Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sun is Trend Indicator

The market of past week is plagued by a strongly agitated bearish Ceres, and by Uranus positing close to the 1200 behind Jupiter (which is the Opposition of bearish Jupiter Fore Trojans or Jup FT).
The stock market is positive (bullish) because the aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] is approaching exactitude.  However, the Sun (trend indicator) interacts with Uranus in 2nd half of the coming week.

Since geocentric [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] is bearish, Sun transits can bring out its bearish influence, as marked on the Jupiter-centered Color Ephemeris:
Thu 02 Apr 2015
@17:21 Sun transits 120-degree behind Jupiter.
Mon 06 Apr 2015
@14:09 Uranus Conjunction Sun

The US stock market should rise on Monday-Wednesday, but it falters from Thu 02 Apr to Mon 06 Apr 2015.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ceres strikes again

Despite forecast of a rising market, DJIA falls 1.6% on Wed 25 Mar 2015.

The reason is that Ceres and Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) act in concert to damage the stock market.

Ceres is an asteroid. It is bearish in nature, as explained in my post of 11 Mar 2015 CERES IS CACOPHONY.

Information of the positions of Ceres is only found in The New American Ephemeris, and because of an oversight, I’ve overlooked it.

Here are the data for Wed 25 Mar 2015.

The Color Ephemeris is marked to show the same information.

In the last week of Mar 2015, Ceres is 1650 in front of Jupiter. Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are 600 behind Jupiter. Their separation = (360 – 165 – 60) = 1350 which is a hard angle “Sesquare”.

The aspect is: [Jup AT Sesquare Ceres].

This aspect is attacked by Moon (Moon moving to the same longitudinal degree of Jup AT) on 25 Mar 2015. Both Ceres and Jup AT are bearish in nature. Arousal of their negative force by Moon results in a plunging stock market in New York.

The planetary arrangements are always correct. But human is prone to making errors. Wrong interpretation of the planetary patterns is the fault of the forecaster.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Significant rise

Under a positive background, stocks rise in the preceding week.
Stocks will advance significantly in the coming week.

On LEFT Solar Chart 2015-03-27 is the long term positive aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350
The Sesquare aspect deviates from exactitude by merely 1.1/20 and the deviation is getting narrower. It is a powerful bullish aspect.

The bullish long term aspect is enhanced by Mars joining it – Refer to RIGHT Solar Chart 2015-03-27. Bullish Mars links up Saturn, Pluto and Uranus (by hard angles of 450 and 900). The resultant configuration is like a cobweb (with Mars as Spider), and it comprises all 3 positive planets (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) of the Solar System. Stocks should rally.

But there is a sharply negative aspect on the Color Ephemeris.

Look at the arrow. It points at the 1200 behind Jupiter. Close to that point is the Giant Outer planet Uranus.  As Jupiter Fore Trojans are 600 in front of Jupiter, the bearish aspect [Jupiter Fore Trojans Opposition Uranus] is effective. This bearish aspect can cause dips in the week.

Bullish influences outweigh bearish force, and the expected result is significant rise in the week commencing 23 Mar 2015.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Music of the Spheres

The Dow soars in NY afternoon of Wed 18 Mar 2015 because of Sweet Music.

Melody (Sweet Music) = The Federal Reserve says data suggest U.S. economic growth has moderated and officials indicate interest rates will rise at a slower pace than previously forecast.

Readers of my ebooks should not be surprised by the soaring market in NY afternoon trading session.

The important tool to forecast Melodies is an Ephemeris (Refer to Blog page “Color Ephemeris 2015”). The Neptune-centered Color Ephemeris for 2015 Q1 is reproduced:
The thick arrow points at the Melody aspect [Neptune Conjunction Mercury] – Neptune (Musician) and Mercury (Singer) meet at zero separation. They are ready to perform sweet music. But motivation is needed.

Motivation comes from fast-footed Moon (Moon travels 130 a day, and she dictates intraday market trends). On the Ephemeris, she is moving from right to left (direction of the small arrow) to the same longitudinal degree occupied by Musician and Singer. The Moon spurs the Musician and the Singer to perform. Sweet music is produced and heard by investors. Stocks soar.
The Swiss Ephemeris provides the data together with exact GMT hours and minutes of the interactions.
[1] The Melody aspect becomes exact in London morning @GMT 08:49 hours
[2] Bullish Saturn and bullish Mars interact with Moon in London afternoon (NY morning) providing a positive background conducive to a rising stock market.
[3] In NY evening, Moon encourages Neptune (Musician) and Mercury (Singer) to play and sing.

The Dow soars in NY afternoon of Wed 18 Mar 2015 (though the motivations occur in the evening). It is normal for the market to respond a few hours before and a few hours after exact aspect interactions.

I’ve just published an ebook MUSIC OF THE SPHERES which explains in meticulous details the true causes and effects of Melodies engendered by planetary interactions. The techniques have captured several past daily spikes of more than 10%. Click the book name (above) to read the first 25% of the text. Purchase it to predict future daily spikes!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Erratic week

Despite positive background for the next 2 weeks, the stock market trend in the coming week will be erratic. Stocks fall when Jupiter (bearish planet) is heavily stressed by both the Sun and the Moon at the same time.

The negative days are marked on the Color Ephemeris (above). The vertical blue line in the middle of the Ephemeris is bearish Jupiter. Both Moon and Sun move (from right to left) to attack Jupiter (through hard angles of 1800 and 1350). The dates and times of the attack are listed on The Swiss Ephemeris.

On Tue 17 Mar 2015
@08:14 Moon attacks Jupiter by Opposition (1800).
The aspect is strengthened by [Sun Semi-square Moon]. Semi-square = 450.

The bearish interaction occurs in London morning, and NY stock market (in morning session) should fall.

On Thu 19 Mar & on Fri 20 Mar 2015
Jupiter is attacked consecutively by both Sun and Moon through a hard Sesquare angle (1350).

19 Mar 2015 @04:32 [Jupiter Sesquare Sun]
20 Mar 2015 @07:36 [Jupiter Sesquare Moon].

These bearish interactions are strengthened by New Moon [Sun Conjunction Moon] of 20 Mar 2015 @09:37.

US Stocks will plunge on Thursday and Friday morning.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ceres is cacophony

In  my post of Ceres & Music dated 10 Dec 2014, I said:

There is an Asteroid Belt between (bullish) Mars and (bearish) Jupiter. Ceres is the largest asteroid taking up about 1/3 of the entire mass of the asteroid belt. The glyph for Ceres is a sickle (used for harvesting). The Chinese name for it is God of Cereals. In stock market analysis, the asteroid belt is regarded as an extension of Jupiter’s bearish influence. As Ceres is large, Ceres is significantly negative on stocks when it is heavily emphasized.

Indeed, the Asteroid Belt is US Colony populated by myriads of tiny asteroids (they are all bearish on US stocks). We need only concern ourselves with Ceres, the largest asteroid taking up about 1/3 of the entire mass of the asteroid belt.

Ceres flexes it muscle again on Tue 10 Mar 2015, causing a steep fall in US Stocks (the Dow is down 333 points or -1.85%) because of harsh noise (cacophony) generated by Ceres interacting with Neptune (Musician).

The bearish aspects are listed in the Ephemeris:
On Tue 10 Mar 2015
@10:39 [Neptune Semi-square Ceres]
Faster Ceres makes a hard angle aspect of 450 to Neptune and thereby Ceres gets itself and the Musician (Neptune) agitated, producing cacophony (sorrowful song).
@16:32 [Moon Square Jupiter]
This is a mildly bearish aspect, but it is sufficient to magnify the harsh noise.
Stocks plunge.

But I maintain the view that US stocks are on a rising trend.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Uptrend to resume

Stocks’ plunge in the past week has been caused (to a large extent) by Uranus positing at 1200 behind Jupiter (thick arrow on Color Ephemeris).
Since Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are 600 in front of Jupiter, bearish aspect [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] is operative – negative Jup FT are under persistent affliction.

Long term affliction on Jup FT by Uranus is bullish on USD (negative on Euro), thus USD soars while stocks sink.

But there are bullish features to support the stock market.  Solar Chart 2015-03-11 depicts 2 bullish configurations:

Bull #1
Mars 45D Triangle made up of:Saturn.Mars.Pluto = 450.
The bullish Mars 45D Triangle comprises all 3 positive planets (Saturn, Mars and Pluto) of the Solar System.

Bull #2
Presence of a “T” Formation.
Line P = Sun-Mars
Line Q = Neptune-Uranus
Line P and Line Q intersect at 90 degrees.
The bullish formation looks like a capital letter “T”.

Thus Neptune and Uranus (2 neutral Giant planets) link up with all the positive planets of the Solar System.

Their joint efforts should be able to erase negative influence of [Uranus Opposition Jup FT], and create a rising US stock market for the coming 2-3 week.

There are intermittent significant dips ahead, but the main stock trend is up.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Full Moon

Full Moon day often (not always) pinpoints stock market top or market bottom. The coming Full Moon is:
  Thu 05 Mar 2015 @GMT18:07

I expect US stocks to fall on Thu 05 Mar 2015.

Fri 06 Mar 2015 is uncertain. But stocks should resume the uptrend in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of Mar 2015. I’ll explain why in my next post.

US stocks do fall significantly on 03 & 04 Mar 2015, as predicted.