Friday, 27 February 2015

Caution ahead

Despite our long term bullish forecast, there are negative days when bearish Jupiter is agitated. This happens in early Mar 2015.

Jupiter is plotted at the center of the Color Ephemeris. Two (2) geocentric bearish features are obvious:
Bear #1(Medium term)
Uranus has moved to 1200 behind Jupiter. Since negative Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are 600 in front of Jupiter, the medium term bearish geocentric aspect [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] is formed.
Bear #2 (Short term)
01 Mar 2015 [Jupiter Opposition Mercury].

Bear #1 and Bear #2 together afflict the Sun-Jupiter System (Jupiter + Jupiter Trojans).

When the Sun-Jupiter System is further agitated by the Moon, stocks should fall. Bearish Moon interaction is depicted on the Color Ephemeris. The aspect is:

    03 Mar 2015 @04:52 Jupiter Conjunction Moon.

Stocks will fall on Tue 3 Mar 2015 and on Wed 4 Mar 2015.

Forecast for US stocks in March 2015
US stocks are long term bullish. However because of negative features outlined, there are negative days in early Mar 2015.

USD Forecast aborted

We expect USD to top out (when Index = 94.65), but now the Dollar climbs back to 95.15. This proves our forecast is wrong. The reason for USD being so strong is disclosed in the Color Ephemeris (with Jupiter at the Centre).
At end Feb 2015 Geocentric Uranus moves to 1200 behind Jupiter (as indicated by an arrow on the Ephemeris). Since Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) are 600 in front of Jupiter, the aspect is Geocentric [Uranus Opposition Jup FT]. This is the same as Heliocentric aspect [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] whose presence has been instrumental in pushing up USD to a top towards end Jan 2015. Now this aspect appears once more, and USD is likely to respond to it by rising again.

I’d rather stay on the sideline before taking further actions.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No Black Swan

A black swan is a convenient excuse for the ignorant. The biggest "black swan" is the October Crash of 1987. Nobody seems to have demystified the Crash after more than 27 years.  But now you have the simple explanation.  It is easy to foresee the crisis, and the logic (expounded in my ebook) can be applied to predict future crises. Click the book title above for FREE download.

Friday, 20 February 2015

DJIA at record high

DJIA closes at record high on Fri 20 Feb 2015.
USD Index goes nowhere - It closes at 94.25 (compared with 94.15 the week before).
Forecasts for the coming week:
Dow Jones Industrial Index
will continue to advance.
US Dollar Index has peaked out, and will plunge.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Black Hole in Stock Market Forecast

My new ebook Black Hole in Stock Market Forecast has just been released for sale.

It discusses medium term (1-3 months) steep falls and subsequent sharp rallies, including forecasts of similar occurrences up to year 2018.

First 20% of the text is available for preview through On-Line Reader.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Attack on Sun-Jupiter System

The forecasts of last week are:
The Dow should rally and USD plunge.

The Dow rises significantly and closes on Fri 13 Feb 2015 at 18,019 (near record high). 

The USD Index falls from 94.65 to 94.15 (down slightly, short of expectation). The significance is that the mighty USD has topped out.

Here are forecasts for the coming 2 weeks (to end Feb 2015):

Dow Jones Industrial Index: Will continue surging.
US Dollar Index: Will plunge.

The purpose of writing this blog is to advance my newly developed prediction methodology. Readers are advised to explore the root causes of market movements, so be able to analyze the markets themselves. This blog tells you how to fish, not simply presenting to you some fishes every week.

One useful way to acquire forecasting techniques is to analyze negative days when the stocks’ main trend is up. In the paragraphs below, I’ll explain why stocks fall in face of a rising market.

The Sun-Jupiter System is made up of bearish (negative) planets:
        Jupiter (super Giant)
        + Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans, 600 in front of Jupiter)
        + Jup AT (Jupiter Aft Trojans, 600 behind Jupiter).

When the Sun-Jupiter System is battered, stocks fall significantly.

The Sun moves 10 a day, and the Moon moves 130 a day. The Sun and the Moon are Trigger “planets” that dictate intra-day market trends (short term movements).

Should both Sun and Moon act concertedly on bullish (positive) planets at about the same time, stocks rise. Should both Sun and Moon act concertedly on bearish (negative) planets at about the same time, stocks fall.

The interactions are depicted on Solar Chart 2015-02-06. The data beside the Chart are taken from The Swiss Ephemeris.

Fri 06 Feb 2015 @GMT 18:20
[Jupiter Opposition Sun] is the same as [Jupiter Conjunction Earth] when viewed from the Sun. This means the Earth “hits” bearish Jupiter at close quarters (00 degree), and bearish influence of Jupiter is conveyed to investors on Earth.

On Sun 08 Feb 2015 @GMT 22:13
[Uranus Opposition Moon] means the Moon “hits” Uranus through an Opposition aspect (1800).

Uranus is very close to the Opposition of (bearish) Jup FT (deviation of 20 only). An agitated Uranus causes Jup FT to oscillate wildly, and Jup FT are de-stabilized.

Jup FT de-stabilization is confirmed in the following aspect:

   Mon 09 Feb 2015 @05:45
   [Moon 60 Jupiter] which is in fact [Jup FT Conjunction Moon].
   The Moon conveys bearish influence of Jup FT to investors on Earth.

Thus (bearish) Jupiter and (bearish) Jup FT are attacked forcibly by both Sun and Moon consecutively. The Sun-Jupiter System is shaken up. The Dow falls (in middle of a rising trend) on Fri 06 Feb 2015 & on Mon 09 Feb 2015.

Make sure you understand the logic.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Kung Hay Fat Choy!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mighty Dollar Has Topped Out

The USD Index will plunge for 3 weeks commencing Mon 9 Feb 2015. Last Friday the Index closes at 94.65.

The long term USD is still strong, but a significant downward adjustment is overdue.

To understand the impending fall, we must know the conditions for USD to rally in the immediate past. They are (for this specific situation only):

Condition #1  Agitation of the North Node, plus
Condition #2  Agitation of the Sun-Jupiter System.
The Color Ephemeris (with North Node plotted at the Centre) covers the period from 2014 Q3 through 2015 Q2. 

From Aug 2014 the North Node and Uranus (Giant planet) are at Opposition (they are separated by about 1800). They stay at Opposition (or very close to Opposition) for many months, to end Jan 2015. During this long period (6 full months), North Node is under persistent stimulation or agitation (by a Giant planet) which is conducive to a rising USD (Condition #1 is satisfied). Coupled with an agitated Sun-Jupiter System (Condition #2), USD soars.

We focus our analysis on the last 2 months when the USD Index’s advance is much more pronounced.

Planet Jupiter and Jupiter Trojans (Jup FT + Jup AT) together form the Sun-Jupiter System which represents the US Dollar. When the Sun-Jupiter System is heavily agitated, USD rises.

Solar Chart 2015-01-11 describes exact [Uranus Opposition Jup FT]. Uranus and Jup FT are separated by 1800. Both Uranus and Jup FT move slowly, and they stay at Opposition (or very close to Opposition) for 2 months, computed below:

Exactitude 11 Jan 2015 ± 4 weeks
= 3rd week Dec 2014 to 1st week Feb 2015.

This period satisfies Condition #2 because Jup FT (a member of the Sun-Jupiter System) are severely agitated by Giant planet Uranus.

The Color Ephemeris (above) depicts Condition #1 being satisfied in Dec 2014 and Jan 2015.

As both conditions are satisfied, USD surges 8% in the past 8 weeks.
 By now (2nd week of Feb 2015) these conditions are over.

Condition #1 is over
[North Node Opposition Uranus] has just disintegrated, with North Node and Uranus moving definitely away from Opposition (1800).
Condition #2 is over
[Uranus Opposition Jup FT] has also disintegrated.

Both North Node and Jup FT return to stable state. Accordingly, USD will fall back. Its fall (to end Feb 2015 per our forecast) should fuel the rise of the DOW which will climb to 20,000 in 3 months (as explained in my last blog post).

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dow to 20 thou

On Tue 3 Feb 2015, DJIA soars 305 points to 17,666 (+1.76%) because of the following “good” news:

[1] Crude oil rallies.
      WTI Crude rises from US$49.00 to US$54.00 per barrel.
[2] USD falls sharply
      US Dollar Index falls from 94.50 to 93.30
[3] Hopeful of Greek government bailout success.

On Wed 5 Feb 2015 there are complete price reversals because of “bad” news:

[1] WTI Crude falls back from US$54.00 to US$49.00 (- 9% Exact reversal).
[2] USD Index rises from 93.30 to 94.50 (Exact reversal)
[3] Greek government bailout is in doubt.

For point [3], here is the press news from CNBC:

Wed 4 Feb 2015 - ECB: Banks can't use Greek debt as collateral

The European Central Bank has revoked a waiver that allowed banks to use Greek government debt as collateral for loans. The ECB, in a statement late Wednesday, said it was no longer able to assume there would be a successful conclusion to the Greek government's bailout talks with its lenders. The Dow (Dow Jones Global Indexes: .DJI), which had been up 100 points just before the ECB release, quickly turned negative following the news.

The Dow is the last financial instrument to respond. It plunges only in the last 30 minutes and then the stock market is closed. It is likely Dow’s plunge will carry to NY morning on Thu 5 Feb 2015.

Thereafter, I am bullish on US stocks. The Dow has found a bottom. The bullish reasons are explained in the post of Fri 30 Jan 2015 “URANUS CHANGES PARTNERS”.

I expect the Dow to surge from here (last close 17,673) to 20,000 in 3 months.