Friday, 28 November 2014

US Stocks rise coming 2 weeks

The US stock market in the past week has been static (27 Nov 2014 was Thanksgiving Day – Holiday).

The coming 2 weeks (commencing Mon 01 Dec 2014) are under the positive influence of the Mars 45D Triangle:


Uranus.Mars.Neptune = 450.

 The relevant aspects (viewed from the Sun) are:

03 Dec 2014
   [Uranus Semi-square Mars]

   Semi-square = 450.
13 Dec 2014
   [Neptune Conjunction Mars].

Mars soon moves to 450 behind Uranus, and Mars soon moves to the same longitudinal degree of Neptune. Both Uranus and Neptune are Giant Outer planets, and they are on the arms of the Mars 45D Triangle.  Mars interacts with them through hard angles of 45 degrees and zero degree.

During the Mars transits, the Mars 45D Triangle becomes energized, and bullish Mars influence pervades in the market. A strong Mars can erase negative force, which benefits stocks.

US Stocks should advance in the first 2 weeks of December 2014.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Gold on the rise also

The bullish analysis of yesterday applies to Gold also. Gold responds keenly to heavily invigorated Mars and Saturn.

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Stocks to continue rising

The present analysis is similar to that for Solar Chart 2014-11-18 (below). There are improvements in the planetary arrangements for the bullish features:

Positive One [Mars]
Solar Chart 2014-12-04 reveals Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are separated by hard angles of 450 and 900. Mars is transiting these angles:

        26 Nov 2014 [Mars 900 Saturn]
        29 Nov 2014 [Mars 450 Pluto]
        02 Dec 2014 [Uranus 450 Mars] 

The Mars transits arouse heavy positive influence of the 3 positive planets of the Solar System (Mars, Saturn and Pluto), and stocks should respond by rising significantly.

Positive Two [Saturn]
Sesquare =135 degrees.
[Uranus Sesquare Saturn] is getting more powerful. 
On 18 Nov 2014, the deviation (from exact aspect of 1350) is 4.3/40. On Solar Chart 2014-12-04, the deviation is only 3.3/40. Positive Saturn influence is increasing (as the aspect deviation orb is becoming narrower). The stock market is more bullish.

Forecast – Because of persistent stimulation of positive Mars and positive Saturn, I expect stocks to surge in the 2 weeks commencing Mon 24 Nov 2014.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Melody - Intraday bullish

We have argued that Neptune is the Musician, and Mercury is the Singer. When the Musician and the Singer are at hard angle (i.e. they are in communication), sweet music is produced upon stimulation, and stocks rise significantly.

When both the Musician and the Singer are stimulated AT THE SAME TIME, sweet music is produced even though the 2 planets are not at a hard angle, as demonstrated on Fri 21 Nov 2014.

Stocks in Europe soared. US Stock market opened with an up-gap. Hong Kong stocks rallied 2% in night trading. Sweet music encouraged investors to buy up stocks.

The relevant aspects are:
        [Neptune Semi-square Mars] @GMT 18:18
        [Mercury Conjunction Moon] @GMT 18:19

These aspects are depicted on the Color Ephemeris above.

What is the Sweet Music?

Sweet Music = China's central bank unexpectedly slashed interest rates on Friday (21 Nov 2014) to re-energize the world's No. 2 economy, joining a growing list of major economies that are trying to encourage growth in the face of a global slowdown. On top of the rate cut, Chinese authorities promised to inject credit into the financial system if needed.  

The central bank (People’s Bank of China) cut its benchmark one-year deposit rate by 0.25 percentage points, to 2.75 percent, and reduced the one-year lending rate by 0.4 percentage points, to 5.6 percent. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Stock market divergence

People are now bullish on the US stock market, expecting 20,000 for the Dow.

Here's the relevant comment of NY Friday morning 21 Nov 2014:

"Dow 20,000? It may seem like a stretch, especially with U.S. stocks comfortably perched at record levels. But investors including Paul Schat, President of Heritage Capital, are confident the market will hit that level in 2015".

The US market has been rising during the week.  But Hong Kong stocks plunged in the past few days.  What is the reason for the divergence?

Our system is based on planetary arrangements.  The arrangements affect ALL people on Earth (Not just Hong Kong investors).  The influence (be it bullish or bearish) is reflected in the most active market (which is NY stock market).   Accordingly, the NY stock market is the right place to study and to correlate the planetary influences, NOT the Hong Kong market, NOT the Tokyo market.....

Let's see how our Analysis System captures the big moves.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Stock Market Super Bulls

In my ebook Forecasting Stock Market Super Bulls published in Sep 2014, I made the following observations:

[1] The bullish long term aspect [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] covers early Dec 2014 to early Dec 2015.
[2] The strong rise should start earlier, from mid Nov 2014 because a bullish Mars feature underpins the market.
[3] But there is a sharp dip from the last week of Dec 2014 for about 4 weeks.
[4] The stock market then surges to June 2015.

To read on line and download the free ebook, click Smashwords.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Semi-square & Sesquare

Yesterday’s post mentions 2 HARD angles. Through hard angles, planetary influences (positive or negative) are conveyed to investors.

Semi-square = 450.
Sesquare = 1350. This is 3 times 450.

[Saturn Semi-square Jupiter Fore Trojans] = Bearish because bearish Jup FT are made active.

Jup FT are faster asteroids. These asteroids smash against Saturn (Giant planet) through a hard angle of 45 degrees, and the bearish asteroids are made to oscillate wildly. Stocks should fall.

Mars 45D TriangleUranus.Mars.Neptune = 450 is significantly bullish.

Mars is at the Vertex of the Triangle, and bullish Mars influence should prevail in the market.

[Uranus Sesquare Saturn] is a long term bullish aspect. We see that it is NOT an exact aspect because in mid Nov 2014. The deviation from exact aspect is about 4.3/40. The bullish aspect is in the formative stage, and it is only slightly positive on the stock market.

My projection is a rising market around mid Nov 2014 because I BELIEVE the Mars 45D Triangle is a more bullish feature, and it can erase negative [Saturn Semi-square Jup FT]. 

Most of the times, there are opposing forces present, and one must make a GUESS of the market trend, which I do here.

Forecast for mid Nov 2014

Opposing forces are present.

Bear [1] 
12 Nov 2014 [Saturn Semi-square Jup FT]
  + [Saturn Opposition Earth].
Bear [2]
Insulation of bullish influence of Saturn and Mars.

Saturn is attacked by Earth by Opposition, which destabilizes Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans).

But there appear more bullish features to offset the negative influence, as depicted in the following Chart.

Bull [a]
Approach [Uranus Sesquare Saturn] which is a long term bullish aspect.
Bull [b]
Mars interacting with [Uranus Sesquare Saturn].
Bull [c]
Presence of positive Mars 45DTriangle, with Mars at Vertex, and Uranus/Neptune on the arms.

Saturn and Mars are energized through these interactions.

I expect U S stock to rally in mid Nov 2014. The rise can start a few days before mid Nov 2014.

I forecast a down week for last week (3rd Nov to 7 Nov 2014). Here are the results:

DJIA rises from 17,390 to 17,573 = Gain of 1.05%
HSI (Hong Kong stocks) fall from 23,998 to 23,550 = Loss of 1.87%.

The market has been lethargic.  Better focus attention on the coming weeks. 

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

JFK Assassination

Have just published an ebook ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F KENNEDY.

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Melody Formation

Stocks rally on Melody Formation in the 2nd half of Oct 2014.

The Color Graph below depicts Melody in action.

On 15 Oct 2014 Mercury (moving backwards) crosses the 135-degree (a hard angle) of Neptune. Then on 31 Oct 2014 Mercury (in direct motion) crosses the 135-degree of Neptune.  Mercury and Neptune "meet" or "communicate" through a hard angle.

Mercury (Singer) stays at this hard angle for 16 days. During this period, the Musician (Neptune) and the Singer (Mercury) interact to produce Melody (sweet music).
On hearing the Melody, investors are in good moods and they push up stocks.

In deference to Melody, the theoretical falling market from end Oct 2014 (per Solar Chart 2014-11-02) is delayed a few days.

For detailed explanation of Melody, please read the page named MUSIC.