Opposition = 180 degrees

By now these aspects have fully disintegrated (i.e. the member planets have deviated from exact aspects by more than 4 degrees).  Do not discount fully the planetary influence of the just disintegrated aspects – the planets can be aroused consecutively by Moon transits, producing a (in present case rising) trend for several hours.

The Mars-centered Color Ephemeris depicts these aspects. The position of the Moon is added.

The Swiss Ephemeris supplies the relevant data.

Saturn, Pluto and Mars are stimulated by the Moon, indicating a rising market from NY afternoon of Wed 22 July 2015 to Asia markets of Thu 23 July 2015.

As the positive influence subsides, stocks fall again in NY on Thu 23 July 2015.

After this, there is no more bullish influence left, and stocks are expected to decline to the end of July 2015.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Bears lurking

Premier Li Keqiang intervenes in China’s stock market with great success by “brutal actions” (involving stationing policemen at securities firms to arrest anyone selling short “maliciously”). Shanghai Stock Composite Index (SSEC) has rebounded because of the brutal intervention which proves China is far more superior in tackling financial crises (versus US gaucheries in handling the 2008 Financial Meltdown). In the next financial crisis, the Chinese government will guillotine anyone selling stocks!

The market has been bullish in the past week because (as explained by the previous post) all 3 bullish planets (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) are linked up and they are active. Their geocentric aspects are:


14 July 2014 [Saturn Square Mars]
15 July 2015 [Pluto Opposition Mars]

Mars moves at about 1/20 a day. By coming Monday (20 July 2015) Mars will have moved away from these aspects by 30. This is disintegration (breaking up) of bullish aspects, indicative of imminent termination of a rising period.

Then several bears (negative features) enter the scene:

Bear #1 (Two neutral Outer Giant planets interacting with negative Jupiter)

The negative aspects are:
[Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter] – 7.1/20 off exact 1800.
[Jupiter Square Uranus] – 20 off exact 900.

The more bearish feature of Bear #1 is [Neptune Grand Opposition Jupiter]. A normal aspect orb is 40. For a Grand Opposition (made up of 2 Giant planets on opposite sides of the Sun), a much bigger orb of 80 is applicable. This Grand Opposition promises a collapsing stock market. The very harmful effect is not yet apparent because it is 7.1/20 (too much) off exactitude.

Bear #2 (Jupiter at the Vertex of a Triangle)

The Triangle is made up of 3 Giant Outer planets:
Uranus.Jupiter.Saturn = 900.

Both negative Jupiter and positive Saturn are members of the Triangle. With Jupiter at the Vertex, Jupiter influence (negative) is more important (than positive Saturn influence), and it impacts adversely on the market.  Indeed Bear #2 enhances the bearish influence of Bear #1.

Bear #3 (Agitation of bearish Ceres)

Ceres is a bearish asteroid when agitated (Ceres is more bearish on China stocks). It will be attacked concertedly through Opposition (1800) by both Mercury and Sun, on 24 and 25 July 2015, as noted on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris.

With so many bearish aspects present, do we forecast a sharply bearish stock market?

Not quite. I believe in the coming week, the market will fall moderately (not collapse) because of some mitigating factors to lessen the seriousness of the fall:

Mitigation #1
Bear #1 is in formative stage, and the negative influence (though increasing) is still only mildly harmful.

Mitigation #2
A heliocentric Pluto-Mars long bar appears, as depicted on Solar Chart 2015-07-20.

Both bullish Mars and bullish Pluto are energized by Mercury, Sun and Venus.  This is a positive long bar, and it can off-set negative influence.

When August comes, steep declines are expected. We will give more attention to US stocks in our next posts. The anticipated steep declines are global in nature – they affect all major stock markets.

Friday, 10 July 2015

"Malicious" selling futures contracts is Anti-Communist Party

Collapse of China stocks (represented by Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index SSEC) is rescued by the Communist Party forbidding short selling, and using the country’s sovereign wealth funds and various types of support to save the A shares market.

The support, I believe, is short-lived. China economy’s hard landing is inevitable (though delayed temporarily by drastic government measures). The Chinese economy is basically defunct because:

[i] Huge bad debts imperil the banking system

[ii] The ridiculous housing market will collapse

[iii] Shadow banking (Ponzi schemes) will implode.
I visualize the following scenario:

[1] After the precipitous decline (temporary bottom on Wed 8 July 2015), SSEC rebounds because of government intervention.

[2] Money injected into the market (which is a Black Hole) by the government will be swallowed up by the stock market “sharks”. SSEC will sink soon.

[3] To save the market again, the Chinese Government will resort to the last means – dumping US Treasury bonds, using the sale proceeds to support SSEC. They will do this because collapse of China stocks means the downfall of the Communist Party.

[4] Soaring interest rates from [3] exacerbate the Global Great Depression which has commenced in early July 2015.
Interest rate hikes are not determined by the FED. The hikes are the outcome of market forces. I foresee soaring interest rates (Treasury bonds nose-dive) from the 2nd
 half of Aug 2015.

In the meantime, SSEC rebounds (now, for a few days). There are positive features next week as explained below.

The Mars-centered Color Ephemeris shows all 3 positive planets of the Solar System (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) are linked up, which propels stocks upwards.These bullish aspects are marked on the Color Ephemeris, and they are also listed in the Swiss Ephemeris below.

Specifically, Moon transits of Wed 15 July 2015 are bullish because Moon interacts with all 3 positive planets of the Solar System.

Rebound being over, SSEC falls back from Fri 17 July 2015.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Global Great Depression has arrived

Report from Reuters

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China stocks tumbled to four-month lows on Wednesday [08 July 2015] as panicky investors dumped shares across the board, even as the government tried to unveil supportive measures throughout the day session to stop the plunge.

To insulate themselves from the meltdown, more than 500 China-listed firms announced trading halts before the market opened, bringing the total number to around 1,300, almost half of China's roughly 2,800 listed firms.


The meltdown of Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC) is contagious. Hong Kong stocks therefore tumble. The precipitous falls will spread to other world markets. People who have read my ebook (published on 10 June 2015) should be able to avert losses or even profit from it. The free book can be downloaded by clicking Global Great Depression (July 2015-Jan 2021). The commencement (early July 2015) of the Great Depression is pin-pointed. There are more pains ahead.


Other obvious bubbles are:

        Treasury bonds

        Real estates

We will look into the true cause of the implosions of these bubbles in the next posts.

Friday, 3 July 2015

No Black Swan

A Black Swan is a sudden & unexpected deleterious occurrence (but with plausible explanation after the event). The abrupt collapse of China stocks (as represented by SSEC – Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index) from the 2nd half of June 2015 is referred to as a Black Swan. It is a convenient excuse to conceal ignorance. Indeed the collapse is easily predictable (i.e. No Black Swan). Read my blog post of Fri 12 June 2015 (Dirge 1 Ceres and Chiron) which says:

Moon transits bring out the bearish influence of Ceres, and stocks (especially China’s stocks) plunge………….

Stocks should fall sharply on Tue 16 June 2015.

Ceres continues to exert pressure on the market in 2nd half of June 2015.

The calamitous fall of SSEC continues in early July 2015 which is a part of the Global Great Depression (July 2015-Jan 2021). This free ebook forecasts the following during the Great Depression:

  Stocks nose-dive.
  Interest rate (bond yield) soars.
  Real estates collapse.

As to the duration of the present CRASH of SSEC, it covers 3 months from end June to end Sep 2015. 
I suggest a temporary bottom on Wed 23 Sep 2015. SSEC will travel back to about 2,200 where the super rally started a year ago.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

House on sand

Matthew 7:24-27 King James Version

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

 In mid June 2015, Shanghai Stock Exchange Index reaches 5,166 which is 150% compared with a year ago. The soaring stock market has been engineered by the Chinese Government for the purpose of keeping their fake “GDP growth” above 7%, to mask its steroid economy. It is a house built on sand. The result is and will be disastrous. What goes up must come down (as witnessed in the past 3 weeks) with a CRASH.