Friday, 29 May 2015

Why stocks fall end May 2015

Stocks fall in the last week of May 2015 (against my expectation of a rising market).

There are always present bullish and bearish forces at the same time. One has to disentangle the complexities to arrive at a correct forecast. The bearish (negative) force of last week gets the upper hand. The negative force is stronger than the bullish (positive) aspect which is Bull #1 (discussed previously):
        Bull #1 [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.
        Positive Saturn is aspecting neutral Uranus through a hard angle of 1350.

The stronger bearish (negative) influence is described on the Jupiter-Centered Ephemeris.
Jupiter Fore Trojans or Jup FT (tiny asteroids 600 in front of planet Jupiter) are rushing forward to smash their tiny heads (through a hard angle of 450) against Saturn (which is a Giant planet), exactitude on Thu 28 May 2015. The Jup FT are thoroughly de-stabilized, and stocks plunge.

Why is Bull #1 not powerful enough to combat this bearish force (de-stabilization of Jup FT)?

De-stabilization of Jup FT is by Saturn. Positive Saturn (a key member of Bull #1) performs bearish (negative) action! Bullish function of Saturn is lost in the process. Therefore the stock market responds to bearish influence.

This is my oversight, not being able to unravel the implication of opposing planetary influences.

But what will happen next week?

Refer to the post of last week which explains the working of a Melody (Music Formation). The most favorable day is on Tue 02 June 2015. We can still expect a sharp rally in the coming week.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Spectacular rise

The market has been lethargic, but the fireworks are reserved for the next 2 weeks.
In addition to the 2 bullish features discussed previously, there is an additional powerful Melody Formation (Bull #3) producing Sweet Music, governing stock market trend in the last week of May and the 1st week of June 2015. 

The working of the Melody is explained by the Neptune-centered Color Ephemeris below.

To gain more knowledge of how Sweet Music is generated, please read my ebook MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Dow to 20 thou

Dow edges higher in the 4th week of the 8-week super bull. The market will pick up momentum and I expect the Dow to advance to 20,000 within 4 weeks.

My positive expectation is based on the presence of 2 bullish configurations explained in the post of preceding week:.

Bull #1 [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.
Bull #2 Mars 90D Triangle, with Mars at the Vertex of the Triangle.

Two bullish planets (Saturn and Mars) are actively involved, and they propel stocks upwards.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Rising days ahead

The Dow edges higher in the first 3 weeks of the 8-week super bullish stock market. There is no excitement. But I expect sharp rising days in the coming weeks.

My positive expectation is based on the presence of 2 bullish configurations.

Bull #1 [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 135 degrees.
Bull #2 Mars 90D Triangle

Bull #1 has aspect deviation of 1/2 degree (hardly perceptible on the Solar Chart), and it is considered an exact (and therefore powerful) aspect.
These 2 aspects comprise bullish Saturn and bullish Mars. They are linked up with 2 Giant Outer planets (Uranus and Neptune). Positive influence of both Saturn and Mars is most effectively conveyed to investors on Earth. The stock market has only 1 way to go – it goes up.

Friday, 1 May 2015

To Stage 2 of the 3-stage Super Bull

Stage #1 (moderate advance) of the U. S. stock market has just passed. We’ll witness the super-bullish market unfolding in the next 2 stages (6 weeks).

Expect fireworks.

The forecast of 2 weeks ago is re-stated here.

Stage One
Moderate advance.
2 weeks from Mon 20 Apr 2015.
Stage Two
3 weeks commencing Mon 04 May 2015.
Stage Three
Soaring market.
3 weeks commencing Mon 25 May 2015.