Friday, 19 May 2017

Crash begins

DJIA falls from 20,897 to 20,804, losing 0.44% in 1 week.

BEAR #1  [Saturn 60 Jupiter] 20-Year Cycle
At 600in front of Jupiter are numerous tiny asteroids named Jupiter Fore Trojans (“Jup FT”). Jup FT are sharply bearish when destabilized by a Giant planet (in present case they are de-stabilized by Saturn which is a Giant Outer planet). Once in every 20 years, Jupiter moves to 600 behind Saturn, so that Jup FT and Saturn meet (or Crash) at the same longitudinal degree. This is [Saturn 60 Jupiter] i.e. [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].

Heliocentric [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] will become exact on 09 July 2017.
The precedents are in 1997, 1977, 1957 and 1937.  Stock performance of these precedents is depicted below:
Big Dot = [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT]
small dot = Trigger Action: [Saturn Conjunction Earth] or [Saturn Opposition Earth].

Stock market crises are aroused by the small dot in each case i.e. by [Saturn Conjunction Earth] or by [Saturn Opposition Earth] which is a Trigger aspect.

Solar Chart 2017-06-15 is exact [Saturn Conjunction Earth] which arouses the extremely bearish influence of [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT].

On 15 June 2017 [Saturn Conjunction Jup FT] is off exactitude by 10 (The aspect will be exact on 09 July 2017). The Conjunction aspect is already powerful. In mid June 2017 the bearish aspect is relentlessly attacked by Earth, and stocks should nose-dive from end May 2017.

The 20-Year Cycle discloses an imminent Crash for 2.1/2 months, as marked by the Green Rectangle below.
A stock market Crash is seldom the outcome of a single bearish aspect. Often there are other bearish aspects occurring at the same time, or occurring in close successions. For the present, there are four (4) more harmful features to exacerbate the decline which will be colossal. These features will be discussed in detail in this blog.

In the next post, we’ll study BEAR #2  War Scenario.

Notes on “Sputnik Shock”
Sputnik is a Russian word meaning "fellow traveler of earth". The Soviet Union’s Sputnik program is a symbol of communist chutzpah. A series of robotic spacecrafts is sent into space (from Sputnik 1 to Sputnik 10).  Sputnik 1 launched on 4 Oct 1957 is the first human-made object to orbit the Earth.

The Soviet Union’s achievement shakes the confidence of the American people, and stocks collapse.

Friday, 12 May 2017

One more week

DJIA falls from 21,007 to 20,897, losing 0.54% in 1 week.

DJIA of past weeks has been static, but Asian stocks advance sharply.

(World-wide) stocks’ advance will continue for 1 more week before plunging.

The stock markets are supported by a Melody Formation (Mercury interacting with Neptune) protected by Mars. Mercury is Singer, and Neptune is Musician. Their positive influence is brought out by Moon transits.

Relevant Moon transits are:

Tue 16 May 2017
@15:53 Neptune Semi-square Moon.  Semi-square = 450.
@18:56 Mercury Square Moon.  Square = 900.
@22:41 Mars Sesquare Moon.  Sesquare = 1350.

Sat 20 May 2017
@05:52 Neptune Conjunction Moon.  Neptune = Musician
@15:30 Mercury Semi-square Moon.  Mercury = Singer
@16:30 Mars Square Moon.  Mars = Positive influence.

After 20 May 2017, the Melody Formation disintegrates rapidly (i.e. bullish no more), and bearish influence sets in. I expect stocks to plunge from Mon 22 May 2017.

However, 20 May 2017 is a Saturday (no trading), and the bullish influence may not be able to be conveyed to investors. Accordingly, it is likely stocks plunge earlier from Fri 19 May 2017.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Sweet Music

DJIA rises from 20,940 to 21,007, gaining 0.32% in 1 week.

DJIA will continue to rise moderately on Sweet Music in the coming 2 weeks.

The geocentric Ephemeris below (the planets are viewed from Earth) has Mars plotted at the center while other planets move on either side of Mars. Mars is positive. Its positive influence is aroused by:

        Mercury (Retrograde motion) and Uranus are posited at 450 behind Mars.
        PLUS Neptune is posited at 900 behind Mars, exact on 11 May 2017.

Mercury is Singer. Neptune is Musician. Both Mercury and Neptune interact with positive Mars. DJIA is expected to rise.

Moon transits are added on the enlarged part of the Ephemeris. Moon “pushes” the Singer and the Musician to play Sweet Music:

Fri 12 May 2017
@18:00 Mercury Sesquare Moon.  Sesquare = 1350.
@21:09 Neptune Square Moon.  Square = 900.
@22:46 Mars Opposition Moon.  Opposition = 180
Tue 16 May 2017
@15:53 Neptune Semi-square Moon.  Semi-square = 450.
@18:56 Mercury Square Moon.  Square = 900.
@22:41 Mars Sesquare Moon.  Sesquare = 1350.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Horns of Elfland

DJIA rises from 20,547 to 20,940, gaining 1.9% in 1 week.

We continue to explain why stocks rise from end Apr 2017 for about 3 weeks.

Solar Chart 2017-05-01 (below) says Mars is in Opposition with Saturn, exactitude on 01 May 2017.
On Solar Chart 2017-05-08 (1 week later), fast moving planets (Mercury and Venus) are moving forward (in anti-clockwise direction) to cross over the Mars-Sun-Saturn Line of Gravity. In the process, the fast planets stimulate bullish Mars and stimulate bullish Saturn.
The positive Heliocentric aspects are:

01 May 2017   [Saturn Opposition Mars].  Mars-Sun-Saturn lying on a straight line.
04 May 2017   [Neptune Square Mercury].  This is a Melody aspect.
08 May 2017   [Saturn Conjunction Mercury].  Bullish Saturn is made active.
10 May 2017   [Mars Opposition Mercury].  Bullish Mars is made active.
13 May 2017   [Saturn Conjunction Venus].  Bullish Saturn is again made active.
18 May 2017   [Mars Opposition Venus].  Bullish Mars is again made active.

Joint efforts of active bullish Mars and active bullish Saturn can erase any negative influence. These positive aspects protect the Melody Formation (Melody is explained in the last post). We’ll continue hearing Sweet music in the next 2 weeks (i.e. stocks will rise in the coming 2 weeks because of good news).

Friday, 21 April 2017

O hark, O hear! How thin and clear.

DJIA rises from 20,453 to 20,547, gaining 0.46% in 1 week.

We wish to explain the sharp rebounds of 2 trading days (1 in Hong Kong, and 1 in both HK & NY).
The rebounds are engineered by an active Mercury (which is in anti-clockwise motion).

Mercury is a Singer. Even without Neptune (Musician), Mercury sings sweetly (& stocks rise) in the absence of a strong Jupiter. This is very true when Mercury moves in retrograde motion (i.e. Mercury moving backwards - in anti-clockwise direction), and the rise is significant.

The data below are copied from The Swiss Ephemeris.
On Wed 12 Apr 2017 backward moving Mercury (R = Retrograde motion) is made active by Opposition Moon. Exact Opposition is @GMT 07:40 (or in Hong Kong afternoon). Hong Kong stocks rally in the afternoon (look at the up-arrow on the Hang Seng Index Price Chart). This is a short term positive aspect (influence aroused by Moon is short term), so NY investors do not feel the positive influence on Wed 12 Apr 2017.

On Thu 20 Apr 2017 backward moving Mercury (R = Retrograde motion) is made active by Conjunction Sun. Exact Conjunction is @GMT 05:55 (or in Hong Kong afternoon). Hong Kong stocks rally. Stocks in NY also rally (look at the up-arrow on the DJIA Price Chart). This is a medium term positive aspect (influence aroused by Sun is medium term), so both Hong Kong investors and NY investors feel the positive influence on Thu 20 Apr 2017.

Having ascertained that Mercury is a Singer of Melodies, we can apply the knowledge to forecast stock market trend in first half of May 2017.

The Red Rectangle on the Mars-centered Ephemeris indicates the period of bullish influence. Lower down is the enlarged portion of the bullish period, for easy reading.
We observe the following:

[a] Mercury (wavy path in dotted red line) moves like an elongated “S” round Giant Outer planet Uranus (broken straight red line). Uranus strengthens the voice of the Singer.

[b] Configuration of [a] is positioned at 450 behind Mars. This makes an agitated Mars which emits positive influence (to erase negative influence) so Mercury (Singer) is protected.

[c] Mars is further stimulated by Neptune posited at 900 behind Mars. Neptune is a Musician. He now joins the Singer to produce sweet music.

450 and 900 are hard angles to bring out bullish Mars influence. A strong Mars protects the Singer & Musician, and we can hear Melodies in first half of May 2017.

This corroborates the opinion of my last blog:
A rising stock market from end Apr 2017 (for about 3 weeks) is expected.

To learn more of Sweet Music, read my ebook Music of the Spheres.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Geopolitical instability

DIA falls 203 points in 1 week from 20,656 to 20,453, which is a loss of 0.98%.
The forecast of a bearish Apr month coincides with geopolitical instability in the Korean peninsula.

It is only a show of force – no escalation of conflicts in April. But there will be serious military encounters 2 months from now (in mid Jun 2017). We’ll study this in detail.

During a depressed stock market (now), let’s look for a rising period in the near future. DJIA will rise from end Apr, for about 3 weeks.

Solar Chart 2017-05-01 says Mars is in Opposition with Saturn on 01 May 2017.
Both Mars and Saturn are bullish planets. Their joint efforts will be able to suppress any negative force. The bullish influence of Mars and Saturn has to be invoked for stocks to rise.

The following heliocentric aspects trigger the rise:

Mon 24 April 2017
@23:09 [Earth Sesquare Mars]. Sesquare = 1350.
Fri 28 Apr 2017
        @03:30 [Saturn Semi-square Earth]. Semi-square = 450.

Both Mars and Saturn are stimulated by Earth through these aspects. Their bullish influence will be transmitted to investors on Earth. A rising stock market from end Apr 2017 is expected.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Venus moving backwards

DJIA falls from 20,663 to 20,656. The market hardly moves over the past week.

However, a rising under-current is detected. Whenever stocks plunge, this bullish undercurrent “saves” the fall.

The bullish undercurrent is [Venus**90 Saturn]
**Venus moves backwards & then it stays stationary at 900 in front of Saturn.

An obvious example of this bullish feature:

On Fri 07 Apr 2017 @04:00 Hong Kong morning (04:00 NY afternoon), US fires about 60 Tomahawk missiles into Syria.
Stocks in HK morning session plunge 1.2% in response, but they fully recoup the loss in HK afternoon trading session.

I am bearish (negative) on stocks for Apr 2017, but wish to caution readers of this rising undercurrent, especially in the 2nd half of the coming week (the week commencing Mon 10 Apr 2017).
The Saturn-centered Ephemeris shows the geocentric views of the planets as observed from the Earth. Venus moves backward (in clockwise motion) and Venus stays at 900 in front of bullish Saturn, affecting the stock market in first 2 weeks of Apr 2017. Bullish influence of Saturn is aroused by interacting with Venus (Venus in backward and then stationary motions).

When stimulated (by Moon acting on Saturn & on Venus), stocks rise significantly, as in the following example (depicted on the Ephemeris above):

Wed 12 Apr 2017
@22:31 [Venus Sesquare Moon]. Sesquare = 1350.
@23:57 [Saturn Semi-square Moon]. Semi-square = 450.