Friday, 30 January 2015

Uranus Changes Partners

The Dow rises 225 points on Thu 29 Jan 2015 as Moon transits over positive features of the Color Ephemeris (with Saturn at Centre). 

Dow’s rise is completely erased on Fri 30 Jan 2015 under the weight of negative features explained in blog post of 29 Jan 2015.

The question is: What next?

Please re-read my free ebook FORECASTING STOCK MARKET SUPER BULLS (published in Sep 2014). In SECTION 09 (just before “Conclusion”), I said:

“We predict with confidence that the up-trend will resume not later than the 2nd week of Feb 2015”.

One main reason for rising stock market is: Uranus Changing dancing Partners.

In Jan 2015, Uranus has been dancing with bearish Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) by positioning itself at the Opposite side (1800) of Jup FT:

       [Uranus Opposition Jup FT].

Gradually, the Opposition disintegrates.  On 6 Feb 2015, as marked on LEFT Solar Chart 2015-02-06, the deviation from exact Opposition is 20 and the deviation keeps on becoming larger, so that [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] is decreasing in power (less bearish).

On the other hand, the RIGHT Solar Chart 2015-02-06 shows the bullish aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] is increasing in power, with Saturn moving towards Uranus. Sesquare = 1350.

The deviation of the Sesquare on 6 Feb 2015 is about 2.1/20, and the deviation is becoming smaller (though very slowly).

From these 2 Charts, it is clear Uranus is moving away from Jup FT (Uranus is trying to “jilt” its Partner - BEARISH Jup FT), and at the same time Uranus is getting closer and closer to Saturn (Uranus befriends a new dancing Partner which is BULLISH Saturn).

A major planet Changing Partners (from bearish Partner to bullish Partner) means change of stock market trends also (in present case, from down to up). We expect a sustained rise of the DOW because long term [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] is going to take over the command of the market.

One may argue that Uranus is more closely tied up with bearish Jup FT (20 deviation) than with bullish Saturn (2.1/20 deviation). That is true by simply looking at the degrees of separation. But intention counts. The intention of Uranus is to join bullish Saturn.

In addition, there are other signs that favor a rising stock market.

Study again RIGHT Solar Chart 2015-02-06. Three (3) Outer planets are arranged with separation of roughly a multiple of 450 (a hard angle). The planetary arrangement is:

        Uranus 900 Pluto 450 Saturn.

Mars (which is faster than Saturn, Pluto and Uranus) is moving to join the hard angle arrangement to (soon) form:

        Uranus 00 Mars 900 Pluto 450 Saturn.

The new configuration comprises all 3 positive planets (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) of the Solar System. As soon as this positive configuration is stimulated, stocks rise significantly.

To be exact, the following (heliocentric) aspects are formed by Mars transits:

09 Feb 2015
[Mars Square Pluto] + [Mars Sesquare Saturn].
13 Feb 2015
[Uranus Conjunction Mars].

Bullish Mars is joining the bullish [Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Mars aspects encourage Uranus changing dancing partner to bullish planet (Saturn).

We therefore expect the US stock market to advance from the 2nd week of Feb 2015.

We’ll try to locate the exact date of change (which may occur earlier).

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bearish Moon Cycle

Moon’s 3.1/2 day cycle also applies to transits over negative features.

The negative features (mentioned in yesterday’s post) are:

   Negative #1  Uranus Conjunction Jup FT. (Jup FT = Jupiter Fore Trojans).
   Negative #2  North Node at Opposition to Uranus, to stress Jup FT.

The Color Ephemeris (with Jupiter at the Centre) is plotted, together with Moon transits separated by roughly 3.1/2 days.

North Node is 80 (less than 130) in front of the 45-degree hard angle to Jupiter. As the Moon travels 130 a day, Moon interaction with bearish Jupiter will be followed by Moon interaction with North Node on the same day. 

Since North Node is linked up with Uranus to afflict Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans), these consecutive interactions arouse heavy bearish influence (of BOTH Jupiter and Jup FT), and stocks plunge.
For example, the following aspects occur on the same day:

Thu 28 Jan 2015
   @ GMT 02:18 Jupiter is hit by Moon at 90 hard angle.
   @ GMT 17:51 North Node Sesquare Moon.  Sesquare = 135 degrees.

Jupiter is hit by Moon early in the morning, Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans – children of Jupiter) are swaying violently. Later in the day, North Node is strongly attacked through [N North Sesquare Moon]. Therefore Jup FT are thoroughly de-stabilized, and the DOW (to reflect the bearish influence) plunges in NY afternoon.

The 2nd iteration of bearish Moon transits occur on Saturday and Sunday. Because there is no market, we ignore the interactions.

The 3rd bearish iteration comprises the following aspects:
Wed 04 Feb 2015
   @GMT 05:31 [Jupiter Conjunction Moon]
   @GMT 22:20 [N Node Semi-square Moon]. Semi-square = 135 degrees.

By Moon conjunction, Jupiter is agitated in the morning. Then Moon moves on to interact with North Node, and to de-stabilize Jup FT. We expect a plunging market in N.Y. on Wed 04 Feb 2015.

Only when these negative features are over can we expect a long term rising stock market.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dow bottoming

The DOW falls back in the last 2 trading days, as predicted on blog post of Fri 23 Jan 2015, because of the abatement of bullish Mars influence.

The market’s background is still negative. However, we detect periodic rises by (once again) applying the 3.1/2 day Moon cycle to locate positive days.

In the Color Ephemeris (with Saturn at Centre of the graph) below, we discern several planets are placed at hard angles to bullish Saturn.

A hard angle is 450 or a multiple of 450.

The bullish aspects (hard angles) are:
[Pluto Semi-square Saturn]. Semi-square = 450.
[Neptune Square Saturn]. Square = 900.
[Uranus Sesquare Saturn]. Sesquare = 1350.

There is one more bullish aspect on the Color Ephemeris:
01 Mar 2015 [Neptune Conjunction Venus]. Conjunction = 00.

Neptune is Musician. Venus is Dancer. When the Musician and Dancer meet and they are stimulated by Moon, MELODY (sweet music) is produced. Stocks rise.

Refer to the blog page “MUSIC” for more information.

In presence of these positive features, Moon transits over Saturn’s hard angles arouse bullish influence which induces investors to buy up the market.

Moon’s bullish transits are separated by 3.1/2 days. Four iterations are marked on the Color Ephemeris. Each iteration causes the DOW to rise 1 day.

To pin-point the times of rises, study the aspects copied from the Swiss Ephemeris.
The negative background (mentioned at the beginning) is the result of:

Negative #1 Uranus Conjunction Jup FT (Jup FT = Jupiter Fore Trojans).
Negative #2 North Node at Opposition of Uranus to stress Jup FT.

These negative features are also responsible to propel USD upwards. Indeed, super strong USD plays a key role in restraining the DOW from rising.

The next blog post (a few days later) will discuss the conditions for termination of the up-trend of the Mighty Dollar. I believe that CIT (Change in trend) of USD from up to down will usher in a rising phase in U. S. stocks.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Super Strong USD

January 2015 is an extremely strong month for USD (US Dollar against other currencies). The reason is that the Sun-Jupiter System is made extraordinarily powerful. Super Giant Jupiter represents USA (the nation) as well as USD (the currency). When the Sun-Jupiter System is made powerful, USD soars.

The logic is simple. But to have a full understanding of the analysis, readers are advised to first review the 2 pages of this blog:
    Sun-Jupiter System
    Color Ephemeris 2015.

On Solar Chart 2015-01-21 the Sun-Jupiter System is marked in Green. The System consists of the Sun plus:
Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT), and
Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT).

When these members are heavily stressed, the Sun-Jupiter System becomes powerful, and USD soars.

Solar Chart 2015-01-21 depicts [Uranus Opposition Jup FT]. This heliocentric aspect is exact on 11 Jan 2015. Since Uranus and Jupiter move slowly, the Opposition aspect is effective throughout 2015 January month.

On the Color Ephemeris (with North Node at centre), we see Uranus is 1800 from N Node, which is [Uranus Opposition N Node]. Again, this Opposition aspect is effective for 2015 January month.

N North is treated as a neutral “planet”, and this Opposition strengthens the heliocentric [Uranus Opposition Jup FT].

Jup FT (a member of the Sun-Jupiter System) are therefore stressed by Uranus as well as by N Node. Jup FT are made to oscillate wildly.
Jupiter (another member of the Sun-Jupiter System) is stressed also, by the following geocentric short term aspect (on the Color Ephemeris with Jupiter at centre):

Mon 19 Jan 2015 [Jupiter Opposition Venus].

Moon joins the actions to arouse Jupiter’s influence by transits:

Wed 21 Jan 2015 @GMT 20:22 [Jupiter Opposition Moon]
Thu 22 Jan 2015 @GMT 01:45 [Venus Conjunction Moon].

These aspects are stated in the Swiss Ephemeris:
All actions are focused on the Sun-Jupiter System which is thoroughly shaken up. USD soars.

Of special note is the Looney which plunges 2% (against USD) on 21 Jan 2015. Looney’s steep decline coincides with [Jupiter Opposition Moon].

Forex traders are bewildered. Hence this post.

When the Sun-Jupiter System is shaken up, stocks should nose-dive.
However, as demonstrated in the past 3 weeks, the DOW has been “saved” by bullish Moon transits in her 5 positive iterations.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Moon is Trend Indicator

Moon’s 3.1/2 day cycle has created 5 iterations of rising days, as marked on the Price Chart.

Iteration of Mon 19 Jan 2015 coincides with Martin Luther King day (holiday in NY), and the expected advance cannot be reflected in the DOW – but stocks rise in Asian markets the following day.

Iteration covers 22-23 Jan 2015. 
The last Moon transits for Iteration is the bullish aspect [Mars Conjunction Moon] on Fri 23 Jan 2015 @GMT 02:10. Accordingly stocks surge in Asia and in Europe. 

A single Moon transit dictates stock market trend for half day only. When NY market opens on Friday, energized bullish Mars has returned to stable state. NY market on Fri 23 Jan 2015 falls because of full disintegration of bullish Mars aspects. 

How now? 

U.S. stocks will likely fall in the next 2 trading days upon abatement of bullish Mars influence.

My next post will be on Wed 28 Jan 2015. We’ll see what is in store for the DOW.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

NY Holiday Mon 19 Jan 2015

It's a holiday in NY in honor of Martin Luther King.

There'll be no trading in NY on Mon 19 Jan 2015, and the expected rise in NY (by iteration No. 4) will not be reflected in the stock market.

Happy trading!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Moon's Magic Wand

Waving a magic wand, the Moon directs the DOW to move up and down punctiliously.

The rebound on Fri 16 Jan 2015 of 190 points (up 1.1%) in the DOW is the 3rd iteration of Moon’s bullish transits, being a part of her 3.1/2 day cycle. 

This significant rebound has been predicted 3 days earlier.

The stock market is still under the bearish influence of [Jup Fore Trojans Opposition Uranus], though the DOW is regularly lifted up by Moon transits over positive planets.  The 5th (last) bullish iteration will occur on 22-23 Jan 2015.  Read on.
The bullish transits are clearly marked on the Color  Ephemeris. The exact times of the interactions are stated in The Swiss Ephemeris (GMT). There is no need for me to add more on Moon’s 5th iteration.


At the end of Section 9 of my ebook FORECASTING STOCK MARKET SUPER BULLS (published in Sep 2014), I conclude as below:

[1] The bullish long term aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] covers early Dec 2014 to early Dec 2015.
[2] The strong rise should start earlier, from mid Nov 2014 because a bullish Mars feature underpins the market.
[3] But there is a sharp dip from the last week of Dec 2014 for about 4 weeks.

The bearish period (sharp dip from Dec 2014) under discussion is about to terminate. I’ll try to locate the exact bottom in my next blog post.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Market collapse

On Thursday 15 Jan 2015, the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly abandons its 3-year old peg of 1.20 Swiss francs to 1 Euro, which rocks global stock and currency markets. The announcement is made at GMT 09:00. 
The knee-jerk reaction is a 2% drop in U.S. stock futures before recovery.
Immediately after the central bank's announcement, the Swiss franc (“Swissie”) soars by about 30% in value against the Euro. The Swissie also gains 25% against USD before falling back to trade 12% higher at 0.901 francs per US dollar.

The move hits European equity markets hard, with SMI (Swiss Market Index) falling by more than 10% at one point.

There are two (2) Medium term bearish aspects
HELIOCENTRIC: [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] exact 11 Jan 2015.
GEOCENTRIC: [Ceres Sesquare Jupiter] exact 20 Jan 2015 @16:42
Sesquare = 1350.

Moon transits on Thu 15 Jan 2015 (to pin-point the exact timing of stock collapse)
@GMT 09:30 [Ceres Semi-square Moon]. Semi-square = 450.
@GMT 14:30 [Moon Square Jupiter]. Square = 900.

Both bearish Ceres and bearish Jupiter are agitated, and they join hands to wreak havoc on the markets.

In my blog post of 10 December 2014 CERES & MUSIC. I put forth my long term observation: “Ceres is significantly negative on stocks when it is heavily emphasized. 

The observation is endorsed once more on 15 Jan 2015 through the aspect:

@GMT 09:30 [CERES Semi-square Moon].

The greater bearish background is [Uranus Opposition Jupiter Fore Trojans]. Attack on CERES by the Moon (through a HARD angle of 450) under negative environment is sharply bearish. Note the timing of interaction at GMT 09:30. It coincides exactly with the precipitous decline of stocks worldwide.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

3 1/2 day Moon Cycle

One wonders why DJIA swings so violently in Jan 2015. The gyrating movements are caused by opposing forces (Yin and Yang) occurring at the same time.

There are 2 medium term planetary arrangements.

Medium term BEARISH arrangement
[Uranus Opposition Jup FT] covering end Dec 2014 - end Jan 2015.

Bearish Jupiter Fore Trojans are rushing to the Opposite point of Uranus (a Giant planet) and the Jup FT get themselves de-stabilized. Stocks plunge.

Medium term BULLISH arrangement
In the Color Ephemeris, bullish planets are spaced at HARD angles of 450. Mars moves (at about 1/20 a day) to interact with Saturn and Pluto, and the interactions are strengthened by 2 Giants (Uranus and Neptune). This bullish situation is effective for 3 weeks in Jan 2015.

How do we know which is an up day, and which is a down day? Look to Moon transits for guidance.

The Moon travels about 130 a day. In 3.1/2 days she moves forward 450 which is a HARD angle. Through the 3.1/2 day transits, the Moon arouses the bullish influence as well as bearish influence – the DOW rises and falls accordingly. This is the Moon’s 3.1/2 day cycle.

Pluto, Saturn and Mars are all the 3 positive planets of the Solar System. When they are stimulated by Moon at the same time, U.S. stocks go up.

Here are the bullish (positive) days for the DOW (brought out by Moon transits).
Fri 16 Jan 2015
@GMT 05:39 Pluto Semi-square Moon.  Semi-square = 450.
@GMT 12:11 Saturn Conjunction Moon
@GMT 13:50 Mars Square Moon.  Square = 900.

Mon 19 Jan 2015
@GMT 10:52 Pluto Conjunction Moon.
@GMT 17:01 Moon Semi-square Saturn.  Semi-square = 450.
@GMT 22:19 Mars Semi-square Moon.
There is no trading on Saturday and Sunday. The Moon interactions of Friday (16 Jan) and Monday (19 Jan) are treated as continuous. The rise of Monday piggybacks that of Friday. Stocks’ advance will be significant.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Yin and Yang

I forecast a bearish market. But DJIA rises 323 points (+1.84%) on Thu 08 Jan 2015.  Is the negative forecast wrong?

 There are always opposing forces occurring at the same time (Yin and Yang co-exist).

Couplet #3 says:
    A bear market, Jupiter and Trojans dictate. 
   Mars, Saturn, and Pluto a rising trend create.    

The bullish planets are Mars, Saturn and Pluto. On 8 Jan 2015 (as plotted on the Color Ephemeris – with Mars in the middle), these 3 bullish planets are positioned at hard angles (hard angles are 450, 900, 1350 and 1800), and the arrangement is potentially sharply bullish. Its positive influence is aroused by Moon transits on Thu 08 Jan 2015 in N.Y. (and in early Asian morning of Fri 09 Jan 2015).
The bullish aspects can be read off from The Swiss Ephemeris:

Thu 08 Jan 2015 @GMT 17:04 [Mars Opposition Moon]
Thu 08 Jan 2015 @GMT 19:48 [Pluto Sesquare Moon]
Fri 09 Jan 2015 @GMT 02:19 [Saturn Square Moon]

The combined bullish influence of 3 energized planets is enormous, and stocks jump 1.84% in NY.

But I stand by my earlier bearish forecast.

Moon moves very quickly (Moon travels 130 a day). Her transits dictate intraday market trend. As soon as Moon moves away from the hard angles of these bullish planets (i.e. intraday bullish influence subsides), US stocks should fall back.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Day of collapse accurately predicted 4 months ago

Should you wish to know why US Stocks collapse on Mon 05 Jan 2015, please refer to:

      Section 09 of my ebook Forecasting Stock Market Super-bulls.

The steep fall on this specific date was predicted in early Sep 2014 (4 months ago).

This is a free ebook.  To view &/or download, click Smashwords.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Precipitous fall anticipated

The US stock market on Fri 2 Jan 2015 is flat.

The truly bearish actions are in the 10 days commencing Mon 5 Jan 2015.

 The bearish (negative) features are marked on Solar Chart 2015-01-05 (below).

BEAR [1]
[Uranus Opposition Jupiter Fore Trojans].
Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) are rushing towards the OPPOSITION of Uranus (Giant planet). The Opposition is off exactitude by 1/20 only on 5 Jan 2015. The Jup FT are intensely afflicted.
BEAR [2]
On 5 Jan 2015 [Jup Fore Trojans Squaure Earth] becomes exact.
Earth moves in anti-clockwise direction, and is now posited at 300 behind Jupiter.
Jup FT are 600 in front of Jupiter, and Earth is therefore 900 behind Jup FT to form the bearish [Jup FT Square Earth].
Jup FT are already afflicted (per Bear 1). They are further attacked by Earth (through a hard angle of 900) which de-stabilizes Jup FT.
BEAR [3]
On 8 Jan 2015 @GMT 05:08 Jupiter is agitated by Moon through the aspect [Jupiter Conjunction Moon]. Because of the big icons, the Moon is plotted in outer space (for sake of clarity).


We can add BEAR [4]
[Uranus Opposition Jupiter Fore Trojans] becoming exact on 11 Jan 2015.
Jup FT are smashing their tiny heads against the OPPOSITION of Uranus. This bearish aspect extends the sharp fall to mid Jan 2015.

Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are thoroughly de-stabilized by Uranus and by Earth.
Jupiter is agitated by Moon, and bearish influence is fully released.

RESULT = The Sun-Jupiter System is shaken up, and US stocks fall precipitously.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


In my last blog-post, I forecast US stocks to fall from 22 Dec 2014 for about 1 month.

But stocks refuse to fall because of presence of minor positive influence. 

Specifically, Melody (sweet music) pushes up stocks. Melody is emitted from 2 Geocentric aspects (aspects viewed from the Earth):

26 Dec 2014 [Neptune Semi-square Venus]
29 Dec 2014 [Neptune Semi-square Mercury]

Semi-square = 450

These aspects are depicted on the Color Ephemeris:
        Neptune (Musician) is the PURPLE LINE IN MIDDLE
        Venus (Dancer) is the DOTTED BLUE LINE
        Mercury (Singer) is the DOTTED RED LINE.
Both Venus (Dancer) and Mercury (Singer) are moving towards Neptune (Musician) and they interact through a SEMI-SQUARE (hard angle of 450). Melody is produced. The sweet music urges investors to buy up stocks from 22 Dec to 29 Dec 2014.

But the more powerful influence (described in my last post) eventually takes over, and stocks plunge in the last 2 trading days of Dec 2014.

There are always opposing forces, and one has to make a hard decision as to the immediate market trend.

My forecast for the next 3 weeks: US Stocks will fall significantly.

A new post (early next week) will further elucidate my contention that stocks should plunge in the coming weeks.