Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sharp Decline Begins

DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) should decline from Mon 22 Dec 2014, for about 1 month.

Stocks will fall sharply because of severe de-stabilization of the Sun-Jupiter System.
There are 3 bearish members in the Sun-Jupiter System. They are marked on Solar Chart 2014-12-20:

[1] Jupiter (which is a super Giant planet).

[2] Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) which are a group of tiny asteroids (along Jupiter’s orbit) clustered closely around 600 in front of Jupiter. Jup FT are Jupiter’s children.

[3] Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) which are a group of tiny asteroids (along Jupiter’s orbit) clustered closely around 600 behind Jupiter. Jup AT are Jupiter’s children.
Let’s see how Jupiter and its children plague the U. S. stock market.

Bearish Action One

Jupiter is attacked by Earth through
[Jupiter Semi-square Earth].

Semi-square = 450.

Fast Earth (in anti-clockwise direction) is moving towards Jupiter, and Earth hits Jupiter (a bearish planet) through a hard angle of 450, exact on 20 Dec 2014.

Bearish Action Two
Jup FT are stressed heavily by Uranus through
[Uranus Opposition Jup FT].

Opposition = 1800.

Faster moving Jup FT (moving at the same speed like Jupiter at 2.1/20 a month) are moving towards the Opposite point of (slower planet) Uranus. Uranus is a neutral Giant planet, and the Opposition agitates severely Jup FT (FT are bearish asteroids).

On 20 Dec 2014, [Uranus Opposition Jup FT] deviates from exact Opposition aspect by 1.1/20. Allowable aspect orb is 40. So Jup FT are already under heavy stress by Giant Uranus, and stocks are prone to plunge.
Exact Opposition aspect is on 11 Jan 2015. As the Opposition aspect is becoming exact, negative force through Jup FT affliction by Uranus is increasing. Jup FT are in effect bumping their heads against Uranus, and getting themselves de-stabilized.

Moving forward, we see Solar Chart 2014-12-28 depict Bearish Action 3 and Bearish Action 4.

Bearish Action Three
Jupiter is attacked by Mercury as well as by Venus. The interactions are described on Inner System Chart 2014-12-28:

Sat 27 Dec 2014 [Jupiter Opposition Mercury]
Sun 28 Dec 2014 [Jupiter Opposition Venus]

Aspect by Mercury or by Venus alone does not impact the market seriously. But here, the 2 inner planets jointly attack Jupiter. The result is thorough de-stabilization of Jupiter.

Bearish Action Four
When bearish planets (Jupiter, Jup FT and Jup AT) are agitated, stocks fall because their bearish influence is conveyed to investors on Earth.

By the same reasoning, when bullish influence (of Saturn and Mars) is obstructed from reaching Earth, stocks should fall because of insulation of bullish influence.

There are 2 Gravitational Walls (GWs) formed by Giant planets:

GW #1 = Sun-Uranus.
GW #2 = Sun-Jupiter.

GW #1 insulates bullish Mars from Earth.
GW #2 insulates bullish Saturn from Earth.

Deprivation (or reduction) of bullish influence from both Mars and Saturn aggravates a falling stock market.

De-stabilization of Sun-Jupiter System (Bearish Actions 1, 2 and 3)
+ Denial of bullish influence from Mars and Saturn (Bearish Action 4)

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Which stock market to forecast?

Russian Stock Market plunges as Crude Oil and the Ruble collapse.
On the other hand, stocks in Shanghai Stock Exchange soar.

How can we forecast these divergent movements?

The answer is: WE CAN’T. These movements are not captured by our Analysis Model.

I don't believe there exists a prediction tool versatile enough to forecast these.

Our Analysis Model is applicable to forecasting DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average). Planetary arrangements engender economic conditions which affect ALL of us. The combined effects are reflected through DJIA in the most active stock exchange which is in U. S. However, the U. S. market can influence other markets, and it is a good reference should you trade in Hong Kong, in Shanghai, or in other markets.

Our forecasts of the past week are:
[1] DJIA would rebound in the week commencing Mon 15 Dec 2014.

[2] DJIA would fall sharply from the week commencing Mon 22 Dec 2014.

I’ll explain to readers in detail (in my next post) why U. S. stocks will fall from Mon 22 Dec 2014.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New Page for Color Ephemeris

I've added a page COLOR EPHEMERIS for year 2015.

Readers can see at one glance all the significant Geocentric aspects for the full year in 6 color graphs. I find the graphs extremely useful.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mini Flash Crash of 23 Apr 2013

I've just published a free ebook FLASH CRASH EXPLAINED.

The new discovery is that Ceres (a large asteroid) is a bearish planet on stocks. It causes the Flash Crash of 23 Apr 2013. The culprit is not a black swan!

"US regulators ask DOE lab to study flash-crash forecasting tool
US regulators enlist Department of Energy computing power to analyse metric that aims to predict catastrophic market events A US Department of Energy (DOE)-funded research lab has been analysing a tool designed to forecast flash crashes, with a view to developing preventive regulation."

There is no need to do so. Simply read my ebook to find out the root cause. To read & download, click Smashwords.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sun-Jupiter System shattered

This post explains how the Sun-Jupiter System is shattered, causing stocks to plunge.

For the past week (especially on Fri 12 Dec 2014), all 3 members of the Sun-Jupiter System are afflicted and/or attacked.

ACTION [1] Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT) are afflicted

Jup FT ffliction is depicted on Solar Chart 2014-12-20. Though not yet exact, Jup FT are rushing forward to the OPPOSITION of Uranus. Uranus is a Giant planet. The Opposition (though inexact) already makes Jup FT oscillate wildly (which is bearish on stocks).

ACTION [2] Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT) are attacked
The Color Ephemeris below shows the positions of the planets as viewed from the Earth. Both Mercury and Sun transit the 120-degree in front of Jupiter. This means both Mercury and Sun transit the OPPOSITION of Jupiter Aft Trojans. The timing:
Fri 12 Dec 2014 @GMT 11:24 [Jup AT Opposition Mercury]
       Sun 14 Dec 2014 @GMT 15:56 [Jup AT Opposition Sun].

        The Sunday interaction is already keenly felt on Friday.

These transits intensely agitate and de-stabilize Jupiter Aft Trojans.

ACTION [3] Plant Jupiter is de-stabilized
Note the Moon icon on the Color Ephemeris.
The aspect is: 12 Dec 2014 @GMT 00:21 [Jupiter Conjunction Moon].
Action [1] + Action [2] + Action [3] = Sun-Jupiter System is shattered. Stocks fall precipitously.
The web-site for the Swiss Ephemeris:
It provides the data for Action [2] and Action [3].

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sun-Jupiter System

DJIA falls sharply (instead of rising). The forecast for the past week is wrong. Too much emphasis has been placed on the bullish Mars 45D Triangle, while severe attack on the Sun-Jupiter System is ignored.

The Sun-Jupiter System consists of:
(1) Jupiter
(2) Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans) 600 ahead of Jupiter, and
(3) Jup AT (Jupiter Aft Trojans) 600 behind Jupiter.

All members of The Sun-Jupiter System are attacked last week, and DJIA plunges. The bullish Mars 45D Triangle is not powerful enough to arrest the fall.

The Sun-Jupiter System will stabilize next week (week commencing Mon 15 Dec 2014), and I expect DJIA to rebound on the strength of Mars 45D Triangle.

However, one more week thereafter (week commencing 22 Dec 2014) the Sun-Jupiter System will again be attacked, and DJIA will fall steeply again.
[1] DJIA will rebound next week (week commencing Mon 15 Dec 2014).
[2] DJIA will fall sharply again the week commencing Mon 22 Dec 2014.
Analysis for the Sun-Jupiter System being attacked will be posted later today.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Ceres & Music

CNBC (Tuesday 09 Dec 2014) reports:

China was the main focus for investors as the country's Shanghai Composite (Shanghai Stock Exchange: .SSEC) benchmark tumbled in the final hour of trade. It finished the session down 5.3 percent after rallying to a three-and-half-year high of 3,091 points earlier in the day. It marked its biggest one-day fall in percentage terms since August 2009.

 The steep fall occurs in Hong Kong afternoon (London morning).

What is the cause of the sudden collapse? Don’t blame it on a poor bird (Black Swan). The plunge is written in The New American Ephemeris 2007-2020 (which is a geocentric ephemeris, listing planetary positions as observed from the Earth). The cause is cacophony (harsh noises) produced by the Mercury (Singer) interacting with Neptune (Musician). The music is adulterated by the presence of bearish CERES.

There is an Asteroid Belt between (bullish) Mars and (bearish) Jupiter. Ceres is the largest asteroid taking up about 1/3 of the entire mass of the asteroid belt. The glyph for Ceres is a sickle (used for harvesting). The Chinese name for it is God of Cereals. In stock market analysis, the asteroid belt is regarded as an extension of Jupiter’s bearish influence. As Ceres is large, Ceres is significantly negative on stocks when it is heavily emphasized. Owing to lack of long term data, Ceres is NOT incorporated in our analysis model. Ceres normally affects the market moderately and is often ignored for long term analysis. However, the impact is great on Tue 8 Dec 2014 as the Sun comes in to enhance the negative interactions.

 An extract from the Ephemeris is given below.

Mercury (Singer) is made very active on 8 Dec 2014 @GMT 09:25 hrs.
Ceres (bearish asteroid) is made very active on 9 Dec 2014 @GMT 23:40 hrs.
Mercury and Ceres are oscillating wildly on Tue 9 Dec 2014, and they interact as below:
    [Ceres Conjunction Mercury] @GMT 05:30.

Mercury is singing LOUDLY. The harsh noises (because of presence of oscillating Ceres) are conveyed to us through Neptune (Musician):
     [Neptune Sesquare Moon] @GMT 07:38.

Sesquare is 1350 (a hard angle), and we (investors on Earth) hear clearly the HARSH NOISES (not sweet music). We feel depressed, and we sell stocks. As the interactions are strengthened by the Sun, the fall is precipitous.

Moon interactions are for half day only, and stocks recover the following day.

The conditions to produce sweet music (Melody) or harsh noises (Cacophony) are summarized in Couplet 10 and Couplet 11:

10    Venus
                Venus moves backwards from the Earth we see,
                Oft-times music is heard by you and me.

11    Mercury
                So does Mercury, emitting notes of harmony.
                But with Jupiter it chants, we hear cacophony.

In Couplet 11, Jupiter includes Ceres. They are both negative on stocks.

It is instructive to read my earlier post of 22 Nov 2014 on Melody (Sweet Music).

Friday, 5 December 2014

U S Stocks advance further

U S Stocks closed the week on Fri 5 Dec 2014 at record high.


The positive aspects for the past 3 weeks and the coming 2 weeks are:

Long term bullish aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn].
     (This is mildly positive because it is just within aspect orb)
Medium term bullish aspect: Mars 45D Triangle.
    (This is sharply bullish for U S stocks).

Now study the Full System Solar Chart 2014-12-13 to see [Neptune Conjunction Mars] exact on 13 Dec 2014.

The Inner System Chart (at top right hand corner) shows the geocentric views of Mars and Sun (i.e. the positions of Mars and the Sun as viewed from Earth). The aspect is [Mars Semi-square Sun].

The Sun is moving towards the 45-degree angle behind Mars and thereby it makes Mars active. The aspect is exact on 14 Dec 2014.

These 2 aspects enhance the bullish influence of the Mars 45D Triangle, and we can expect U S Stocks to rise beyond 14 Dec 2014.

Forecast: U S Stocks advance for 2 more weeks from Mon 8 Dec 2014.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

China's hegemony

China is a rising political star in recent years. She is carried away by fake economic successes, and behaves vaingloriously like a super power. Her arrogance comes from wealth amassed by polluting air, water, soil and polluting people’s mind. The wealth is an illusion because the damages from pollution must be repaid shortly by present and future generations. It is like overdrawing heavily a bank account, leaving the overdrawn balance to be repaid by children and children’s children. Apparent wealth (reckless spending) is not prosperity. Indeed, it is the root cause of future poverty.

This blog explores (very briefly) what causes China’s (superficial) ascendancy, and whether the present strength (albeit fake) can be sustained.

The true super power is USA. USA is represented by Jupiter (super Giant Outer planet of the Solar System).

Pluto is a tiny planet (or a dwarf planet with diameter of only 66% of that of the Moon) and it represents China. The Chinese Communist Party was founded in May 1921. During the embryonic stage of Communism, Pluto was discovered (9 years later in Feb 1930). Since then, Pluto’s footsteps have marked important events on Earth as concerned China.

We limit our discussions to China’s political prowess in recent years, and we project its development into the near future, by studying Color Ephemeris of 6 years. The planetary positions in the Color Ephemeris are viewed from the Earth (i.e. they are Geocentric views).

On the Geocentric Ephemeris, Pluto is placed at the centre of the page, with other planets moving on either side of it. Straight lines (spaced at 900 from Pluto) are drawn. Interaction with Pluto occurs when a planet moves to a hard angle to Pluto. A hard angle is a multiple of 450 (00, 450, 900, 1350 and 1800).

2012 and 2013


In 2012 and 2013, Uranus is posited at 900 in front of Pluto. Uranus is a Giant (neutral) Outer planet, long term [Uranus 90 Pluto] makes a strong Pluto, or it makes tiny Pluto powerful. Accordingly, Pluto (China) acts like a super powerful nation.


2014 and 2015

In 2014 and 1st half of 2015 [Uranus 90 Pluto] is most effective. China snubs Britain and belittles USA.

There is indication from mid 2015 Uranus is moving away from the 90-degree Pluto angle. As an aspect orb is 40, the aspect [Uranus 90 Pluto] is still strong.


2016 and 2017

In 2016 Jan-Apr, [Uranus 90 Pluto] is powerful. Thereafter Uranus is moving definitely away from Pluto. That is to say, Pluto’s strong ally (Uranus) is deserting Pluto. Pluto returns to being a lone planet (without any help from other planets).

The harsh time is from 4th quarter of 2016 when Jupiter moves to the 90-degree angle behind Pluto. Jupiter stays at that angle for 9 long months (Jupiter moves like an elongated “S” during this period).

Pluto (China) and Jupiter (USA) are enemies. Pluto (tiny) is no match against Jupiter (Giant). It means Jupiter (USA) attacks Pluto (China) and Jupiter wins. The word “attack” has to be interpreted allegorically.

China will lose her strong ally. She will be humbled from the 4th quarter of 2016.